Pupa Milano Multiplay in Black

Hey guys,
Recently I was given this eye pensil by Pupa called Multiplay and before I review a product I truly want to test it out . The pensil is called Multiplay because you can use it in 3 various ways, either as an eyeliner, underneath the eyes or as an eye-shadow. The Multiplay has 2 ends one containing the eyeliner and the other part has like a sponge applicator to smudge the eye pensil to create a smokey eye look.
DSC01282DSC01284 DSC01285 DSC01287

I honestly haven’t used an eye pencil in a while because I usually use eyeshadows, liquid or cream eyeliner, so I was happy to get this eye pencil from pupa so I can see what I’m missing. Once I applied it for the very first time I was surprised how it glides on perfectly. It is very easy to apply mainly because of its creamy texture, so it applies smoothly.
The black is also a true black, even when you blend it out you can see there are no grey tints in it like some other liners have. I also like how looks when you smudge it out, to create a smokey eye look.

The pensil is also waterpoof and long lasting. I wore it for work the other day and it stayed put for over 8hrs. The selling price of this liner is 6.89euros, quite a reasonable price for such a great product.

On waterline

On waterline

As an eyeliner

As an eyeliner

smudge out

smudge out

Last but not least the Multiplay comes in various colors as you can see from the images below, so there is definitely a lot to choose from.

Well I hope you enjoyed this review, if you are interested in buying pupa products you will find them at various outlets and pharmacies around Malta. Thank you for following and keep posted for more 🙂


Kate Winslet – Harper’s Bazaar – Inspired Look

Hey guys,

I wanted to do another look for you guys which is perfect for this spring. Something simple yet effective. I was looking trough some magazines and photoshoots and I fell in love with the simplicity of Kate Winslet photo-shoot. The make-up look is very easy to do, it’s all about the eyeliner basically. The photos are in black and white so it is difficult to really know what colors they really used on her but the shadows can give an idea.


I usually do step by step instructions but this look is so easy to do so I will mention what products I used.

  1.  Mac Prep and prime primer 
  2. Make up store -satin eye-shadow – white shimmer
  3. Elf palette light brown on the lid, and a darker brown on the crease
  4. WetnWild creme eyeliner
  5. E.lf party pink lipstick
  6. E.l.f contouring blushers
  7. Eva Garden mascara

That is all for now, I hope you liked this look, Keep posted for more and thank you for following 🙂



Wjcon -Bloggers Event

Hey guys,

So last Friday I was invited at the new Make up shop called Wjcon for a bloggers night. It was such a fun event and I was honored to be part of it.  As I walked right in I was immediately welcomed by Angelo an Italian Make-up artist and all of the people that made Wjcon happen.

Angelo and Marisa

The lovely Marisa introduced us to this Italian brand and explained that Wjcon stands for We are an Icon. Also explained that the products are cheap not because their quality is cheaper but because they wanted to make it,very affordable for everyday woman to still look great and like an Icon.


13 4

The shop has 2 levels, the ground level is filled with gorgeous make up and the first floor (which they call funky bars) is like a small beauty salon where you can get you eyebrows fixed and your nails done.

Nail bar

Nail bar

Nail bar

Nail bar

Brow Bar

Brow Bar

They also offered to get my make up done, and because I wanted to fully absorb the Wjcon experience, I went for it. One of their lovely make up artist did my full make up and explained what products she used on me. I loved the final look but being that I had smokey eyes, I would have toned it down on the lips, but a very well done.

Getting my Make up done


Wjcon make up artist and me


The eyeshadows used on me

The person that made Wjcon Happen

Last but not least we were given a small goodie bag with some of their products and I also ended up buying 2 products that really caught my eye. I will review these products further on, once I have fully tested them out.


It was a great even, I enjoyed every minute of it and the make up is just fabulous, and they have anything you could ever imagine to pamper yourself, including skin care and tools. If you are looking for good quality make up and cheap price go to Naxxar Road, Birkirkra, Malta and get some Wjon products.




MUA Haul – Undress Your Skin Primer

Hey guys,

So I thought I should finally start reviewing the products I got from MUA Academy. This was the first time I ever bought anything from them and I am quite pleased overall with the products. Being that MUA academy and E.l.f have a very similar price range I was comparing the make up and the service with each other. I find that the shipping and delivery is not as professional as the E.L.F company. I ordered product from E.L.F a MUA on the same day but the Mua arrived about a week later than the Elf products. Also I wasn’t impressed how they packaged the products. The E.L.F have a nicer and safer packaging in a box with paper for protection and padding while the MUA were send into a thick paper bag. Some of the Mua Products were protected with cellophane which is good but most of the other products weren’t.

Well enough about the packaging let’s talk about the products. I bought the undress your skin range  for a very cheap price which include a primer, foundation, under-eye concealer and a highlighter. Being that the primer is what we usually apply first of all, will start by talking about the primer in this post.


The primer comes in a cute packaging with a nice white pump which it very easy to use an works well, unlike the e.l.f primer. Once you apply it on, you can feel the silicone texture which does wonders to the application of your foundation.  The feeling is very similar to the  mousse L’Oreal studio line primer. However the downfall is that it does nothing to make my makeup last longer.

DSC01172 DSC01170

So will I buy this primer again? Not sure, probably not because It didn’t make my make-up last longer but it does give a nice layer to protect the skin and make application easier. I hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for following




OPI Nail Envy Review

Hello lovely people,

I have been using the OPI nail envy hardener for over a month and I really wanted to tested it out before I give you an honest review about it. I have been a nail biter for most of my life but this yeah I kept to my beauty resolution and stopped biting my nails. I have also been doing gels on them last year so they were really damaged.


I have tried a couple of nail products but failed to impress me because my nails remained fairly thin and damaged. I was suggested to try the OPI nail envy by another beauty blogger   and went on an bought it along with the OPI top coat. When started applying it on my nails I noticed that my nails weren’t chipping anymore which was a great start. My nails were still a bit damanged but after a week or 2 my nails started to look far healthier and slowly getting harder.


It took a while, but I was seeing results finally, unlike some other cheaper hardeners I have bought from other brands. My nails are far healthier now but they still need some more time and nail envy to get better. I recently stopped applying because I wanted to experiment with different nail polish colours. But when I’ll feel to give them some rest will definitely apply the nail envy again.

Before and after:


I bought the nail envy and the top coat for £14 on ebay which is fairly cheap as they usually sell for about 10euros each as far as I know. You also have about 15ml which is a nice amount and the bottle lasts for a long time considering you put a layer on each day.

Even though my nails still need treatment, I definitely seen a huge improvement since purchasing nail envy. My nails where in the worst shape and now they are finally breathing. Will definitely keep you posted with further improvement.




Jewel Mania

Hey guys,

So about a month ago I was super sick and when I am sick and bored, the most common thing I end up doing, is shopping.  I thought my jewelry needed an update so i bought a couple of things on eBay for a super cheap price. Some arrived pretty quickly but some of them took a while to get to me but now as they are all in my hands, I thought I show you my purchase.

The first necklace I bought is this cute bronze owl with blue, white, pint and purple studs. I got this for only £1.


Next I got these long silver, gold and black simple necklaces that look great together. 


I also got this mid length silver necklace with cute silver leaves. I love wearing it on when my clothes look plan.  This necklace gives that extra touch.


Next is this cute black triangle necklace with gold pointed studs on it which unfortunately aren’t visible in this image.

DSC01045Finally I got this cute peacock necklace which I am really in love with. It is super cute and elegant.


As you probably noticed I love long necklaces, but mostly because they look the best on me being that I am ta. I do recommend for you to buy jewelry from ebay as they are gorgeous and very cheap.

That is all for now guys, thank you for following and keep posted for more 🙂




Blind Make up

Hey guys,

About 2 years ago I was with my best friends at a hotel room getting ready to go out for my friends bday. I was doing my make up like I usually do, talking to my friends and barely looking at the mirror. They were actually impressed that I managed to got my make-up done without barely looking at the mirror. So I thought of challenging myself and see if I am able to do a complete make up look with my eyes closed.


Basic make-up prepared to use

Basic make-up prepared to use

As I started of the primer and foundation it was quite easy because you can feel where you have applied your foundation and it you missed a spot. At least I knew because I felt it. It got harder once I was doing the eye-shadow. I had to be careful that I was applying the right shade of colour in the right place.

B2 B3

The hardest part is definitely the eyeliner but I was actually impressed that I did fairly well when I opened my eyes. The only time I opened my eyes was to apply the mascara but I didn’t look at any mirror. I felt I did very well, being that I did this make up look blindly.

Proof that I did my make-up blindly hehe

This mess is proof that I did my make-up blindly hehe


I would love to know what you think, how well I have done 🙂 thank you for following





Make up Trends this Spring

Hey guys,

As someone which loves make-up a lot, it is important to keep myself updated with the new styles and trends every season.  Spring is finally here and I did my research on what is in Vogue right now and what was seen on the runway.

Red Signals

At first, it seemed like spring would be a season of pale lips. At Prada, makeup queen Pat McGrath went for a matte crimson, outlining the outermost part of lips in red pencil that accentuated the shape of the mouth (tip: this makes lips look bigger and fuller). All told, the season’s rouges ranged from pinky-red at Missoni and Oscar de la Renta to the classic power red at Jean Paul Gaultier to the dark and dramatic black cherry at Jonathan Saunders, proving the enduring appeal of being in the red. Not much is going on with the eyes as it is very natural to extenuate the lips.

Featured: Dolce & Gabbana

Eyeliner In Full Effect

Ever since the cat-eye trend hit last year, eyeliner has become a newfound essential.  It’s a downtown look that went a bit uptown at Chanel where makeup artist Peter Philips created striking contrast with his jet black liner by swiping on a platinum shadow over the lids, giving us inspiration for how to dress up a few simple strokes for day to night

Lush Lashes

60’s are back from the inky, Twiggy-like fringe seen at Gaultier to the curled and combed up look at Gucci, it’s time to have fun with your lashes this season. For the beauty adventurous, look to the chic-clumpy variety at Véronique Leroy, and our favorite, the heavy lashes offset with white liner—and nails to match—at Moschino.

The Bold And Beautiful Brows

Strong brows proved their staying power again. At Etro, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury went for a “fresh, clean” nineties-inspired look, which she created by filling in with M.A.C.’s Eye Brow pencils in Fling and Lingering. Meanwhile Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux enhanced the arches of stunners like Arizona Muse at Anthony Vaccarello with the Estée Lauders’s Automatic Brow Pencil Duo in Soft Brown. A handy pro tip: brush brow hairs down to find your natural shape, then fill in sparse areas with a pencil, using short, feathery strokes to shape and even out the contours of your brows.

Seeing Blue And Green

A Mediterranean influence swept the shows, as makeup artists dabbed their eye makeup brushes in shades of turquoise, jade and vibrant aqua. Even though the references supposedly ranged from the psychedelic sixties at Moschino Cheap and Chic to bejeweled butterflies at Gucci, the look wasn’t too wild or extreme for the every day wearer. Try a thin streak of green eyeliner seen at Stella McCartney or Kenzo, a saturated smear of sapphire on the base of lids like at Versus, or a color-blocked etching of royal blue or teal a la Fendi. And for those moments of all-out glamour, place a few sparkles around your eyes like a Gucci model if you dare.

These are the trends this season from bright lips to heavy eyeliner, big brows, fake lashes and colorful eyes. What I noticed is in every look is mostly natural but then they transform each look with something bold like red lips or a bright eye colour.

That is all for now guys but keep posted as I will posted something interesting later on 🙂





Make-Up Detox

Hey guys,

Recently I just received 2 packages with some beauty products that I had bought a while ago, and I realized that I really need to take a break this month from purchasing any more make-up. I have products to review for over than a month I think and it would do my good.

Last month I was asked to do a wedding for June, so I bought a bunch of tools and make up that I needed. I went somewhat overboard hehe. I need to enjoy all of the products that I got and truly test each one of them.

Wish me luck and hopefully will manage to stop myself from buying any more make up and focus more on creating new make up looks 🙂


Pupa Milano -50’s Dream Lasting Colour

Hey guys,

So recently I have been given the 50’s Dream lasting color nail polish in Rose White(110) by Stephanie from Pupa Milano. I tried this nail polish last Saturday and I fell in love with the color and it’s lasting performance. White nail polishes are very in vogue right now and are seen on most celebrities nowadays.


The 50’s dream nail polish is more like a light nude colour which I like a lot and I was impressed that it lasted for about 4 days without chipping. The only thing which I found irritating is the small brush and that it took a while for them to dry. But other than that it is a nice colour, it stays long  so it worth the wait and it also doesn’t need a double coating.


This color looks lovely now in Spring and especially in Summer being that pastel colours are very much in fashion nowadays. I do recommend it to anyone as it only costs 3.75euros.

Spring Collection 2013

Well I hope you liked this review, keep posted for more



P.S Being that I got this product for free, doesn’t reflect my review about this product. I always give my own opinion in my reviews and no one else’s.