New Year Eve – Nails – E.l.f glam bam nail polish set

Hi guys again :),
So I thought today I should do another post to give you an idea what nail polish color to use on New Year Eve. For Christmas as you may have seen in my previous post I got a bunch of e.l.f product including the E.L.F nail polish set called glam bam. I has 3 different types of colors , the Golden goddess which is a transparent shade with gold glitters, the blush which is a gold like champagne color and the cranberry a beautiful dark red color.


The colors are fabulous of this collection and you don’t need to do a double coating. I love how you can create various styles with these 3 colors. However they do take long to dry so you have to wait for a while until they are fully dry and each polish has only 6ml so they are relatively small but definitely worth the money as they are relatively cheap.

Being New Years Eve I chose to use the blush and the Golden goddess on top. Blush has a very champagne color and on such a night, there has to be champagne. 🙂



They would definitely look better on longer nails but at the moment I am trying to take care of my natural nails and give them strength to become thicker.

That’s all for today, always keep posted for more, and Have a Happy New Year to you and your families, all the best




New Year Eve -Make up – 60’s style

Hey guys,
So the New Years is here, and all of you beautiful people are probably preparing for tonight’s celebrations. I though I should show you what type of make up I would go for on such a night. It is new years eve so anything metallic and glittery colors would look great on this day.


For this style of make up I used mostly silver and black eye-shadow colors. Here are the step by step instructions:

1. First thing I used a shimmery white color as a base for under the eyebrows and on the eyelid.
2. Then I used silver color eye-shadow on the middle of the lid
3. I outlined the crease by using a black eye shadow
4. Then I used the e.l.f cream eyeliner on the crease and under the lower lashes and smudged it out for a darker effect.
5. Finally I finished of the eyes with a 60’s style eyeliner and mascara.

I do suggest to use very nude color lipstick because with this type of eye-shadow the eyes are the center of attention.


The way I did the crease color reminds me a lot of 60’s make up which is very much in vogue nowadays. I think it is very stylish and looks sophisticated. They also used this style of make up for the glamour daze make up of Mac.

I will also do a post about nails for this special day 🙂 so keep posted for more and Last but not least Happy New Year 🙂




Missha Clearance Sale

Hello beautiful people,

So this morning I went to check out some of the stores being that the sale is on, and I went to one of my favorite stores which is Missha. They been having a discount on most of the make up products and I have been told by the lovely salesperson (which knows me well because I visit very often) that the Missha shop is closing for real :(. Missha used to have more than 4 shops all over Malta if I remember well but now it’ has bee down to 2 shops the one in Valletta embassy and the other one in Mosta. Now the one in Valletta is closing down but I am not sure if the one in Mosta is going to close too.


Such a pity 🙁 I really love Missha make up it is of great quality make up and it is quite cheap. They have one of the best foundation ever at a very cheap price. I guess Maltese aren’t aware of how good they are. So I went today and got a bunch of stuff from foundations to face creams, all at a very cheap price.
Also with every 20euros spent you get this cute Missha cushion and I got about 3 cushions so you do the math :P. In the photo you can see most of the products I bought which I will review further on but I thought of letting you know if you are a Missha love like me.


So head to the stores now and buy all that’s left before it closes down in another month or 2. Will definately miss Missha.

That’s all for now, keep posted for more




Pupa Milano Diva’s lashes

Hello guys,
So today I am going to review the latest mascara by Pupa Milano. I was introduced to this mascara thanks to a friend of mine that sells Pupa make-up. When she showed me this gorgeous mascara with this thick brush I knew It would be my next buy.

Pupa mascara

Pupa  Diva’s mascara

I really like the Diva’s lashes mascara for many reasons.The first thing I like about this mascara is it’s tick wand because I know that with such a wand, it will give a lot of volume and length to my lashes.


Diva’s mascara Wand -Don’t pay attention to the colour because the photo was taken with the flash on

Not only it gives the right volume and length but I also love how it separates the lashes rather than have them clamped together. I also like the cute red packaging and it’s reasonable pricing of 12.14 euros.

natural lashes

natural lashes

First and second coating

First and second coating

DSC09950The only thing I dislike about this mascara, is that I have to do a couple of coats to have the desired effect. Also I saw the commercial for this mascara and it had women with (too good to be true) big and bold lashes which you can only get with fake eyelashes. They just have realize at some point that people are not going to believe everything they see on the screen.


I give this Mascara 4/5 rating. I don’t give it more because there is always space for improvement :).

I hope you liked this review, keep posted for more




Pressies – Make up heaven

hey guys,
I hope you had some fabulous Christmas holidays 🙂 I am sure were happy opening your pressies. I have been given the best presents ever, even thought I must say that every year. I am always very grateful for all of the presents I get no matter how big or small they might be they all mean a lot to me.

This year most the presents I got were from my bf and his family because my family is huge so it is impossible that we give each and everyone a Christmas gift but I was given some money as a gift from my parents.

I will start by showing you my first gift from my bf lovely parents. They got me these fabulous gold and black bracelet and black and silver watch from Promod. It seems they are very aware I love beautiful things :). Thank you again from my heart xx

Beautiful jewelry by Promod <3

Beautiful jewelry by Promod <3

Second gift was from his sweet sister and her husband and they gave me a voucher to spend at Inglot make up. They are definitely aware of my make up obsession. I am already planning what to buy when I will go next time :P. What would you buy from Inglot? I have a couple of things from Inglot a couple of eye-shadows which I love and recently a lipstick and primer. Will definitely go in the next couple of weeks :).

can't wait to spend it on more makeup

can’t wait to spend it on more makeup. (how cute is the card ay?)

Last but not least was my bf gift to me, which took me to a wonderful place called Make up heaven :D. He have a huge box full of make up products from e.l.f as you can see in the pictures below. I was very surprised that he spent a lot of money buying me all I ever wanted from the e.l.f products. Love you babe you definitely know me well 😛 He is also very sweet to have given me all of this make-up, even though I know he hates make-up in general. MWAAA.

Make up heaven from e.l.f

Make up heaven from e.l.f part 1

Make up heaven part 2 :)

Make up heaven part 2 🙂

So these are the pressies I got this year, aren’t I lucky ? 🙂 I will make sure to review all of the products I got when I have had to try each and everyone of them and give you my honest opinion.

Well thank you for reading and following this blog, keep posted for more,

lots of love




Christmas Delight :)

First of all I would like yo wish you a very Happy Christmas I hope You had a lovely Christmas filled with friends and family and good food 🙂 xx


I wanted to do this look for a while but been quite busy packing presents and making I had everything settles for the holidays.
So this look is quite easy to do well personally for me every make up is quite easy to do. For this look I used red and black eye-shadow. This is a perfect look for the holiday season, instead of wearing a vibrant red lipstick you can wear it on your eyes instead.
First of all I used the white eyeshadow from the make up store which I still have to reaview called microshadow satin. Then I used a bright red from the e.l.f palette and finished of the look with some dark shimmery black on the outer lid. Last but not least a nice cat eyeliner and mascara by evagarden.


I hope you liked this look, keep posted for more, Have a merry Christmas

from your one and only




Make your Concealer better and last longer

Hey guys,
I thought I should show you a make up trick that I use s lot. The concealer is one of the girls best friend because its help to hide the imperfections we have and smooth-en our face. If its either to hide the red spots we have on our face for a better looking completion or the evil zits of pimples we might have.
I personally use concealer underneath my eyes because they it tends to be dark and on some red spots and pimples that love to appear on my face.
You must know your face very well, so you know where needs covering or not.
However my trick is for creating a very good long lasting concealer from a very cheap product. I believe concealers are to used to not only give a good coverage but also bland with your skin color.

Rimmel hide the blemish concealer and an empty jarDSC00902


When I was a teen I used to use the Rimmel- Hide the blemish concealer. I didn’t really like it to be honest it didn’t cover anything and it made my skin feel dry. It comes in a small stick and it costs only 3 euros. With time I discovered what type of concealer I like the most and that I am able to create the same with the very cheap Rimmel concealer. The problem with most stick concealers is that they lose some of the moisture the product actually has due to fabrication of the stick.


As shown In the photos I grabbed the concealer and I places the stick content in a small container, which was used for another product and with a brush I mashed and mixed the concealer. It becomes a creamy and thick concealer and gives a better  coverage than in a stick (personally) while it also blends well with the face. Also as shown below in the second image in the concealer tube, there is also an amount of product left so make sure to take it out too, because if you don’t you would have lost 15% of the product going to waste.  I didn’t take it out yet because I don’t have enough space in the jar but will do take it out in the future. Nothing should go to waste 🙂


This picture shows the texture of the concealer by using a stick which is the first line and by making it creamy (the second line). Same concealer different mixture.

This picture shows the texture of the concealer by using a stick (which is the first line) and by using my method (the second line). Same concealer different mixture.

Try it at home and tell me if you seen any difference when you used to apply it with the stick or by using this method instead.
I also found that it lasts way longer than it used to in a stick.

If you try it out let me know what you think, keep posted for more,


Maybelline Affinitone foundation Review

Hey guys 🙂
First of all, thank you so much for following my blog, it feels great having 31 followers already. I hope you find my posts helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


So the second product I am going to review this week is the foundation by Maybelline called Affinitone. I got this at the perfumery in the shopping mall I went about 2 weeks ago I guess and I wanted to try the foundation by Maybelline. I was on a budget so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a foundation. They have become more expensive lately all of the drug store make up except rimmel or revlon which are still average.
This is not one of the latest foundations of Maybelline, but it is the cheapest. I bought it for 10 euros while the others are about 16euros. I wasn’t impressed by the latest foundations they have, especially the matte mouse, which felt so weird when I tried on the tester. I think Maybelinne are so focused on trying new application methods that they are forgetting the most important thing to have in a foundation, a good formula. Also the new foundation tubes with a pump are becoming very smaller they contain a fewer amount of liquid that it would probably last less than a month.


Now back to Affinitone what I like about it is its soft texture, it blends very well onto the skin and it gives a nice soft feeling to your face. It also hides well some blemishes and it gives a very natural look and doesn’t make your face feel cakey at all. It is very subtle so if you need a very good coverage, I wouldn’t probably suggest it. It is a foundation you would wear everyday for school or work not for an evening out.

The think that I didn’t like is the packaging because the liquid is quite runny and it tends to go out of the packaging. Also I didn’t like that after a few hours the foundation seems to go off. I would definitely prefer if it stayed for longer, especially if your wearing it for the long hours of work.

So those were my opinions of this Maybelline foundation, if you have any questions comment down below. Keep posted for more juicy posts.




L’OREAL – Studio Secrets professional primer review

Hello beautiful 🙂
First I would like to thank you all my fellow followers, I have reached about 28 followers. I am very happy to have so many followers and hopefully we’ll have more :). I am also open to your opinions about what would you like me to talk about or what look would you like me to try. I am planning many various make up looks that you can try yourselves at home.


So lets talk about the new l’oreal studio secrets profession primer. I have to say it is a good primer. The good thing about the primer is that it has a very nice moisture and it spreads smoothly across the skin. The skin feels great at first very soft but it kind of fades away. What I liked was the smooth feeling it left when I applied my foundation but I felt look-wise it didn’t do a difference. My face still looked the same.


L’oreal say:

” This primer masks wrinkles and uneven textures in the skin, making the complexion incredibly smooth with a velvety touch. Skin feels soft as if resurfaced.The high elastomer content in the Smoothing Primer means that it has a beautifully smooth texture and is incredibly effective at disguising wrinkles and pores. The combination of soft, light powders gives a matte look and a silky finish.”

It says that it disguised wrinkles and pores. I don’t have wrinkles but I definitely have pores and it didn’t disguise anything. My face looked pretty much the same. It feels very soft like having a long lasting moisturizer but other than that my face looked pretty much the same. However it does give me a very soft skin and it makes it very easy for me to apply any foundation.

DSC00837The other thing I am not really fond of is the products packaging. The jar makes it a bit difficult for me to apply it on my face because I have to dip my finger into the product, because you cannot apply it with a brush because of it marshmallowy texture. Other than that It is a good primer but not my favorite and it is quite pricey. I honestly forgot how much I bought it but I think they are sold for about 12euros, which is quite pricey considering it is a very small jar.

This after all is my personal opinion of this product. I know some love it and some hate it. I believe it has good qualities because it leaves my face moisturized in some way and very soft but it doesn’t diminish any pores or wrinkles.

I hope you found this post helpful, feel free to comment and tell me what you think 🙂




Makeup collaboration – 50’s pinup style

Hello Beautiful women,
Today we are very happy to present a make-up collaboration between Sarah-Jane from Make-up by Sarah-Jane and Nicole from Nicole’s Beauty Blog. We are both beauty bloggers, passionately in love with make-up and because of our similar taste we thought of doing collaboration and show our make-up tricks by following the same theme. We chose to do a 50’s pin up style theme, where each one of us will show you our own take on this theme.

I am very happy to do this theme because it is a style I like very much and have been doing this type of make-up for a while now. 50’s pin up was all about heavy eyeliner, long lashes and red lips. They didn’t have the products we have nowadays so they eye-shadow was very simple, and they focused mostly on the lips.


1. So first of all I used base colours like whites and beige from the e.l.f palette. (I do suggest you use a concealer before you apply the base colours to last longer)
2. Secondly I use a medium darkness shade of brown from the e.l.f palette and applied it on the inner crease and outer lid of the eye.
3. Then I applied heavy catlike eyeliner using the e.l.f cream eyeliner.
4. Finished off by applying some fake eyelashes to complete the look.
5. Finally I applied some red lipstick using my favourite loreal serum red lipstick.
It is a very easy look to do, and to pull off. I also tried to style my hair pin up style give the full effect of the theme.

image (2)

image (1)

Pin up inspired makeup is one of my favorite style to do and has recently become my go-to look! This particular style requires minimal products and it’s super quick and easy to create! A pin up look is all about the statement lip and the fabulous lashes, which everybody, regardless skin tone, can pull of!

image (3)

1. Start by prime the eyelid and apply a white eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye.
2. Apply a creamy/white eyeshadow to the rest of the lid.
3. With a blending brush, apply a skin toned or taupe colored eyeshadow in the crease and blend!
4. Start to define the crease, using a dark brown eyeshadow. To add some further depth to the look, apply a black eyeshadow to the crease and blend well!
5. Create a thick winged eyeliner and apply some false lashes.

My makeup look is slightly more dramatic than Sarah-Jane’s, but it’s a pretty look to wear on a night out! On my lips I am wearing my beloved Ruby Woo by MAC and of course I had to add a fake maul for this theme, just for some fun! 🙂

image (5)

image (4)

Hope you liked our post, keep posted for more!
Sarah-Jane & Nicole