Easter Special- Make-up Look

Hey guys,

So Easter is basically at the door, and I thought I get into the festive mood and do a make-up look for you guys. As we all know red is for Christmas and Yellow is for Easter, so I tried to incorporate the colour with my eye shadow. Pulling of a yellow eye-shadow can be tricky so that is why I wanted to show you how you can pull it off. 🙂


Now here are the step by step instructions for this Easter special look:



1. Like usual I start with a primer/concealer and use a base colour. This time I used the eye transformer palette from e.l.f. It really helps to give a more vibrant look the eye-shadow.

2. I placed a vibrant yellow eyeshadow from the e.l.f 100 palette on all of my lid.

3. I mixed 2 shades of dark brown and placed it all over my crease.

4. Then I applied a thin line of black eye-shadow to give a more defining line between the yellow and the brown.

5 I applied a winged eyeliner using a black eyeliner by golden rose.

6 Finished the eye-shadow look with the Eva Garden Mascara.

For the cheeks I used an e.l.f St.Lucia bronzer to highlight my cheek bone and the Marbert Pink blusher on my cheek. Finally I used the Mac Viva Glam by Nicki Minaj lipstick for a nice overall spring look. This is a beautiful look you can wear for a night out, brunch or dinner. It is also perfect to wear in this lovely sunny weather we have in Malta. The yellow eyes and pink lips are the right mixture of colours for this spring and even in Summer.


I hope you like this look and if you do please share this blog with your friends. Keep posted for more




Pupa 50’s Dream Limited Edition

It is pretty obvious the 50’s era is with revived again right now especially in fashion and in Make-up. Make up has become very minimal like the 50s but is significant with vibrant red lips and bold eyeliner. Pupa has taken also the 50’s inspiration and created a line of fabulous make up for us to try and have.

Spring Collection 2013

The line consists of 4 different eyeshadows, a beautiful vibrant green, light pink, cream and orange colours. 12.50euros


It also has 2 eyeliners one green and one brown. 10.90euros


There are also 4 beautiful lipstick one in a nude color, one in pink, another one in peach and of course in red. 10.50 euros


It also has a nice peach, pink highlighter compact. 14.75 euros


Last but not least a range of nail polishes in an light orange, nude/white, pink and orange colours.


I have been given some products by Pupa to review an one of them is the nail polish by this collection. What I love about pupa is first of all their cute packaging designs they do for the make-up and of course the good quality make up they have.

You can find Pupa in some of the pharmacies around Malta and in some places around the world especially in Italy. The only 3 places I know that definately sell them in Malta are the pharmacy in Hamrun and even in the Perfumery in Daniels shopping complex, also the Medimports in Hal-Qormi.

Thank you for following guys 🙂 keep posted for more




E.L.F Makeup Artist Brush Belt Review

Hey guys,

So I will review the last product that I recently got from E.L.F which is the Makeup Artist Brush belt. I have some weddings coming up in which I will do their makeup so I thought this would come handy. 


It is black PVC, but doesn’t look or feel cheap or flimsy. The PVC material makes it super easy to keep clean. The belt strap is extremely generous and should fit just about any waist size. The belt folds over for easy storage, and even crammed full of brushes, it folds over easily. The belt is so easy to grab & go when you’re traveling or doing someone’s makeup.


Holds a ton of brushes, the only ones that wouldn’t fit are my kabukis because they’re too short & fat. I didn’t find the holes too deep at all, it fit all of my brushes perfectly. There are 2 larger undivided pockets on the front of the belt for other random stuff like pencils or mascara, if desired. This belt looks extremely professional and is a great way to store your brushes. It is very nice to be able to see all of your brushes laid out & organized. The Elf logo is not very large and is embossed into the material, so again, doesn’t look cheap or anything.You cannot beat this for $15 and I would most definitely repurchase I needed to.

That’s all for now guys, I will try to create a new make up look for you guys but I haven’t been liking what I did recently. I have become more of a perfectionist so I want to show you the best 🙂




E.L.F HD Blush – Review

HD1 Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing? Sorry for not posting recently but I have been sick this weekend so I had no energy to post anything. I am back but still slowly getting better. So as most of you already know I recently bought some e.l.f products 50% off and I also bought 3 HD blush in different colors. I have heard a lot about these blushes so I wanted to see what the hype is all about myself. My first impression of the Hd blush is how small they are but apparently compared to the Make up forever they have more product. However my disappointment vanished once I tried them out.


The HD blush comes in a nice transparent tube and a nice black pump. The fist time I pumped a few product out I was impressed how pigmented they are. You really don’t need to use a lot of product with these, just a small drop for each cheek is more than enough. In fact be careful if you plan on pumping it out onto your hand before applying it. I did this the first time I used it and this blush would not come off my hand. It took hours and many hand washes to get it off.


Superstar on me

Superstar on me

This shade aren’t shimmery, but they aren’t completely matte either. It gives a nice glow. You can also use a lip brush and apply it as a lip color, which looks great. Also the best thing about these blushers is that they only cost £3.75.

That is all for now, Keep posted for more reviews and make-up looks 🙂




My Doppelgangers

Did it ever happen to you that you look at someone and think;” God we look so much alike”.? Well recently it happened to me twice.  Apart from my crazy family 😛 I do believe there are some women that do look like me or the other way round.

Recently I have been watching the TV show called Revenge which I am hooked to,and found myself wondering if in the future I will look any similar to Victoria Grayson (one of the main characters played by Medaline Stowe which is a bit of a Bitch). I know I do not look like i am her twin sister but I do find some resemblance there. All need is smaller body and to age 20 years.:P


Do you think we look alike ?

My second Doppelganger is an Indian Actress Priety Zinta. I have to admit she is closest I have to a doppelganger. I got to know about her, from an old friend of mine which told me that I looked like her and I have to admit it we do look alike. 

Do you think I look alike these famous actors? 😛 It would be fun, if all of you did a post, of what you think could be your doppelganger. Can’t wait to see some of your posts and your celebrity look-alike, we should call it a Doppelganger Week :).




E.L.F NEW Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Hello Guys,

So today is a lovely Sunny day and it is thankfully a feast here in Malta so I don’t have work.  I really wanted to do a make up look today but the photo’s didn’t come great so I will do a better one next time. In the meantime I thought I should review one of my recent buys that I got from e.l.f.

DSC00918 DSC00920

The contouring blush and bronzing power come in a nice sleek black packaging which I adore. The packaging make you think is a very expensive high quality product when in reality it is fairly cheap. When I ordered this compact I thought It would be smaller in size, but I was fairly impressed how big it actually is.  I have the Turks & Caicos palette and there is also the colour in St.Lucia and Antigua which are also pretty nice.

DSC00922 DSC00924

The blushes are super nice, very pigmented and blend well onto the face. I just love the natural glow they give and how it looks on my cheeks. Some even say that they are similar to the Nars blushers which have the best blushers in the market. I wouldn’t say they are exceptional but they are great value for money. They only costs £3.75 which is very cheap compared to a single Nars blusher which you would buy for over £25.



I do recommend this product to anyone especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Make-up. You get a good quality make up for such a cheap price. That is all for now guys




E.L.F HAUL -Baked Bronzer

Hey guys,

Every month I look at my make up and see what I have missing that I really need. I realized that I didn’t have any bronzer compacts and the one I have are slowly coming to an end. I usually use the bronzers I have on my e.l.f complete the look palette which are quite good but unfortunately when you apply it once a lot of products comes off.  So recently with the 50% offer I got these two Baked Bronzers in 2 colors. I got St. Lucia and Los Cabos.


Los cabos and St Lucia


St.Lucia is a light bronzer color while the Los Cabos is a bit darker. I have to say I quite like these bronzers, they do not have any shimmer and give a nice bronze glow when applied. The pigmentation is OK but could be better because you need to apply it a couple of time to deliver the right pigmentation. These are perfect to either use them as a contouring blush for Winter or else as a nice bronzing color for Summer.




The packaging is also nice as it has a nice transparent lid and  it only costs £3.75 which is incredibly cheap. I do recommend it to anyone, as who wouldn’t want a cheap nice looking bronzer?  🙂

That is all for now, keep posted for more reviews and make up looks




E.L.F HAUL – Make-up Tools

Hello make-up lovers,

As I have told you in my previous post, e.l.f had quite a nice offer of giving everything 50% off for St.David’s Day and I decided to buy some tools and brushes that I needed for quite a time.


Brushes and Mascara shield

  1. First is the angled foundation brush which is perfect to cover some angles of your nose and under your eyes. The brush is super soft and it blends the foundation well on to the skin.


2. Is the small precision brush which you can use to draw thin eyeshadow lines or even the eyeliner. The brush is also very soft and is perfect for liquid eyeshadows of eyeliners.

3. The angled eyeliner brush is my Favorite, it draws a nice thin line eyeliner line beautifully. This is the right brush to use when you want to draw a very thin line with a cream or gel eyeliner.


4. Lat but not least is the mascara shield which I really had to have. It happens to me a lot that I do the perfect eye-shadow and then ruin it with the mascara. This is just perfect I am proud of elf for coming with such a great idea. The shield is basically made from silicone and it stop you from having any fall-out. I find it a bit hard to use it on myself but it is definitely a must when you need to apply mascara on someone else.


I also bought some disposable lip gloss wands which I like to give to my clients with a lipstick sample to carry with them for the occasion. So they can do some further touch-ups later on. I even bought some powder applicators to also give out to clients. I once read that a participial make up artist, that she gave out powder applicators with some powder on them for the clients to have enough for touching up. I also got the eyebrow stencil to try them out but I honesty don’t really need them. I do find them a bit silly and I don’t like the plastic material because it sticks to my foundation and it gets dirty immediately.

DSC00848 That is all for now, keep posted for more. I will try to do a new make up look this weekend. Thank you all for following




E.L.F Large Brush Holder – Storage use

Hey guys,

Recent I bought a lot of products and tools from e.l.f half the price with an offer they had for  St.Davids Day. So I took the opportunity to buy some tools and more make up that I needed.

50% off

I have been meaning to buy this elf brush holder for a long time but not for the use it was intended for. I needed something to organize my space better for my lipsticks and other products. I have a 3 drawer pedestal on wheels and when I open the drawer the lipsticks or other tubes tend to move around and I hate it. I needed something to keep them in place so I bought this large brush holder from e.l.f.DSC00843




It first perfectly into my drawer and might purchase more in the future if there any other offers going on. It is originally £14 which isn’t cheap but I got it for only £7 which is definitely worth it. The holder is made from really thick matte plastic and it has the logo on it with a glossy tone. I definitely recommend it, if you either want to use it as a brush holder or to organize space.

That is all for now guys, keep posted for more