Coccinelle Event Competition – Spring/Summer Collection2015

Since they opened their shop here in Malta two years ago, they have organized this fun event where their clientele get the chance to win 3 beautiful handbags from their Spring / Summer collection of 2015. Last year they made 3 boxes and if you had the lucky key you get to win a bag. This year they gave really cute metal details and whoever had the matching detail to the bag, get’s to win one of their gorgeous handbags.


It is really nice of them to create such an event each year and I am grateful for being invited once again. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky  and I didn’t win any of their bags, but it gave me an opportunity to drool at their lovely bags.  If you are not aware of this handbag brand, they are designed in Italy using the finest materials and real leather. Their bags are upscale even price wise, but if you feel like spending money on good quality bag Coccinelle is the choice for you.  I simply love the shape, style, colours and their attention to detail which is seen in all of their handbags.


Go ahead and have a look at their new Spring Summer collection, you will find the shop in Tower Road, Sliema.






hope you enjoyed this post, wish you all a Happy Sunday  and keep posted for more reviews, events and make-up looks






Lifestyle change: Healthy life

Hello guys,

So this post is going to be a bit different from my usual posts, as I don’t usually post anything which is related to healthy living or body image. When it comes to my body image I tend to be very reserved and shy out from conversations. This is something which surprises a lot of people, as I always look very confident and at ease. The truth I’ve never been very confident in my body and always felt weird next to everyone else because of my height and built. I am about 5,8 and that is pretty tall for a Maltese, here in Malta the average height for women is about 5,5, which makes me above the average. Apart from feeling huge around women, I felt huge around guys, so I used to wear little to no heels so I don’t look abnormal. Nowadays I am very happy in my height and love to wear heels and simply don’t care if anyone is shorter than me, no offence :P.

However something which has taken over my life has always been my weight. As a typical Maltese, we eat a lot, I remember my mum forcing me to eat everything that was on the plate, and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be rewarded because I was not a good girl, and apparently every child in Africa was dying of hunger because of me.

As a child, I was a pretty skinny, yet taller than more girls but still skinny.  Everything changed until the age of 16, that was when my weight was starting to show, I was never huge but I was overweight. Yet I could hide all the fat pretty well, I still do. Thanks to my sisters, I learned to always look the best, it was always a way to hide what was really going on.

You must be thinking why am I telling you all this? Well recently I’ve been complemented on my appearance and that it shows I have improved drastically from when I started the blog. I did loose weight and I’ve become more active in my life. I also want to show you my human side for once that in the end we all have our struggles, it how we face them that makes us the person we are now.

Recently we are blessed (and cursed) with the information we are being given for free though internet, tv and social media. We are finally getting the right information about being healthy and about taking care of our bodies. I learned throught my life how my family has no idea how to live a healthy lifestyle and unfortunately for my parents it is too late for them to understand now. But I am young and I can learn and make better choices for my future.

Me 2 years ago at the start of my blog

Me 2 years ago at the start of my blog


me now

I don’t want to give the wrong impression that I lost weight to look better or whatsoever. I believe everyone should love themselves in whatever shape or size they are. I know skinny women wishing they were fuller and fuller women wishing they were skinnier. Yet I believe everyone should be healthy and take care of their body. There are many out there, who are not healthy and are still skinny, it doesn’t show but it get’s them sick anyways. Then there are others like me who aren’t healthy and it shows directly by getting fat. I’ve seen first hand how obesity can cost your life and that is something which no junk food or chocolate is worth more than that.

My diet:

All my life I tried all the diets you can think of, bought product as well in the hope that they make miracles, however nothing can. The toughest thing is changing your frame of mind. Whatever you’ve been thought all your life, trow it away.

1 . Change your frame of Mind

Losing weight is not about eating little, or cut off completely the things you love, but it’s all about having a balanced diet and get rid of things which are simply not good for you. The first thing which scared me is that I would be hungry and that I wouldn’t find food I like to eat. It’s not true, there is so much healthy food out there which will leave you satisfied and not feeling hungry at all.

2. Get rid of all the Sugary stuff

The only thing I cut of completely is sugary stuff, chocolate, cookies, cupcakes or whatsoever. Sugar is as bad as any drugs, it gets you addicted and it makes you want more and more until you cannot stop. So the best thing is to just say bye to it and let it go, believe me if you truly believe you are in control and that you really don’t need it in your life, you will live without it.  I have been addicted to chocolate most of my life, and I decided I am better of without it.

3. Eat whatever you want in moderation

Eat whatever you want, you might think I’m crazy but yes. I believe in limiting yourself to what you eat you will end up wanting it and more. You know what’s good for you and you know what’s bad, try to eat healthy foods as much as possible and then if you crave a slice of pizza go ahead just make sure it doesn’t get consistent. It is all about moderation, little portions and frequent meals.

Many do the wrong thing to starve themselves or eat the same thing everyday. There will be a breaking point where you just want to eat all the junk you can possibly think of. Something I also suggest don’t eat at any franchise shop,

1 you have no idea what you are actually eating and 2 all they care if making money from you and not your actual health. Choose take aways that sells good healthy stuff that is cooked right then and there. Ideally cook yourself, nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal and the good think about it, is that you know what you are actually putting in your body.

3 Exercise

I always thought exercise is for people which were born into sports and were cabable of doing it. Well it’s not obviously, it is for everyone at every size. The truth is I used to hate any sort of fitness, I love to play and dance however but other than that I wasn’t interested. Now I love going to the gym and running, it is my stress relieve and mood booster . I feel stronger and healthier and even happier.

4 Have a good support system

Ideally you take this journey on your own because I feel that is the only way you can truly succeed. Sometimes when we depend on others we tend to give up when that support is gone. Yet sometimes it is helpful to have someone that support you especially when you feel like giving up. At the moment my support system is my boyfriend, he helps me out especially when we eat out and tries not to tempt me with bad food, and that is very important for me.

That is all as for my lifestyle change and healthy suggestions. I hope you liked this post and found it useful, I wanted to share with you a different side to me and maybe inspire women out there to take care of your health.

If you would like more posts about this subject, feel free and comment down below

Lots of Love





Dermalogica – Skin Care – Review

Something I have been lacking throughout my life is a good skin regimen. I always made sure to clean my face and never sleep with make-up on. Yet I never took too much care of my skin, I always forgot to put the moisturizer on, unless my skin felt dry or scrub my face for at least once a week. Also I never had treated myself to a good facial until recently. After the new year I decided to splurge a bit on myself and went for a nice facial at a local beautician, who’s shop is called Belle Image. The facial was amazing, my skin was shouting with joy as it became very soft and got rid of the dirt which must have been hidden inside my skin.


Like most beauticians if they are linked to a particular product, they will do anything to sell it to you. If  your like me you cannot afford to buy expensive products, be strong and refuse. Yet if you want to spoil yourself with some good products, try dermalogica.  When I bought these products my heart sank, as they are ridiculously expensive from my point of view (yes I am aggressively honest) However I can say that from the few months I’ve been using their products, they are definitely worth it.  My skin has improved a lot I don’t have as much blackheads as I used to,  and it’s softer and healthier.

So far I’ve bought the Scrub, moisturizer, toner, eye cream, and Make up remover. Keep on reading for a further opinion on each product:


Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover:  This is a pretty decent make-up remover, It is not as expensive as the other products but still pricier than other make-up removers. I got this for free with the moisturizer, I’ve tried it a couple of times, it is pretty good however if I had to buy it again, I don’t think I would repurchase. Not because it’s a bad make-up remover but because I can buy a cheaper make-up remover which does the same job just right.



Age Smart Multivitamin Thermofoliant Scrub: Now this is one hell of a scrub, I simply love it. Usally with scrubs they either fall off my face or are not effective enough. The moisture is thick and once you apply it doesn’t fall off and it gives you the liberty to scrub the face very well. Then you get this warm feeling, which let’s you know that it is doing something to our skin. My face feel super soft right after and I could see that it took most of the dirt of my face. It is pretty pricey but it’s worth every penny.


Multi Active Toner: I quite like this toner, it is not alcohol based and you can also spray it on your make-up apparently to keep it fresh. I’ve never applies it on my make-up but I always apply it after I cleanse my face. The only annoying part of this toner is the packaging, the nozzle is pretty annoying as you cannot spray multiple times you need to wait for the air to pump it back up.  Other than that it’s pretty good.



Active Moist Moisturizer: I simply love this moisturizer not only it keeps my face hydrated it doesn’t leave my face oily one bit. Another good thing about it is that you don’t bee a ton of product to cover the whole face, it spreads heavenly. I always end up with more product out than I need as I am used to other products. It is a bit pricey yet as the scrub its worth every penny.


Intensive Eye Repair : I am lazy hen it comes to eye cream which is why without any make up, I have the worst black eyes. Yet with this eye cream, miracles happened I don’t have black eyes as I used to. I don’t look like a panda without make-up anymore :P. 

Those are all of the product which I purchased from Dermalogica, if I do purchase more products I will let you know what my opinion is. I do have to say that they are pretty good they have improved my skin even if I am quite reckless.

If you have tried or use Dermalogica I would love your opinion, feel free to comment down below

lot’s of love





Rabbit Club Malta-Calender Photoshoot

Hello guys,

Last week I was begged to help as a Make-Up artists for the Rabbit Calendar photo-shoot. Of course I didn’t do any make-up on the Rabbits themselves 😛 but I did however do Make-Up on two beautiful women named Svetlana and Miriam. Being that today is mothers day I felt it appropriate to post the photos today being that they are mother and daughter. I was very pleased to do their make-up not only because I love what I do but because they appreciated my work and gave me a lot of positive remarks.

I wish to wish all the Mothers out there a Happy Mothers day, may your daily sacrificed be appreciated and celeberated :D.

Now as for the photo-shoot, the Rabbit Club do an annual Calender shoot were they exhibit their beautiful rabbits which natural gorgeous models. I was asked by the Rabbit club committee to do a very natural make-up look, however being that it’s spring and almost summer I wanted to give that vibe by adding a bit of colour onto the lips. The final photos with the rabbits will be posted at the end of this year however in the meantime I have some beauty shots for the Make-Up I did.


Having beautiful facial feuturs and big eyes to work on I decided to make it a bit heavier than most common natural make-up because on camera it would barely show she has make-up on. I still used natural bronze colours on the eyes, using gold and brown shadows and a thin eyeliner. Then I applied a nice pink shade on the lips. This is not a natural look for an evening out but it is when it is for a photoshoot. I have tested make-up on camera and have learned a lot along the way.




Before I explain the look, Miriam is on her 50’s and she is simply stunning for her age. I truly wish I look as good as she does at her age.  Make up on a more mature women should be as lighter as possible, using lighter foundation and lighter colours. When you apply heavy a darker shade of foundation or eye-shadows on a mature women, it might make her look older than she is, and we definitely don’t want that. I used similar colours as Svetlana but made sure to use less product. Finally being that Miriam has beautiful pouty lips I applied a nice light pink shade and Voilaa.



Products Used:

  • MAC Face Primer
  • Vichy Dermablend foundation 15 and 25
  • Urban Decay Eden Eyshadow primer
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette
  • Wjcon Duo Blush N Bronzer – Chicago Symphony
  • Make Up Revolution Eyeliner
  • Benefit Mascara
  • Wjcon lipstick Pure Colour 405
  • MAC Viva Glam by Nicky Minaj

Well I hope you like my work, if you do please like my facebook page, feel free to comment and follow me on social media,

Lots of Love and Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers and those women which have been mothers to people in need, may you feel beautiful and loved on this day 🙂




Rihanna Inspired – Make Up Look

Hello Beauties,

The beauty of Make-Up is that you can always create something different. I find that Make-Up is pretty much like choosing what to wear, if you are feeling girly, you wear something girly. If you feel like being bold you wear the most crazy outfit you have, and make-up matches that feeling or look. So my muse last Saturday was Rihanna, I like how she wears little of no make-up on her eyes and then she wears the most bold lipstick colours, a dark red or even black as you will see in the image below.

Inspiration Look

Inspiration Look


As you can see in the image, the eyes are very natural while the lips are in a bold black lipstick. I didn’t want to wear a black lipstick as I would probably shock some people here in Malta :P, even though I have a similar shade of lipstick in reality. Instead I wore  very dark Purple colour by ArtDeco.

Then for the eyes, I kept it as natural as possible yet I went for a very similar bronzy shade to as what Riri is wearing. Please note that me and Rihanna have a very different skin colour so the shadow will definitely look different on me. After applying the eyeshadow I made sure to apply a very thin liner.

Something I like about her Make-Up is that she does little or no liner and then she tops it up with mascara, and her eyes look simply flawless and the lashes bigger than ever, when in reality they probably aren’t as big. When you apply a thick liner there is a big chance that you lashes wont be as visible or as long as they probably are. I honestly doubt if she had any fake lashes on in this look, if so they are probably a few individual ones.


  • NYX Box of eyeshadows
  • Make Up Store – Satin and White MicroShadows
  • Make Up Revolution – Waterproof eyeliner
  • IT style Extreme Volume Mascara
  • Biodroga Lipstick -Baden 72
  • Make Up Revolution – Powder -Warm
  • MAC – DollyMixRiri1
  • Riri3

That’s all for this look guys, I hope you liked it and If you try this look do tag me in your post :). Feel free to like and share this post with your friends and family and would love yo get to know what you think about my look, wish you all a beautiful week


Sarah Jane