MAC Prep + Prime Skin – Review

Hey guys ūüôā

So it is about time that I start Reviewing my lovely M.A.C products. Since the Primer is the first thing we apply in our make up routine and I thought I should¬†start¬†with the Prep + Prime skin base. ¬†Like most other products I like to mention the Pro’s and cons of the product, this way it will help you decide if you ¬†would every want to purchase it or not.



  1. I love the packaging, it is very sleek and I really like the pump. The packaging itself reflects the product by adding glitter to the usual black packaging because the liquid itself has a bit of glittery shine. 
  2. The primer itself is like a white moisturizer – in fact it reminds me of the base primer I have of Missha. It moisturizes the face which helps with the application of the foundation.
  3. I love how it also evens out the face color and gives me a radiant face.
  4. It really made my foundation stay intact for a whole day which is pretty impressive.



  1. You cannot wear it on its own because of the shimmer it has. 
  2. It is a bit expensive. I bought it for ¬£19.50 which is about ‚ā¨22.50

Overall I think it is a good product and I would buy it again for the only reason that is made my foundation stay a lot longer than any other primer ever did. I have to say it really reminded me of the Missha base cream but the difference is that the Missha doesn’t hold the foundation for too long. I read a lot of reviews which had various opinions about the primer, some loved it and some hated it but I guess it depends on the skin type you have and what you expect from it.



I hope I didn’t leave anything out, and that I was of any help. This is my honest and personal opinion of the product. Keep posted for more ūüôā




My Brushes – Cleaning and care

Hello ladies,

So Today I though I share with you the brushes I own and how I take care of them. I got my first set of Make up brushes about 5 years . My family gave me an 18 pieces set for Christmas because they knew that I love applying make-up ,and they are a must have to every make-upaddict. I have been using them ever since and they are still as good as new. However I might purchase a larger set sometime soon, you can never have enough :P.


I also have a a small 4 brush set I got for free from the Brand Sonya, I use them mostly the blend in my eye-shadow. They have a nice texture and they are very soft. My Favorite brush is the Kabuki brush I got lately from e.l.f it applies very well and it is super soft.

When it comes to cleaning I divide them in 2: The powder and the liquid brushes. The powder brushes I lay them on  some tissue paper and spray them with the e.l.f brush cleaner.





The e.l.f daily brush cleaner, cleans the brushes well however once in a while I like to give them a deep cleaning and for that I wash them in water and Baby¬†Johnson¬†Shampoo. Which is what I do¬†every week¬†with the brushes I use for liquid make up like foundation or concealer. Then I roll them in more tissue until they fully try to keep their natural shape.DSC00615It is very important to take care of your brushes and wash them at least once a week or 2. I have to admit , I really didn’t take much care of my brushes until now but I always made sure they were clean before and after using them on any of my clients.

Well that is it for now. Keep posed for more and thank you for following





I am Bff of the Week :D

Hello ladies,

So today I was browsing and reading posts from some of my lovely followers like I always do and found out, that I was awarded BFF of the Week . BFF of the Week was created by Vanessa Felix from “Your Best Face First” to engage the Beauty Blogger community here at WordPress, which is a great Idea. That is why I would like you to check her blog and post here.

I am very honored to have over 50 followers and I do my best to follow and read each blog because I know how nice it is to have constant support from others. I really love blogging because I get to talk about the things that I really love and share with you opinions and knowledge.

I am also open for any suggestions you might have on my blog and I will do my best to oblige. I really try my best to post everyday but it is not easy managing two blogs at the same time. (My other blog is 140daysofanewme Рwhich is about my work in progress for a healthy me)

Thank you so much Vanessa and to all my Followers for liking and commenting on my blog. You really make my day ūüôā




Welcome to your new Home M.A.C :)

Hello guys,

I am super duper excited to show you my new M.A.C products that I got yesterday. This is all thanks to a lovely friend of mine which went to the UK. I always wanted to have some MAC products and she got them for me. Unfortunately in Malta they don’t sell mac and no country ships them to Malta unless you find some buyer on¬†eBay.

So after a  lot of research and reading a lot of reviews I listed my top 5 products that I needed to have which I got.DSC00636

  1. The face and body Foundation
  2. Prep + Prime skin base visage
  3. Pro Longwear Concealer
  4. Viva Glam by Nicki Minaj
  5. Sheertone shimmer blush

This week I will try them out and I will review each product. I really can’t wait to try them out ¬†and start doing some nice looks with the products. ūüôā That is all for now, keep posted for more




Outfit and Make-up of the Week

Hey guys,
Yesterday I had a lovely school Reunion dinner with my ex class mates from the Institute of Art and Design and I thought I show you the outfit I wore. I wanted to wear something which is both classy, elegant with a mixture of something fun and casual. I realized that recently I have a lot black and gold tops and t-shirts. I like the mixture between something bright and something dark.

I love the mixture of something bright and something dark


  • Gold and Black top -Tesco
  • Black cardigan -Tesco
  • Trousers – Dorothy Perkins
  • Shoes – Dorothy Perkins
  • Jewelry – Promod and Peacocks

When it comes to make-up, I basically matched it to my clothes, which is gold and black. However I still added some other colors to the mix like yellow and beige.  As for the lips I wore a lovely light pink from nyx.




I hope you liked this look, feel free to tell me your opinions and comment down below. Thank you for following





BRITS 2013 – The best and the Worst

Hi guys :),

So today I was looking that the photos of the Brits awards and I couldn’t help and say something about what¬†celebrities¬†seem to be wearing lately which isn’t a lot. Seriously what is the deal with everyone showing a lot of skin and different sides of your boobs. It is not flattering at all and it makes them look even more trashy. ¬†If you are a celebrity I imagine you have a lot of money, so they can afford a dress with a little more fabric I suppose.

First of with Jessie J (VERSACE): I think the dress overall is nice and she looks more feminine than ever, but she didn’t need to show her entire chest. If it was a bit covered with some lace fabric to cover her breast, it would still look sexy but¬†at least¬†not trashy.

Making quite an entrance: She shunned her usual style of PVC catsuits and quirky fashion to doll herself up in the floorlength frock, which also flashed a bit of leg

Then it is Rita Ora (ULYANA SERGEENKO- Seriously what ere you thinking ? I don’t mind all the back showing this much (even though it is a bit too muchh) but is¬†definitely¬†not finished. I think the designer is still working on it because you can still see the seams and everything. It is such a mess.

Not her usual style: Rita Ora was hoping for an award but didn't win the trophy for best dressed in her salmon backless Ulyana Sergeenko gown

Now some other worst dresses I have seen :

Lana del Ray – Didn’t she get the memo? I don’t mind her causal dress but it is not right for ¬†an Award night.

Could have made more effort! Lana Del Rey looked more suited for a daytime event than the red carpet in her Chanel shirt dress

Gemma Arterton – This dress is just plain ugly and it makes her look very old

Dividing critics: Gemma Arteron's Jonathan Saunders dress was met by a mixed response

Now my¬†Favorite¬†is Taylor’s Swift (ELI SAAB) – The cut is very nice and I like the sheer pannelling that reveal a bit of her legs. She looks sexy but still not¬†overdoing¬†it with the skin.

Lady in black: Swift also went for a daring number with her high cut sheer panels showing off her legs as she posed up for the cameras,

Berenice Marlohe РI also love this metallic dress Berenice wore. What I love is the cut and shape of the dress which highlights the beautiful curvy body she has. I am not a fan of metallic colors on dresses but the cut is so divine that I am not bothered by the color.

Well she is a Bond girl: Berenice Marlohe went for all over metallic in a floorlength foil type silver dress which showed off her ample assets

Aluna Francis – I love the sheer sequin dress. Another metallic hit

Stunning: Aluna Francis was one of the big hits of the night in her sheer sequin gown, while Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan also showed off her style in her lavish ensemble

So I thought I share with you my opinions about the best and worst dressed of the brit awards. I believe anyone can look beautiful and sexy without the need to show a little too much. No man want’s to uncover a present when they already know what’s in it, you loose part of the¬†excitement.

That’s all from me, keep posted for more ūüôā





Leichner camera clear tinted foundation Review

Hey guys,
About a month ago I bought these 2 foundations from Liechner from a website that were having discounts on most of their cosmetics. They were sold for only ¬£3.50 and I read some good reviews about them from “Make up alley” and I said I should give them a try after all they are very cheap. I bought two¬†different¬†My skin is colours the¬†porcelain¬†which matched my skin colours perfectly and the beige, which is much darker than my skin color.


When I first put it on my face I¬†realized¬†that I didn’t need to use a lot of product because it really covers well. However I then realized that it made my face look very oily so I had to apply a lot of powder after using it. I also realized that this foundation is not good for me but it would be perfect for someone with a very dry skin.



blended in

In fact I gave it to my sister which has a dry skin and she loved the foundation a lot more than I did. So I might buy it again in the future if I have clients with very dry skin. Also another thing in favor of this foundation is the lovely smell it has, it like perfume for the face. In the end I do think it is a good foundation especially for anyone with dry skin and it is very cheap, so I recommend it for anyone with dry skin.

I hope you found this post helpful, if you are interested in buying them you can find them easily on ebay, amazon or chemistdirect. Keep posted for more.




Graphic Eyes

Hey guys,

I hope you are having a great weekend so far :). I honestly wish it never ends but that’s life, we have to work for the beautiful stuff ¬†we want to own :P. So lately in the fashion shows and runways I have seen a lot of graphic eyes and I really wanted to try it out myself.

This photo is taken in the latest Marc Jacobs Fashion show. You can notice the heavy brows and the graphic eyes.

Marc Jacobs – Nars Matte eyeshadow in Bali

So I decided to have my take on graphic eyes and went further with the shape and the power of the black colour. The look I created is all about making the black colour and the shape noticeable.


If you like to do this look, it’s very simple. All you need:

  1. Is a very steady hand
  2. Black cream and liquid eyeliner
  3. Mascara

Well I hope you liked this look, keep posted for more ūüôā




E.l.f High Definition Undereye Setting Powder Review

Hello Beautiful people,

So today I realized that I haven’t reviewed some other elf products which I got this¬†Christmas including this¬†under-eye¬†setting powder. I got this¬†under-eye¬†setting powder because It is very dark under my eyes, so it always good to have some light¬†powder¬†to even it out. I have mixed opinion about this product, I think is overall good but there are some things that I would change.

DSC00502 DSC00503

So here are my Pro’s and cons:


  1. It lightens underneath my eyes and makes my eyes pop.
  2. It also blends well with my skin and doesn’t make me skin look pale.
  3.  It is very cheap


  1. I personally don’t like the packaging, because it is very small, you don’t have a lot of product and it is harder to apply.
  2. I don’t like the glittery texture of the powder.
  3. I also feel that the brush is not idea to apply the powder.
sorry for the blurry photo

sorry for the blurry photo

Overall it is a good product but to be honest I don’t think I will buy it again. I might as well buy the high definition powder from the studio line which I hear is pretty much the same minus the glitter and the small packaging.

That is all for now. Keep posted for more




Valentines Day – Make-up and Outfit

Hey guys,

I hope you had a nice Valentines Day :), mine was pretty nice and I took the opportunity to really dress up and do my best to look fabulous.  Lately I have bought some clothes online; (which I will review later on, in my posts) and bought this gorgeous dress I wore yesterday.


Sorry for the blurry photo

My make up matched my dress and did a blue/turquoise middle tone color and black color on the crease.


My make up for the day


My make up

I got beautiful roses and the cutest me to you teddy from my Valentine ūüôā


Well that is all for now. I thought I should update you. I hope you had a great¬†Valentine’s¬† no matter with who you spend it with and no matter what you did, you still looked¬†fabulous¬†:P.