Hair Pampering – Dean Gera Hair Care

This week, I was invited to have my hair treated and straightened at the new hair Salon by Dean Gera. I couldn’t possibly pass this by, so I eagerly went to get my hair pampered. Believe me my hair was craving for some pampering, as it was quite dull and it had no shape at all. I am very low maintenance during the week, but then I love to look great during weekend.

On that day I had this massive headache but thankfully I finished early from work, so I went straight to the Point shopping complex at Sliema for my hair appointment.  I was greeted by an old school friend of mine which currently works there as a hairdresser and after a few minutes I was in heaven under the hands of their professional hairdresser (which unfortunately I forgot the name of 🙁 ). The best thing of getting your hair professionally done apart from having gorgeous hair is the washing part. As she treated my hair to some of their Swarksoph products, she massaged my head for a few minutes and my headache just vanished.

Then I got treated to a nice blowdry and my hair  seriously never looked better. Being that my sister was a hairdresser, I learned a few tricks along the way and I know when a blowdry is done right or wrong, because it’s starts losing it’s shape and I have to say she did a great job. My hair still looked great the next day and it still smelled like I just came out of the Salon. I would seriously grab a piece of my hair and smell it.


I have to say the service was excellent , the salon is very chic and elegant, but once you sit on their fabulous comfy sofa/chairs you will feel like your at home. I highly recommend it, especially if your going for shopping spree and have no time to go to a hairdresser, now you have everything under one roof at the Point -2 level next to the Lovely Make Up Store in Sliema.




NYX – Girls Nail Polish – Forever 1989

Before I start with my review, I want to let you know, that I will be hosting an International Giveaway, only if I get 100 likes on Facebook. So please like my Facebook page on this Link :https://www.facebook.com/makeupbysj 🙂

Being that in Malta it’s currently freezing cold and raining, I thought of brightening your day with this lovely bright nail-polish colour by NYX. I simply love this nail polish not only for it’s gorgeous vibrant orange color but even for it’s own name Forever 1989, which is the year I was born in :D. On my first trial, the application went really smoothly and the color is just gorgeous, have I said that already? hehe probably.  Even if this colour would be more suitable in Summer, I really enjoyed wearing it, as not all oranges look good on my skin tone but this one does.



  • The quality of this polish is very consistent.
  • The brush is really good, I didn’t have any problems with the application.
  • I also love the formula because it’s not to thick that it will take ages to dry and not to runny.
  • It also doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to fully dry
  • This polish retails for only 4 euros, very cheap



  • The only negative thing I can think of, is that you need to apply 2 or 3 coats to have the full colour-effect but other than that there isn’t anything else which I don’t like.


Will I ever buy this product again? Definitely, but might try some other colours from their Girls Nail polish range :).

Do I recommend this product? Hell yeah 😛 especially to those born in 1989 😀 you have to have this.





MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette – Light

Hello guys,

I am finally starting to review some the MAC products I got recently when I went to London.  I have bought so many products before going to London and even from London that it is taking me a while to review you them all, but I love it. Apart from trying these great products I love telling you what I think about each product, it so much fun for me :D.


I wanted to start reviewing the products as if you were to apply them, being that I already reviewed the primer by MAC which you can view here, I will start with the Pro conceal and Correct Palette. When I went to the MAC  section at Selfriedges there was a huge crowd of people trying out mac products so it was kind of hard for me to shop and look around but thankfully I was a little prepared as to what I wanted.  Being that I never tried any MAC concealers I didn’t know what to get, but as I saw this palette I knew I had to have it.



  • Let’s start with the packaging, I simple love their sleek black packaging I feels very sturdy I don’t think there will any be a reason for breakage.
  • The concealers themselves are pretty good, even-thought they do not impress me much, the palette is perfect to cover minor imperfections or lighten some of the dark circles under the eyes.
  • It is not cakey, it gives a medium coverage but it is quite buildable.
  • It’s also great because it offers warm and cool shades and you can use the pink corrector to fox the warm shades of your fades.



  • I wished they had a little more coverage like the MAC pro long wear concealer
  • This palette is quite pricey as most of the other MAC  products is costs £35, even though I do think it’s worth the money because you have a lot of shades in one palette, I could suggest you go for something else.


 Will I ever buy this product again? I am not sure to be honest because I am a little bit hard to please :D, but I do like this palette not sure if I would go for it again because I would love for it to give more of a coverage.

Do I recommend it? I do recommend this palette because it’s a good concealer palette overall and you won’t be disappointing for sure.






Lorde – Royals – Make-up look

Hey guys,

Here I am again, with a new Make-up look for you guys :). Recently I have been obsessing over the song “Royals” by Lorde, and of course I couldn’t help but notice the simple yet original make-up look she is wearing on her music video. The overall make-up look is very simple, however the eye-shadow/ liner is quite unique. There’s something about it that is really edgy yet basic, which also reflects this cut-crease winged liner.



  • This looks is very basic, it all about application. I by using a primer and then used a matte white shadow under the brows and into the inner corner of the lid and I applied a beige colored shadow on the mid lid.
  • Then I started applying the winged eyeliner upward and onto the crease. The shape reminds me of a cat’s ears.
  • Finally I used a black eye-shadow and applied it on the liner and blended it out.
  • Last but not least I applied a dark black mascara.



  • Urban decay Potion primer Eden
  • Make up store white michroshadow
  • Urban decay Naked 2 palette – bootycall and blackout
  • NYX the curve eyeliner
  • Benefit – The’re real mascara



  • NARS – Laguna bronzer and Deep Throat blusher


  • Her lips are in a nude colour which is why I used the MAC creme cup lipstick


I hope you enjoyed this look, it was a lot of fun for me to do this look. If you do get to do this look please tag me, I love to see your takes on the looks I create :). Thank you for following and for reading my posts, feel free to comment, like or share






NYX – Slim Eye Pencils – in Black and Bronze Glitter

Hello beauties,

Today I thought if reviewing some other products I was given from NYX , one of which are these Slim eye pencils in Black and Bronze Glitter. I have to admit I am not much of a glittery person when it comes to eye pencils, I always seem to go for the matte ones, however it’s nice to have something different for a change. I have tried something similar back in the day, and they used to be quite rough on the eyes because of the glitters, but these liners are truly an exception, they applied very smoothly and gave impressive results.  I might actually try something fun with these too someday.




  • They have a wide selection of eye pencils and not just glitter ones like I have
  • They are super affordable they retail for about 3 to 4 euros if i’m not mistaken
  • The liners are very smooth and it applies well, without the need of having to apply several layers especially the black one.
  • Once applied it stays put, I never had any problems with fading however I would suggest using a concealer underneath especially for those that have oily lids.



  • The Bronze shimmer is slight less pigmented but it applies smoothly as well, it takes a couple of layers to achieve an opaque line.
  • It says you can even apply it on your brow, I highly suggest for you not to do so because of the glitter.  Nobody wants glittery eye-brows unless it’s for a fashion shoot or an artistic  make-up look.


Will I ever the this product again? Being that they since they are super cheap, I’m not expecting them to be the best pencils out there. I probably won’t purchase any more of the glitter pencils, but I would buy their regular Slim Pencils, which are great buys!

Do I recommend this product? If you like having shimmery liners than I would definitely recommend these particular liners, as they are cheap and good quality but if your not into the shimmery one buy the regular slim pencils, they’re great 🙂






NYX- Za Za Zu Mascara

Hello guys,

Since NYX opened in Malta I have been loving all of the products I bought and given. As I am always on the look for a new mascara to fall in love with and when I saw this mascara with its huge wand, I knew I had to have it  however it failed to impress :(. I really don’t like giving bad reviews about products but unfortunately this has to be one of them. I am always 100% honest in my reviews and if I don’t like a product I wouldn’t want others to waste their money on products that aren’t so good.




  • The mascara comes in a  nice black sleek packaging
  • I love the brush, it’s big and thick and I imagine with a good formula it will give gorgeous lashes.
  • A good way I found to use this mascara is as a primer, you apply it first to give it that slight thickness than apply another good mascara for the final result.



  • The formula just does nothing for me, it doesn’t give any me any sort of volume and it definitely doesn’t lengthen my lashes.
  • I have applied it with two coats and it like I didn’t apply any mascara at all, it just made my lashes a bit darker.
  • I also hate the nylon fibers in this formula it seems to be flaking off and it gets stuck in my eye.


Will I ever buy this product? I am sorry but definitely not, it just didn’t do it for me.

Do I recommend this product? I don’t, but I do recommend you try some of their other mascaras from NYX because I’m sure they do a better job.






20’s Gatsby’s – Make-up Look

Hello guys,

So finally I managed to do a new look for you guys :), I am pretty much in love with this look and I do believe this will be very much in vogue this winter. The 20’s were a lot about make up experimentation, new cosmetics where being created, so women loved to wear a lot of make-up. It was even encouraged for women to wear make-up to compete with men in the work force.1

That era was the only time in which you could get away with smokey eyes and dark red lips. I do believe the 20’s are back, I have been seeing women experiment with bold lipsticks and heavy eye-shadows, not only in fashion magazines but even on the streets of Malta.   Even-though I wouldn’t suggest this look to anyone because it can look too heavy on some people’s facial features, but if you think you have the features to pull this look off, go ahead and be adventurous :).



  • Back in the 20’s Kohl eyeliner was very famous so they used it pretty much all over their the eyes, both on the lid and even under the lower lashes. I started this look by using a good primer as base and started by applying a black color on my lid like applying tan eyeliner but moving up to my crease.
  • The eye-shadow was pretty messy back in the day so didn’t pay particular attention to how they applied it. I went for the same kind-of-messy smokey-eye look, but I evened it out with a silver color on the mid lid.
  • The brows where very bold and thin during that time, but I didn’t want to do any changes to my brows however I gave them more of a definition by using a creme eyeliner.
  • Finally I applied a quit messy darker eyeliner and mascara


  • Urban decay potion primer Eden
  • Urban decay Naked Palette 2 – Verve, Pistol and Blackout
  • NYX the curve- eyeliner
  • Benefit they’re real mascara



  • Women were very pale looking so I made sure to use a light foundation however they loved having rosy cheeks. So apart from contouring a I made sure to have similar rosy cheeks.


  • Nars Laguna and Mac breezy



  • 20’s lips had a particular shape called the Cupid’s bow which emphasises on the upper lip which said to resemble the bow of Cupid.Red and darker shaped were really in vogue during that time which is why I used two types of lipsticks one of which is red and the other is a dark voilet-red colour. The end result is like a blood red colour.


  • Mac ruby woo and a dark violet lipstick from an unknown brand.


Well that is all for now guys, I do hope you like this look :). If you do please feel free to comment down below, share and like, thank you for following and keep posted.

If you wish for me to do a particular look tutorial please leave a comment down below, would love to know what you would like to see on my blog.




Anatomicals – Stop cracking up – Lip Balm

Now that it’s getting colder everyday in Malta,  my lips are starting to get dryer even more. This is the time when I start stocking up with lip balms. I’ve been given this cool looking balm by Anatomicals and I am really impressed by the quality, that I’ve been using it everyday ever since.



  • It comes in a 15ml squeezy tube (for which I was worried that it might be too runny, but it isn’t at all) and all you need is a little amount.
  • The packaging is quirky and fun like all their Anatomical products, so colorful.
  • This balm itself makes my lips stop cracking and they leave my lips super soft, I see myself wearing this trough all the seasons.
  • It stays on for a long time. I tested it at work, since I work long hours and rarely find the chance to re-apply. I could still feel this on my lips, even after 4 hours! There was a day that my lips needed some extra help and thus I applied it before going to bed. Long story short, it was still on my lips the next morning. Amazing!
  • Even though it has a bit of a sticky residue, you can wipe it or remove it easily.
  • The scent is very nice I don’t know if it’s strawberry or cherry but something on those lines.
  • It contains, Vitamin E, sweet almond oil and beeswax to condition, soothe and soften.
  • Last but not least is very cheap it only retails for €3.50.



  • The only con which I can think of is that it is a bit on the sticky side. It is not the type of stickiness that would really bother you like certain glosses do because it is more on the creamy side. This is probably why it stays on so long


Will I ever buy it again? Definitely, I think it’s a must have this winter, I carry it in my handbag everyday.

 Do I recommend it? Of course, I suggest you buy it and start using it before your lips start cracking up badly, it will be such a relief. So go ahead and help those lips and buy it from their website : http://anatomicals.com.mt/product-category/lip-balms/ I might actually check out some of their other balms 😀






Events- New Coccinelle store in Malta

Hello Guys,

Recently a lot of great events have been going on lately but unfortunately I had to miss them because it was raining like crazy in Malta. I get sick very easily with change of temperature so I didn’t want to risk getting sick because it was extremely windy too. The two events I ended up missing is of the new Italian High-end, handbag shop called Coccinelle at Tower Road Sliema, and the launch of the new Premium Nail bar at Tigne point. Even though I missed the launch I was able to visit the store on a better day and I have to say it’s beautiful, not just the elegantly designed store but also the luxurious handbags it holds.  Even though I missed the event, some other fellow bloggers have made it to the Coccinelle event, and I thought of sharing the posts with you guys, enjoy 🙂

All thing’s fabulous:


Pocalocca’s blog:


Ask Dorrianne:


Lara’s Beaty Bible:






1 year blog Anniversary :D

Hello guys,

So it has been officially a year that I have been blogging on my old blog Make-up by Sarah-Jane and this blog altogether. It has been such an amazing journey, this blog that really helped me in a lot of ways and it has made me experience a lot of new things and enhance my artistic capabilities.

When I started this blog, I did it to find that feminine side of myself again which I had lost when I was studying to get my degree. I was spending a lot of days at home studying barely going out and no time to get pampered and take care of myself. So I started blogging about the things I loved and doing make-up looks as I used to do before my college days and it was a lot of fun. As people were very interested in my opinion of what products I used and my make-up artistry application, I started to love this even more. The beautiful thing about cosmetics is that they can make you feel, your worth a 100bucks, confident and pretty.

I love doing make-up not only on myself but also on others, because I can make everyone feel pretty and confident with some simple make-up tricks. Everyone should always feel beautiful, everyone should treat themselves as a prince or princess, as as we do that we feel better about ourselves and we can accomplish anything we want in our lives.

I will host a giveaway soon, but I need to do a little bit of shopping first :). My giveaway will contain some of the products I truly cannot live without, so keep posted and thank you for your support