Helena Bonham Carter – Vogue- Inspired Make-up Look

Helena Bonham Carter is a truly exceptional women in her own dark way. I love the mixture of Goth and Vintage style she has. Even-though I wouldn’t agree on most of her fashion choices, I do love that she is true to herself and doesn’t let anyone change her. I do believe she is a great actress and that doesn’t mind looking weird or ugly for the sake of playing an awesome character.


However for Vogue she looked her gorgeous true self in these goth and vintage photos. So I thought of channeling my inner Helena and do a make up look, inspired by this shoot.

The make up look is very simple and very much 50’s style. The eyes are very natural with a touch of brown to contour the eyes and some dark fake lashes. The face is very pale with a tinge of bronzer to highlight the cheeks, while the main focus is on the dark red lips.



This look is very synonym with what is in vogue nowadays. Make-up nowadays has been giving a lot of focus on the lips rather than on the eyes. We are seeing a lot of red lips this summer and I have to admit, I am truly loving it.

Well I do hope you like this look, if you do either like or comment down below, thank you for following.




NYX Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer – Review

Hey guys,

So a while ago I got a few items from Chemist Direct and I thought of getting a new primer. My favorite M.A.C primer will soon some to an end so I needed a cheaper replacement. I have heard a lot of good things about the NYX primers that I thought I should give it a go. Apparently they have 3 different primers the normal white primer, the green one is for anti-redness while the purple one is for anti-dull skin and colour balance. Being that I do have some red spots on my face, I bought the green one.

20130723_080554 20130723_080615

I hate to say that this product did nothing for me. I had such great expectations for this product, but the redness didn’t vanish nor diminish.  It does have a silky feel to it and definitely makes the foundation application easier but other than that nothing.  It also does take a while sink in and I didn’t feel any difference on my pores. I really hate to do bad reviews but unfortunately this has to be one of them. I wish there was something that I really liked about this product but I didn’t. I still use it as a base at times, because I hate wasting products, but  unfortunately it do much for me.


Overall I’m really not in love with this product. I don’t think I will repurchase it again, I was expecting to at least diminish the redness I have, but It didn’t. To end on a good note, NYX do have great quality products but unfortunately this product is not one of them. Hopefully they will come up with a better primer in the future.

Will I ever buy this product again? I don’t think so, it really did nothing for my redness nor as a primer itself unfortunately.

Do I recommend it? Not really, however I they do have an HD primer which looks pretty good but I haven’t tried it yet.





Purple Breeze – Make-Up look

Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting much this week, but it was one of the busiest weeks ever. I am part of the ZHN Symphonik Choir and this weekend we had two successful concerts. This week was full of events and rehearsals, that is why I didn’t post much. But here I am with a new look for you guys :).


For this look I used a mixture of vibrant colours that fall under the colour purple gradient. I called this look purple breeze because it’s like that lovely feeling you get when there is breeze in the midst of this hot summer. The colours themselves look vibrant and refreshing like a breeze.


  • For the inner corner of the eyes I used a vibrant yellow colour, then blended it with light purple pinkish eye-shadow on the middle of the lid.  (e.l.f marble palette)
  • Further on I applied a blueish purple and a navy blue colour on the crease.
  • The eye look is definitely not complete without a black eyeliner and mascara.
  • As for the lips I used the Nicky Minajr Viva glam and for the cheeks the e.l.f bronzer and M.A.C Sheertone blusher breezy.


Well guys I hope you like this look, if you do I would appreciate a like or comment down below :). Next week I promise to be more active and post more interesting posts for you guys, keep posted




It’s all about the Lips

One of Summer’s make-up trends is wearing very simple and neutral eye-shadow while having lovely bright, bold colored lips. It is however very important to be careful with regards to what colors should you choose. Pink and Red colours look great on all skin tones but there are various types of pinks and reds, so make sure you are picking the right colour.

  • For fair skin: coral reds or dark reds with pink undertones.
  • For medium or olive skin: pink and cranberry shades, and brick reds.
  • For dark skin: reds with burgundy or brown tones.

Matte lipsticks are pretty much in vogue nowadays. I haven’t seen a catwalk model wearing a glossy a lipstick. I love a matte lipstick, it looks gorgeous on the lips without showing too much. I used to be scared wearing red lips when I was younger because I had the idea of it not looking good on me or making me look older. If you chose the right colour, it won’t make you older, and it won’t look bad.

This summer is enabling us to be creative and colorful with make-up, so let’s enjoy this time and do the best we can with it. 🙂




Colourful Eyeliner – Make-up Look

Hey guys,

I hope you are having a great weekend so far. Today I am going to share with you another great look for this Summer. I’ve seen this look on the catwalk and even on photo-shoots, I love that make-up artists are experimenting with new techniques and colors. The eyeliner has also been transformed from the usual black winged eyeliner to a more colorful design. This look is very simple but yet effective. I wore this look for a bbq, but can be also worn for various occasions. However I do suggest you wear this look in the morning/afternoon, because the colors look great in full light.


For my look I used 2 colors, a nice teal blue with a dark purple. I still applied a black eyeliner underneath to outline my eyes. So that the eye-shadow stays put make sure you apply concealer or a primer.


For this look I used E.L.F 100 palette eye-shadows, and not colored eyeliners. I used the same eye-shadows on top and under my lower lashes.2

I do hope you like this look, if you have any questions please comment down below. 🙂

Thank you for following and keep posted for more




My Mini OPI Haul

Hey guys :),

So I have a tendency to obsess on different objects at different times. I find something which I am lacking of at the moment and but a lot of options. Recently I had an OPI nail laquer obsession, and bought a couple of products from e-bay.

The first thing I bought was the OPI nail envy for me and my sister, my sister nails were needing some serious treatment and she used my nail envy and fell in love with it. My nail envy is almost finished (thanks to my sister :p), so I bought one for her and one for me. So now she doesn’t have to borrow mine anymore.


I already reviewed this miracle worker before but as you can see I truly love it. At first I was skeptical because I tried many hardeners before and did nothing for my thin nails, and at first I wasn’t seeing any change. But then I saw miracles after a couple of weeks, my nails truly become harder and grew stronger. Unfortunately recently I went trough a stressful time and my nails become thinner and started chipping again. That means they need a dose of nail envy.20130711_224343

The second thing I bought is the cute Mini set of nail lacquers in neon colours. Being that nails aren’t in the best shape at the moment, I thought by buying this set will make me look more forward to get them in shape :). Also neon colors are very much in vogue nowadays, I personally don’t like them on clothes because I find neon can look a bit trashy. However I do like neon colors on my nails and some type of accessories, especially now in Summer. Can’t wait to try them out and review them for you :D.

That is all for now guys, keep posted for more reviews and interesting make-up looks coming up.




Fraulein 38 – Revitalizing Natural Cover Foundation

Hey guys,

I hope you are having a great Summer so far. I am starting to enjoy this summer and I’m truly loving being able to experiment with vibrant colours and make-up looks. I did a couple of nice looks about a week ago, but I was in such a hurry I didn’t manage to take any photo’s, but will definitely do them again so I can show them to you guys. So keep posted and I promise you guys I will do my best to post as much as I can.


As most of you already know from my previous posts, when I bought my favorite brushes from Fraulein, I thought I should try some of their other products, so I got the eye shadow palette and one of their foundations. The first thing I liked once I open the box is the nice bronze color packaging with the transparent tube. The pump is firm and easy to use and you can control how much product you want to use.



With regards to the foundation itself it gives a nice good coverage which can also be build-able. When I saw the colour on the tube I thought  “danm I must have picked the wrong colour”, it looked so much darker than my skin, but I was wrong, It blended perfectly onto my olive Mediterranean skin. I do find it to be as good as any drugstore brands foundations, and the liquid is quite tick compared to other drugstore brands with makes me quite satisfied. This goes will actually work on all skin types as it dries a little after you apply it, it is more targeted to dry and normal skin but i think even someone with an oily skin can use it but then add some powder over it. I do like how it looks on my skin and it is good for everyday use even on some chillax weekends but wouldn’t use it for a wedding for example.

This is my before an after :


If I remember well is retailed for about 16euros but I got it for 14euros, which is similar to the price of a drugstore brand. However at the moment they have a further reduction on these foundations, so do check it out on their website.

That is all for now guys, thank you for following




Subtle Pink – Make-up Look

Hey guys,

So about 2 weeks ago, I went to the Isle of MTV and I wore this pink make-up look, which I grew fond of. I have to admit I am not a pinky person when it comes to eye-shadows but in Summer I do like to experiment with colors.  So get ready for some colorful make-up looks :).


For this look I used 2 main palettes, the e.l.f 100 shades palette and the Fraulein 38. This is the list of products and step by step instructions:


  1. First I applied a thin layer of concealer using the Make up store covering cover all concealer.
  2. Then I used a matte white colour from the Fraulein neutral palette and applied it under my brows and on the inner corner of my lid.
  3. On the middle of my lid I used a bronze colour and blended it with a light pink colour.
  4. For the crease I used a brown colour and applied a vibrant pink on the inner corner of my eyes.
  5. Finally I applied the maybelline gel liner and Loreal Mascara.
  6. As for the lips I used the MAC Viva glam by Nicky and for the cheeks the Marbert pink blusher and elf bronzer st.lucia.



This look is perfect for a casual night out or a bbq or even lunch date. I do hope you like this look, keep posted for more and thank you for following.

Let me know in the Comment section if you would you wear this look. 🙂




Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

Hey guys,

Today I will review the waterproof Wet n Wild creme eyeliner that I bought a few months ago. It was super hard to find this eyeliner, because they don’t sell wet n wild here in Malta and I wanted it so bad. Especially after reading a lot of good reviews about this product. Many of the reviews mentioned this eyeliner to be as good as the mac gel eyeliner, if not ever better. I never tried the MAC gel eyeliner but might purchase it someday. As I already mentioned this eyeliner was super hard to find but managed to find someone that sold it on eBay.

(Sorry most of the pictures aren’t my own as I forgot to take pictures before I used the product.)

I have to admit I had high expectations about this eyeliner from the reviews I read, so when I tested it after a while, I was a little bit disappointed. Mind you, it is a good eyeliner, very creamy and little goes a long way but I still found it to smudge a little bit. However that happens with most eyeliners so I cannot be too picky, but it also fades after some time especially if you have oily skin. But If you a primer it lasts a good 6-8 hours which is pretty good for such a cheap eyeliner.

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner 2 Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner Swatches, Photos & Review

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner 3 Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner Swatches, Photos & Review

The packaging is overall OK, not a fan about the plastic as I find that the plastic makes the product dry faster. It comes with a nice small brush which allows to make a perfectly winged eyes, but the product dries on it very quickly so I have to wash it daily!



Overall it is a good eyeliner so I can’t complain but not super impressed by it, and I think is better than the E.L.F eyeliner. So as you can see I have mixed ideas about this eyeliner, I don’t think it’s bad but neither too good. If it didn’t smudge I would definitely love it, because it does stay for a long time and the black is very dark, just how I like it. But I cannot complain too much, after all it is quite a cheap eyeliner, abroad you might find it for 4 to 5 euros, but It did cost me more to get it to Malta but it was still worth it.

That’s all from me guys, have you tried this eyeliner?




Blogger Award

It seems that my blog is doing so well, that I am actually nominated for the Blogger Award by the lovely Jessica from Product Hoochie. You should really check her blog out, you can truly get some awesome reviews about new products. Thank you Jessica you made my day 🙂

1. Answer the questions asked by the blog who followed you.
2. Nominate up to 20 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
3. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

So let’s start:

1. Where in the world are you?

I am from a small island in Europe called Malta. It is a beautiful sunny country with beautiful beaches, greenery and great night life. 

2. How do your surroundings affect your beauty habits?

I think overall Maltese women care a lot about their image and do their best to look good. I have been brought up in a family with a majority of women and they all make sure they look their best when they head out. So as the youngest, I absorbed all the beauty secrets and have always made my best to look great which in the ends helps me feel great too.

3. What is your favorite thing to blog about?

I love it when I come up with a new make-up looks to blog about. I love doing reviews of products especially when I love the product, but there is nothing better than doing a post of a cool make-up look.

4. What is your favorite song of the moment?

I have to admit recently I have been obsessed with the voice of Tom Odell. I love the song Another Love and the lyrics speak to me directly right now.

5. What do you prefer, lipstick or lip gloss?

When I was younger I would definitely say lip-gloss but now that I am older I will have to say lipstick. All that gloss looks just silly on me right now.

6. What is one lesson you learned while blogging?

That you always have to keep your viewers interested that means blogging at least 4 times a week if not everyday.

7. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

NYC BABY 🙂 yeah It has been my dream since I was a little girl, so yeah I do hope to visit someday.

8. What super power do you wish you had?

I am in between 2 powers, to either stop time and be able to have more time for myself and to do as much things as I can or be able to be at any place with a simple click, like the movie jumper (but hopefully have no one trying to kill me).

9. What do you do to relax?

I either listen to music and sing my heart out or else watch a TV show /movie.

10. Do you enjoy watching television?

Not really, I used to love watching it when I was younger, than I discovered the internet. I can watch anything I want on my laptop without having to watch any boring commercials that never end.

11. Name one thing you can live without!

Negative people that constantly try to pull you down.

People I nominate:











So these are the questions you need to answer:

1. Tell me about the country, town or city your from?

2. What was the reason you started blogging?

3. What do you love to blog about the most?

4. What is your favorite make-up product?

5. Would you ever spend a whole week without ever using cosmetics?

6. Mention something that your followers do not know about you?

7. What is your favorite hobby?

8. Do you have a pet?

9. What is your favorite song of the moment?

10. What suggestions would you give to other bloggers?

11. Last but not least what inspired you to name your blog?

That’s all for me guys 🙂