NYX- The Ultimate Pearl Shadow – Bronze Pearl

Hello guys, Today I will review another product I got from NYX which is this Ultimate pearl shadow in Bronze Pearl . This eye-shadow is one from the vast selection of colours from this range. All seem to be very vibrant and have that pearl-like pigmentation that can make your eyes stand out. NYX  have been creating very good quality shadows for a while now and this pearl shadow definitely keeps up with the standard.


  • Very good Pigmentation, i love the texture of this shadow
  • I like the black sleek packaging with it’s transparent lid
  • It has a good amount of product so it will probably last me for long time
  • It is easy to blend and it is also buildable.
  • The price of this eye-shadow is about 5 euros which can be seen as a little pricey for some being that it’s a single eye-shadow, but as I said before it has a lot of product.



  • It is a little bit too glittery for my taste, some of you might like the glitter but for me it doesn’t do it.

Will I ever buy this product again? Well I’m not sure if i’ll buy the same colour but might purchase another one in a different colour.
Do I recommend it? I do recommend them especially if you like shimmery glittery shadows, but if you don’t check out some other great shadows which NYX have, they are worth every penny. For the Maltese they are available at Tower Road, Sliema.


Have you tried these shadows? give me your opinion down below 🙂 thank you for following, keep posted




Urban Decay – Naked 3 Palette?

Hello guys,

Sorry for being M.I.A lately buy I had a really tough and busy week, so It was really hard to find time for blogging. Enough about my crazy and busy life, but have you you heard the big news in the Make-up industry?

If you haven’t I am more than happy to tell you myself,  well it seems like that Urban Decay will be launched their Naked 3 palette. It seems like Urban Decay felt they needed to make a new Naked update. I am super curious to see what are the colours this new palette will provide. I am already in love with my Naked 2 palette, so I don’t imagine this will be of a disappointment.

So guys make sure to keep on the lookout, I will definitely let you know when they officially launch this new palette.




Morticia meets Corpse Bride – Halloween Make-up Look

Hey guys,

So I thought I’ll show you one last Halloween look I did on my sister. She originally was going for a Morticia Addams look but she really liked my artistic devil look, so she opted for something more artistic. I called this look Morticia meets Corpse Bride because being that my sister has some really big eyes, the way I defined them through make-up reminded me of the corpse bride.

I am not going to explain in detail how I did this look because it will take me a long time. But the images can really help you understand what colours I used and how I did it.


Face Base:

The most important thing for a look like this is to make the face look as pale looking as possible, I used some very light foundation and concealers and also tried to hide the eyebrows so that I can draw on them.



For the eyes I went for a dramatic red smokey eyes very similar to my devil look which you can view here. I used a lot of red on the lid and even under the eyes, it gives the impression that the person is either sick or dead. It is important to contour with some dark black color to give the eyes further depth. On one side of the face I drew a spider web using eyeliner. Unfortunately the result didn’t come as great as I wanted it to be because they liner wasn’t great but it was satisfactory.




For the cheeks I contoured the face with a very dark bronzer, the darker it is the lighter it makes the rest of the face look. I also used the mac breezy which is a reddish blusher.4


For the lips I used a mixture of matte and shimmery red and then I lined the lips with black eye-shadow.

Well I hope you like this make-up look , it was quite fun for me to do. I love doing artistic make-up, I feel like a true artist :). If you love this look please comment down below and feel free to share,