Daniels Perfumery – Latest make-buys part 2

As you already know last week I checked out the new shopping mall in Malta called Daniels and I fell in love with the perfumery they had which has all the make up you can think of. Next time I promise to take some pictures.

My shopping bag

My shopping bag

So I bought a couple of things from there some of which I will review individually but I though I show you a picture of all the products.

All of the product I got

All of the product I got

I got a mixture of products from different brands and prices. I will start talking about the foundation brush and the sponges I got. The sponges are very worth it they only cost me 3.50 euros and you have a large amount of sponges in one packet. With most of the sponges I buy they tend to break after using them more than two times and they loose shape while these sponges are very soft they didn’t tear apart of loose any shape. I would definitely recommend them to any body that likes using sponges instead of brushes. If you are doing make up to one person you can use the brush but you cannot use that same brush on anyone else after because it needs to be cleaned. That is why when you have to do make up to more than a couple of people a sponge is definitely preferred.


I love sponges when I apply foundation because it gives a nice finish touch. I feel that a brush leaves its brush strokes on the face but I am trying to act like a pro and use a brush instead that is why I bought this new foundation brush. Even though I don’t think I made the best choice of brush. Don’t get my wrong it is a very good brush but I find it takes longer to apply the foundation than a sponge because I try not to leave brush strokes on my face and smooth-en my face. However I do not recommend  it for foundation I believe there are better shaped brushes for that.


Finally I thought I should review the new perfume by Boss named femme. I got two lovely free samples with my purchase and I got to smell this lovely perfume. I believe everyone likes different smells some might like spicy, some might like sweet, or flowery.  I think Femme is a blend of sweet and flowery with a pinch of spicy. I quite like it, I am very inclined to sweet smells so yeah I really like it might buy the real perfume.

thant’s all for now, keep posted for more, lot’s of love




Latest make up buys

Hey guys so last week I went shopping in some of the cheap stores in Malta and I got a couple of products.


I got 2 lovely big sponges which you can use for foundation or powder. I love using sponges and these are very good and very soft. Bought for 1.50euros each. I also got a lovely pair of fake eyelashes for only 2euros and a very dark brown nail polish for the same price. The nail polish is quite good for it’s price they usually take longer to dry or crack easily but it didn’t take very long to dry and it didn’t crack at all so was worth the buy.

I also got a nice dark mixture of purple and red lipstick which I love. It is quite dark so you have to wear it with a certain type of make up, cannot be worn with anything. It is quite a well pigmented lipstick for the price the cheap price of 2 euros. Who said cheap doesn’t look good ?



this photo was taken with flash on so in reality it is much darker

I believe you can still have good products with cheap make-up, it all depends on how you apply them to your make up routine.

Keep posted for more,




Liebster Award


Hi beautiful women,

So this morning I got a lovely comment from The passionate fashionista – Hayley Kornman saying that she nominated me for the Liebster award. I am very happy to be nominated for this award. I am very happy with my blog and that I get to share my passion for make up and fashion with other people like me. 🙂 So thank you Hayley a lot and everyone else make sure to check her fabulous blog.

I have a bunch of questions that I have to answer, I will do my best to keep it entertaining :).

1. Who is your fashion icon?

I am a huge Beyonce not only for her amazing voice but also because she has curves like me, so I relate to her a lot.(Even though she is definitely way skinnier than me). I also like Kim Kardashian a lot even though at times I do no agree with her fashion choices, but usually I like what she wears.

2. What is/was your favorite trend of 2012?

Definatly the Peplum dress

3. What is your favorite magazine/fashion magazine and why?

My Favorite would be Glamour magazine but I also love going through the glossy pages of Vogue.

4. Currently, what artist or song can you not get enough of?

I would probably be Diamonds by Rihanna, I just love the song so I keep listening to it a lot.

5. Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life?

Erm this is a tough question hehe. I get inspired by a lot of things, I find inspiration in anything when it comes to my life, to make up or anything else. It could be what a person said or something I have seen on tv. However I do love Beyonce a lot so I get inspired a lot by the good she does with her talent and also the way she juggles everything with being a successful woman a mother and a wife but also still looking great.

6. What is your favorite beauty product?

I love each make up product I have from the cheapest to the most expensive. I have to say I love my e.l.f eye-shadow palette because I can create many styles with it.

7. What is your “go-to” fragrance?

Funnily enough I am not a big fragrance person because of my allergies but I love wearing perfume when I go out. I used to wear a lot of Gucci as I like it sweet but yet a with a pinch of spicy fragrance. Right now I wear my Madonna perfume and Air de Fio No,5 fragrance by Pupa which my bf gave me.

8. Why did you start blogging?

When I started blogging I did a private blog about myself. It was more like a diary to kind of remind myself of the things I have done or thought. Then after a while I decided to create 140 days of a new me which talks about my battle with weight loss. I have discovered that blogging really helped me to achieve my goals and having awesome followers definitely helped. However I this this blog when I started doing make up on people and everyone kept telling me I should do a blog about it, so I did.:)

9. Do you have a favorite celebrity blog or blogger that you admire?

I don’t really follow celebrity bloggers I prefer to follow my own gorgeous followers. Yet there are times I check out Perez Hilton’s blog.

10. What is your favorite fashion “item” (clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbag, other accessory) that you own?

I love mostly all the thing that I own, if they don’t look god why should I bother buying them :p. However I think I am very proud of my New Look black shoes with a lace surface. They are fabulous.Black (Black) Black Lace Pointed Court Shoes | 247559001 | New Look

11. What are you going to wear on New Year’s Eve?

If I am heading out for drinks I will definitely wear my new black dress with a lace back that I wore for my graduation. 🙂

So these are my fellow nominees (in no particular order)

Answer the same questions I did, can’t wait to see your posts 🙂





5. http://wearyourvitamins.com








Phewww my job is done, I do hope i made it a bit entertaining




A new Handbag and Jewelry

Hey lovelies :),

As you know already last week I went to do some shopping at the streets of Hamrun. I rarely shop there as I there aren’t any clothing shops that I like but there are some nice perfumeries and accessories shops.



My first purchase was a new handbag. I have been working in a new job for the last 3 weeks and I am doing very well so I wanted a nice new handbag to give a new statement of my new self. Most of my handbags are either big shopping bags or small handbags and clutch bags for the evenings. When I was a student, I either went to school so i needed big bags or a nice small bag for when I headed out. However for work it a different story, all you need is a medium sized bag that hold the everyday necessities like your mobile, wallet and keys including some make up 😛 and maybe your lunch for your break.

My new bag

My new bag


The insides of the bad

The insides of the bad

So I went to Bagsworld and got this cute black handbag with medium sized straps. They have a nice range of affordable bags and they had way cuter bags than the one I bought but most of them had shorts straps. It not that I don’t like them with short straps but because I hold it on my wrist, I start feeling a lot of pain after a while. For an everyday bag, long straps are the way to go. One day would love to own a very expensive handbag but for now I am very happy with what I have got.

I also bought some jewelry from the Carnaby shop, they have some nice affordable jewelry which look a 100 bucks (like american’s say meaning they look very expensive :P). My favorite is this black, gold, silver, thread like necklace and bracelet. Definitely something I will wear in the Christmas holidays.
DSC00842I also got this cute own gold necklace which I love can be worn with anything, very cute.
 Well I hope you liked my post I got plenty more coming up 🙂 so keep posted. Feel free to comment down below on my purchase.


Beautiful Blogger Award

So last night I got a comment from my lovely follower Product Hoochie saying she nominated me for Beautiful blogger Award. I feel so beautiful now 😛 hehe. Well check her blog out she is obsessed with beautiful things like me :).
The Beauty Blogger Award has the following rules:

-Link back to the person who nominated you.

-Post the award to your page.

-Tell SEVEN facts about yourself.

-Nominate seven bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.

Seven Random Facts About Me, you know a lot already so they will be short and very random:

1. I love to sleep. I really do love the way I feel after a nice long nap or when I am in  deep sleep. In fact now that I have to work till late I really miss my naps but that’s life.

I don’t look this good when I sleep


2.I have become very obsessed in buying make up especially since I started this blog. That at times I almost want to but the whole store.

The more the better 😛

3. I love chocolate a lot. In fact it shows hehe. It is something that I need to part with but it’s freaking hard.

4. I am very flexible, especially my hands they can be twisted without any pain.

5.I have a gorgeous dog named pink, and she is the love of my life.

6. I love watching Tv shows they have become my weekly addiction. After a long day at work all I want to do is to get into my pjs and watch a good tv show.

7. I am also very happy in my current job, I get to do what I studded for and look great doing it :).

So now my fellow nominees are:

1- http://lipstickandstilletos.wordpress.com/

2- http://niicolea.wordpress.com/






So that’s it for now, keep posted for more 🙂




Daniels Shopping Complex experience

Yesterday we had a public holiday in Malta, but all the shops were open because of the Christmas holidays. Shops have been opening 7 days a week for almost 2 months, so anyone can manage to but all Christmas presents.

Lately a new Shopping complex opened in Hamrun, Malta named Daniels and I went to check it out. As I went in, I was surrounded by different beautiful shops, from a toy shop to a Christmas decorations shop called Natalizie and a jewellery shop which had the most expensive brands like DKNY, Gucci ect. 

In the foyer you’ll find a bunch of seating and tables which are connected to the Hollywood  cafeteria/restaurant and the another cafeteria named Oggi. But my Favorite was The Perfumery-Natural bliss by bottega verde. It was make-up heave really, they had a lot of make up brands from Maxfactor, Loreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Make up studio, Shisheido, Pupa and some other cheap make up brands. The nice sales girl also told me that they are planning to get more brands of make up. I will definitely check it out in another 2 weeks or so :). I spent some real money on make up there, even though it was hard to choose something when you have a lot of choice. I was in a bad mood so make-up was my retail therapy hehe. I will show you al lthe product and review each on of them later on in my posts.

So after falling in love with the Perfumery shop, I thought I check out the rest of the shops. I went on the Intermediate floor and there were a couple of fashion ware shops like Marcon, Kloe and Fruscio. Not my style of clothes definitely so I headed upstairs for the third floor.

The third floor was not my cup of tea. I didn’t like how the shops were divided at all. The shops had no walls, it was basically an open plan and all the shops had sections were they sold their merchandise  They don’t have the privacy of a normal shop with 4 walls. You can find yourself at a moment looking at shoes and in another second you are in the clothes section. To much for my taste, I like to relax when I shop and take my time and look for things. I don’t like having a bunch of people around me when I am shopping for clothes or shoes. 

Also to pay you don’t go to the shop cashier, you have to go at the cash point were there were 5 cashiers and a queue behind each on of them. I personally don’t like this method it feels like you are at supermarket rather than a retail shop.

Then later on as I was heading out I realized there was a basement level and went to check it out. I was basically “more” supermarket which is definitely efficient for anyone that lives in the neighborhood to have.

So that was basically what I think about the shopping complex. It is a good shopping complex but the only reason I would visit again is to check out the make up in the perfumery. I didn’t like clothing shops they had so it will be mostly for make up.

I hope you enjoyed my post, If you went tell me your experience. keep posted for more 🙂





The Do’s and Don’t of Skin care

I do my best to take care of my skin, but having a hectic definitely lifestyle doesn’t help. Whether your stressed or the or the weather is crazy,and even what you eat, these all effect your skin.
Honestly I don’t have a lot of time to take care of my skin but when i do, i try my best to use good products and moisturize a lot. I will mention some important rules you have to abide by for a better skin.

1 Always wash your face – especially if you wear make up. I wear make up everyday if it either for going to work or going out. So I make sure that I wash my face daily and remove all the make up. I have 2 ways to clean my face:

  • The best method is by washing my face using a cleanser. I don’t have a particular product which I like that I end up buying all the time, I always like to try new products and see what they can do for me. At the moment I am using Balance me.,it is from a British company. I got it for free from Glamour magazine a month ago. The first thing I noticed when I put it on is the lovely perfume smell of the product. The liquid smells really good and it leaves a nice smell on your face too. However if you get nausea with strong smells I do not suggest it but It worked just fine for me. It  cleans my face well and it keep it hydrated so it is definitely a good product.  It is important that I mention I have combination skin but I still recommend it to anyone.
  • My second method is using a face wipes – I do suggest wipes for those days when you are extremely tired to go and wash your face (ex. from a long night out). At the moment I am using 2 types of wipes. My Favorite is by Beauty Formulas- Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes because it really removes all the make up you have on. It has 30 wipes in all and it is not expensive to buy. My second packet of wipes i’m using is from Beauty Isaree, you find them in all the LIDL stores. I forgot how much they are, for but I know they are quite cheap. I love the thickness of the wipes of the Iseree wipes but they do not manage to remove my mascara well.  I do not suggest you remove your make up with wipes all the time because wipes cannot remove the make up that goes into your pores, only a cleaner can really clean your face the way it should do.DSC00778 DSC00779

2 Always moisturize your face – The weather can effect your skin a lot. If it is cold your face may start to get dry in some parts and so you need to moisturize to keep it smooth. In summer, the skin usually dehydrates so it needs a moisturizer to keep it hydrated and smooth. In that case it also helps to drink a lot of water.  I do my best to drink 2 liters everyday, In summer I can drink more than that but in winter It’s a miracle I drink a liter.There are 2 product I use one I do recommend and the other I don’t:

  • Aloe Propolis Creme by Forever living – This is a product I got introduced to by a friend. It has a mixture of aloe gel and the bee propolis extract. It has also the vitamins A and E and select moisturizers in it. Some people even use it for Eczema and found it to be a great product. I like this product because It has a thick liquid, so you don’t need to use a lot of product and it cured some of the pimples or zits I had. It also leaves my face hydrated and smooth.  Unfortunately you cannot buy this from a store, you have to find a distributor to sell it and deliver it for you. I personally don’t like the marketing plan of the aloe products but their products are great and there is not deny it. I am also a distributor of their product because I love their products, so if want to buy just comment down below. (Only Maltese residents) The propolis is sold for about 17euros which isn’t cheap but it is worth the price because I have been using it for more than 3 months and it is not empty yet.DSC00780
  • Eucerin Dermo Purifyer cream-gel – This is the worst moisturizer I ever had. It really did nothing for my face, it says it reduces blemishes in 3 weeks and instead It increased my blemishes. I bought it for 11 euros which is quite cheap and I used most of it because I wanted to test if it really would reduce my blemishes in 3 weeks and It didn’t so. It was a waste of time and money. I definitely do not recommend it to anyone. It made my face dry after every use and it even increased some redness.DSC00781

3. Don’t leave you hair dirty – This might sound funny but it is very important that you don’t leave your hair dirty for too long. I do my best to wash it 3 times a week but there are days were I have no time to do so and I leave it dirty for another day than it is supposed to and pimples start to appear on my forehead. This happens because your dirty hair is touching your face and your face isn’t so happy to get dirty and pimples or zit start to grow. My favorite hair product are all the range of tresemmee.  They come in these big bottles for a cheap price of 5 euros each and they make my hair smell very nice and gives them a healthy glow. I do recommend these products to anyone and there is a range for every type of hair.

Best hair products

4. Take care of your lips – Especially in this cold weather. The lips will start getting dry or breakout. You also have to prevent from getting any nasty cold sores which do occur a lot in winter. I use Forever Aloe lips with Jojoba it is the best lip balm I ever used. I love how it moisturizes my lips and leaves them smooth for the whole day. I bought it for a cheap price of 3 euros and I have been using it for over 2 years and I still have some left. You don’t need to use a lot of product because the moisture of the liquid spreads a lot. It is a great value product and it is always great to keep handy no only for your lips, even if you get bitten by an insect or burn your skin you can use it and it will reduce the pain.

A must have

So I think I covered most of the must do’s of skin cosmetics. It is important to take care of your skin because it also makes it easier to apply make up on and you don’t need to cover a lot of imperfections because you won’t have any :). Well I hope you found this post hopefully  feel free to comment down below. I got plenty of interesting posts coming up, so keep posted.




EVAGARDEN – H2O Resistant Mascara

Last week I went to my beautician and they sell make up from Evagarden. I have heard a lot about their make up, that it is quite pricey but of good quality. I needed a good mascara after the disaster mascara I had bought last time of Maxfactor. For anyone who hasn’t seen my post about the Maxfacor mascara yet check it out here.  I only used the Maxfactor mascara a couple of times and i couldn’t anymore. It is the worst mascara you can ever wear because it made my eyes very dry and I couldn’t get it off.



So now back to Evagarden. I bought this mascara for 15.14 euros, which isn’t cheap but not over the top either. I do believe it is pricey for a 9ml mascara. However I think it is the most expensive mascara I ever bought. I usually spend 13euros maximum and it has an average of 13ml. The mascara comes in a nice black and silver packaging, I also like the brush which is nice and big. The brush makes a big difference on how it will look on your lashes and the bigger the brush is the more it gives a volume.


I have to say I like this mascara a lot. It gives a nice volume to my lashes even though I wished it curled my lashed up a bit more but it did a good job. This mascara is water resistant but it wasn’t so difficult to remove after as some of the other mascaras.  I think overall it is a good mascara and I do recommend it to anyone even though It is a bit pricey. I don’t think it is a mascara I would buy frequently because of it’s price but when I feel like spending some money on make up I would definitely buy it. I like mascaras that make my lashes bold and long, if you like a more of a natural look to your lashes, this might not be the mascara for you. Or else apply once not twice like I usually do.

My natural lashes

My natural lashes


Applied the mascara once


Applied the mascara twice

I hope this post was helpful. For more info comment down below 🙂 tc




Black and Gold

Hey guys sorry for being M.I.A lately but I had one busy week. I let you know why in my posts this week. I have been preparing this post for a week but I had no time to complete it so finally I am. I did this look about 2 weeks ago and this look goes perfectly with this holiday season. I used gold and black eye-shadow colors and I feel they complement each other very well.


I wore this look with a matching black and gold top but it can be worn with any fabulous gown in the coming Christmas celebrations. I made it easier for you to understand how I apply my make up. First you apply a natural base color, I love using the eye transformer palette by e.l.f. Then I applied the gold shimmery eye-shadow from the e.l.f palette on the lid and then used 2 shades of black also by e.l.f on the outer lid and crease. Finished off by doing a cat eyeliner and mascara by golden rose.



I went very subtle on the cheeks and lips making the eye’s center of attention. I mixed pink and peach blushers and used a light brown color for the lips.



I hope you enjoyed this look. If you have any questions just comment on below 🙂 keep posted for more are I have a lot more to show you guys.




Smokey blue eyes – Double eyeliner

Hey guys I am so happy to have 21 followers already it been only a couple of weeks and I have some of the best followers ever :). Thank you for following

Smokey blue eyes

Smokey blue eyes

.So last week I did this smokey blue eye-shadow style. I usually do a different style of smokey eyes. I either insert a black color on the outer side of the lid or use a darker shade of blue but I thought of doing a double eyeliner look. As you can see from the images below. I started by using natural skin color base and then I used this shimmery blue from the elf palette. Then I did an eyeliner shape with the creamy dark blue, eye-shadow by Missha and finished off with black eyeliner and mascara.

Step by step instructions

Step by step instructions

The Missha shadow and liner is called “Fit-In Eyes shadow & liner” has a nice metallic blue color. I got it on sale for the cheap price of 2euros and It contains a good amount of product. I don’t recommend it as an eyeliner but I do recommend it as an eye-shadow. Unfortunately after a couple of times I started using it, it started to crack a bit, so that is why I use it as an eye-shadow mostly rather than an eyeliner.

Final look

Final look

I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep posted for more looks. Have a lovely Sunday,