Missha Foundation

Hey guys, so I thought my next post should be about the foundation I find to be the best for me. I have tried many foundations and most of them keep me unimpressed. Overall I think I haven’t found a foundation which I really fell in love with that I could just say “this is the best foundation ever” Even though there are some good brands that I like and use a lot or maybe I haven’t tried them because we don’t have in Malta.

The only foundation which I like and use a lot is the Style Art designing 24hrs by Missha they are great and very cheap . I bought my last for 7euros each on sale and they are usually 9euros here in Malta. A bottle lasts for an average of 2-3 months if you wear it a lot like me. I keep buying them not because they are cheap but because they have a good quality foundation. It comes in a white 30ml plastic bottle, with a pump to easily dispense the foundation. What I love about this foundation is that It glides on easily and the shade that I got matched my skin perfectly. It also doesn’t make my face look oily or shiny like some others do.

Unfortunately there are only 2 shades available and they were pretty light so those with tanned skin might have to miss out on this.I have both the shades of foundation to mix and match whenever I can. The foundation provides me cover and I thought this foundation is definitely great value for money, something I would continue using on a daily basis which is great for that everyday coverage.

There is also another cheaper foundation by Missha which I don’t think they sell anymore or they do in a different container. It is the …. I only bought it for about 5euros I think. It is a good foundation to use for everyday. Of course it doesn’t give a coverage as the art designing does but it does a good job for its cheap price.

Well these basically are the foundations I use a lot and I find them to be of great use to me.

What foundations do you find usefull? let me know 🙂




Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So this morning I got a lovely comment saying that I have been nominated for very inspiring blogger award. I never thought I would be nominated for this short period of time that I had this blog :). I was nominated by Femme , a new blogger which writes about fashion and beauty just like me.  Thanks a lot 🙂

So, what I have to do is….

  1. Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.
  2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
  5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

Number 1 and Number 2 are done, now onto number 3, I hope you don’t get bored hehe.

1. The most thing I am proud of myself is for having endured 4 years of hard working scholastic days and for actually graduating this year in 3D Design and Interior. I was never good in school because I was never good in academic stuff and  I am proud of myself for once for having a Diploma and also a Degree. Which is also thanks to my very supportive bf and friends.

2. I am a very artistic person which means I can be crazy at times hehe. I not only love the performing arts but I also love Art in general and I love to paint. Something that I love to paint most and for all is the human figure especially portraiture. Well it is not wonder why I love doing make up so much because I love painting portraiture’s :). I do hope to find time to draw more again.

3. My ultimate dream has always been to be a famous Singer. As I said before I love the performing arts and I have been singing since I was a little girl. I don’t know exactly when was the first time I started to sing, I remember myself singing since I was 9 years old but my aunt once told me that at the age of 5 I used to sing to her with a soprano voice. As my voice developed at the age of 12, I started taking it very seriously and I trained myself very hard. I do believe I am a good singer still waiting to be found :). I do sing with a lovely choir at the moment and I do hope to perform in front of large crows someday at least once before I die.

4. I am also girly girl with a tough exterior. What I mean by that is that I love girl things like clothes, shoes and make up but I don’t let these things make me but rather I make them. I have met a lot of women which are obsessed with fashion and end up in the shadows of their own image. For example I know this beautiful girl which has a lovely skinny by yet curvy body and wears only the latest fashion but I feel that the clothes that she wears , wear her and hide her gorgeous body instead of enhancing her beautiful features. I love make up and fashion but I don’t let it overshadow my inner personality.

5. I am also a big movie lover. I love watching movies and there aren’t many movies that I haven’t watched. I love all types of movies not a big fan of sci-fi, zombie or post apocalyptic movies movies even though I have learned to enjoy them. There is nothing better than a good comedy movie for me even though I do enjoy horror most of the time.

6. Something that I have been battling most of my life is my weight issue. It is something that bothers me a lot and I have been doing my best to be a healthy person so I can loose weight. In fact you can see most of my struggles in my other blog 140 days of a new me. I am proud of myself for loosing and keeping of some weight but I need to work even harder to lose more. I believe curvy women like me should love themselves for who they are and the way they are. I am not saying that it is ok to be overweight, what I am saying it that you need to love yourself in order to make change in your life and in the end loose weight. If you hate yourself, how can you be better and work harder for your goals? Instead you will give up and remain the same.

7. Thanks to this beauty blog I rediscovered the feeling of feeling beautiful and taking care of myself. I do believe the way you look on the outside makes for how you feel on the inside. As you can see from this blog I love make-up and Always have. In some way I was blessed with some crazy sisters which thought me a lot about beauty from their own experience. I have always experimented with make-up and been complemented on many times on the make-up I do. It combines 2 of the things I love, 1 art and 2 beauty.

I hope I didn’t bore you with all these things about me so let move to my nominees:

1.Blog myself thin – This sexy mama from Australia has been such an inspiration to me and has encouraged me many times so she definitely deserves it.

2. Fatchick2fitchick – Another sexy mama which has been of great help and inspiration

3. Journey to awsomehood – I am sure she has been nominated many times but I could not nominate this amazing person which has changed her life for the better.

4. Nicole’s beauty blog –  The lovely Nicole from Sweden which does some killer make-up.

5. Lipstick and Stiletto’s –  This blonde beauty from Seattle which knows all the make-up tricks and the right stiletto’s to match :).

6. The make up honey –  The professional make-up artist from Norway.

7. I love green inspiration – The Italian beauty which talked about all of the aspects of design and fashion.

8. Kukkuk.me – The fashionista  from denmark

9. Fashion Flora –  Another gorgeous fashionista

10. Cookie beauty – An italian beauty expert

11. Portrait cafe’ –  A great photographer which takes photos of people everywhere, lookout for him.

12. ooggetuige – Another promising photographer.

13. From beauty 2 fashion – The British beauty blogger with a fashion sense.

14. Jane says – You must know what Jane says after all she has my second name 🙂

15. Cupcake sakura – Last but not least the gorgeous Ashlee from Ireland which gives some nice make up tips 🙂

Pheww finally done hehe It took me a while to do this post. Now will spend more time telling my fellow nominees :).  You should check out these great blogs that I follow. Have a great day.




More shopping

So this week I took the opportunity to check a warehouse sale in Malta which I got to know thanks to another blogger friend Martina. If you would like to check her out go on at :http://allthingsfabulousblog.blogspot.com/.

The warehouse sale had all my Favorite brands from Dorothy Perkins, Clarks, Evans and OVS. My personal Favorite is Dorothy Perkins because they are classy and dress very well on curvy women like me :). So I went to the warehouse sale with zero expectations and ended up with a good number of tops and a pair of shoes for a very cheap price of 40euros. If it is still open by the end of this month I might go again and buy more because things very incredibly cheap.

So lets go trough them all:

My first pick was this cute blue top with black lace on the shoulders by Dorothy Perkins. It has a perfect fit and looks great with a cardigan

I also got this light pink top with black lace on the upper front also by Dorothy perkins.

The third top I picked is a lovely wine/purpe colored top with a lovely silver, red and blue graphic print by evans

One of my Favorites is this orange red dress by Dorothy Perkins, goes on great with a pair of leggings and a nice waist belt.

I also bought this top for my sister a lovely grey top with a shimmery front lace.

This is anther lovely purple top from Evans that I gave to my sister for her past bday.

Last but not least I got these purple ballerina shoes by clarks

So I hope you enjoyed this post, keep posted, lots of love




Winter shopping

Hey guys, hope you are all feeling and looking fabulous :). Lately i got some great news and to celebrate I went shopping. I finally landed a job in my design profession and I needed to buy some new stuff for my new job :).

Guess what there is in these two shopping bags? Choose 2 and comment below which ones you thought they were before I uncover the results in the end of this post :). xx
1 Is it a new fab handbag to show me new improved lifestyle?

2 Is there a new leather jacket to keep me stylish and warm in this cold weather?

3 Is the a new pair of shoes which are both stylish and comfy for the new job?

4 Or is there some cardigans to give me a smart image but still keeping me warm ?

So Drum rolls please “Druuummmmmmm” the answer is number 2 and 4 🙂

dark blue cardigan by OVS

black cardigan by OVS

  •  I got 2 lovely cardigans from OVS for a very reasonable price of 15euros each. I like to to layer up in winter for many reasons because it not only you can create various styles with them it is also a great way for your summer shirt to not go to waste even in winter. So if there is a nice summer top you like to wear just wear put on a cardigan and Vuala you have an outfit. It is also great to have when you live in a country like Malta, were at times it is Sunny and at times it is cold. It is a must have.

Leather jacket by Evans

  •  My second and best object I bought was this lovely black leather jacket from Evans. If you read my posts this was one of my 5 items to have this winter and even the cardigans so I have to mark them “check” :). I just love a leather jacket, I feel sexy and like a bad ass when I have it on and it a great jacket to wear for when you are going out for drinks or to the movies. It goes with everything and it is something that will last for a long time. I had another leather jacket which I had bought for a very cheap price two years ago which I used to wear a lot in winter. The leather started ripping so I had to throw it in the bin but I made good use of it. So now I finally have another one. It was quite expensive for my current budget but I know it is something that will last me for years unless I loose a lot of weight hehe. It fits me perfectly and I love it.

So tell me what you think about my fashion choices I got some more post coming up about fashion but I will also do some other make up looks and maybe even do, some step by step photos for anyone who wants to try it out themselves.  I hope you enjoyed this post, I tried to make it fun for you to read.

tc guys


Sarah-Jane <3


Job Interview make-up

So last week I had a bunch of interviews and I still have more to come this week and giving a good image is very important. Their first impression of you can sometimes be the most important thing of the whole interview. So it is important to have a very professional look and make up. Make up is very important and it has to be done right because if it is done wrong it might give a wrong impression. I can play with make up because I have big eyes so if I do a lot of make up it wont look to heavy on me but if you have petite face features you don’t need to use a lot of make up (actually the less you have on the better). The make up has to be simple, outlines your beautiful features well and looks fresh and clean. What I mean by fresh and clean is that some people tend to use various make up colors or foundation that isn’t right for certain skin types and it sometimes looks like you have dirt on your face.

Step 1:

It is very important that your skin looks great, try covering and pimples but be careful that your don’t make your face look cakey. Keep an overall matte look don’t use any shimmers.

Step 2:

I always suggest neutral colors for eyeshadows like beige and whites as a base color and brows for contouring. Avoid any other colors like blues, purples or even black because after all this is for an interview not for a night out hehe.

Step 3:

As for lips you can pretty much wear any color you want as long as it isn’t too dark or too glossy. Matte colors are always a way to go, you don’t want to distract his attention from what your talking about by how much your lips are shinning hehe.

I hope you like this helped you out, keep posted for more, lots of love xoxo


Outfit of the week

Hey guys so yesterday I had my sisters birthday so all the family headed out for dinner at a nice restaurant close by. So I thought to myself if I am going out might as well I look good doing so :). Everyone was dressed in comfy casual clothes so I wore a mixture of pretty casual clothes. (Sorry for the crappy photos).
I wore my new Favorite polka dot shirt with a black cardigan on and a lovely necklace and black belt from the Peacocks London store. I wore a blue skinny jeans by Dorothy Perkins and shoes by Peacocks. I finished off the look with a lovely scarf I got from my parents when they went to Israel if I am not mistaken and a hair bend by new look.

the whole outfit

clutch bag by Dorothy Perkins

So that is the whole look, I hope you enjoy the look, keep posted for more 🙂 xoxo



Me am chic

Hey guys how you doing  🙂

So this weekend I had the opportunity to go to a women’s expo here in Malta called Me am chic. Today was the last opening day and I had a great time, checking out all the different brands. There was a lot of makeup brands like, pupa, stage line, revlon, and bourjois. I also made some contacts to review some of the make up brands which was great :).  They went big on nails as there was also a nail competition going on. I also loved watching all the gorgeous jewels by 202 jewellery like tresor paris ect. I honestly thought I would see more fashion clothing but they were lacking. Even though I enjoyed it overall.


It was a nice expo, I had a nice time and will definitely go again next year and check out the new offers and make up brands.

On my next post I will probably review more make up products and discuss some of the latest thing I bought for my graduation which is coming up next month. 🙂 tc everyone cya xoxo


Lana del Ray Inspired make up

Hey guys, I hope you had a fabulous weekend so far and I hope you enjoy the rest of it :). I had a nice weekend so far and I made new contact for this blog to move further and further up. So last Thursday here in Malta it was raining like crazy so I thought I should do a Lana del ray inspired make up.


It is very easy to do, she wears a lot of brown in her make up and at times she does very smoky eyes but her signature look is very 60’s style. It all about the eyeliner. Having a heavy eyeliner is the signature look of the 60’s. I took inspiration for her picture below. The make up is very simple, light colors like weight or beige on the inner eye lid and underneath the brows, then a mixture of light browns and dark on the outer crease. Then you finish up with a heavy black eyeliner and neutral colored lips.
For this look I used mainly e.l.f products for the eyes which includes the eye-shadow and the eyliner. The mascara I used The golden rose wonder lash which I will review in another post. For the cheeks I used a mixture of Marbert and elf blushers and the same goes to the lips. I also written paradise like her own permanent tattoo.

I hope you like the look 🙂 Of course I dont have the beautiful face structure as Lana del ray but hopefully you can see the make up resemblance. I do suggest false lashes with this look, she wears a lot of false lashes. Well that’s all for now, I will post some more later today so keep posted 🙂 xoxo



Nails :D

So Yesterday I had the busiest days ever but thank god I has some time for myself and got my nails done. Yesterday I was going trough the makeup of M.A.C on the website and I saw this model with this gorgeous make up and nails so I told my nail lady to do them a similar version and she did a great job. For more info about where I do my nails check her out on her facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Laras-Nails-Beauty/190999300961757?fref=ts

this is the photo by m.a.c

my nails 🙂

Arent they fab? 🙂 well she basically did the base colour black and then on top a light baby blue on top. They a coool illusion :). What do you guys think?



Maxfactor False Lash Effect 24hr – Review

Hey guys again. I would like to thank you all for following my blog. It is the best thing I have done lately hehe :). I got some awesome news today but I won’t reveal anything for now. I want it to be official first.
So yesterday I went to buy some make up for my ” in-law” and of course I ended up buying some make up for myself. I needed some mascara because the ones I am using are almost finished. I normal use the L’oreal double mascara which has a coat base and the mascara. I find it to be the best mascara ever. However the sales girl was trying to sell me the last mascara by Maxfactor. Honestly I am not a Maxfactor fan, I don’t like their make up especially their foundation but I am always happy to be proved wrong someday.

So I bought the latest Maxfactor mascara  to try it out, called False Lash Effect it says it gives bold volume for up to 24 hours. The only truth about this mascara is that it really lasts up to 24hrs because it stayed put for a long time and when I tried to remove it with the usual cleanser it didn’t go completely off. I am still trying to find ways to actually remove it. It is not healthy to have mascara on for so long you need to clean your face at some point. Or else they should have created a remover to go with the product.

The mascara is still a disappointment like the rest of the makeup. I don’t want to be completely negative because it does give an average amount of volume but it definitely doesn’t give the false lash effect that Maxfactor is trying to portray. I do not recommend this Mascara to anyone, don’t buy it because it would be a waste of money. I guess I had to buy it to warn you guys hehe.

The only good thing about this product is the cool design and the brush it has. The brush is very good to separate your eyelashes but there are far more better mascaras that can give you the same result.

Well that is pretty much it, I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. I got a lot of things coming up this week and I will update you with everything. Keep posted lovelies xoxo 🙂