Sultry Purple – Make-Up Look

Hello Everyone,

A few months ago I posted this picture of myself on Instagram, this was me all dolled up before a wedding I attended with my boyfriend. I haven’t had many weddings this year, and it was a lovely opportunity to look and feel my best. The dress I wore was a simple but yet lovely purple dress, which got me inspired to do this look.  Everyone I know loved this look, and my new colleagues being  still unaware that I am an artist myself, thought I went to a professional make-up artist. I was however very flattered as it means I did a good job 🙂 2

  •  The eyes are the main focus of this look. I wanted to create a nice sultry smokey eyes, but still having a soft feel to it all.  Make up can entice you, but it can also put you off especially when it’s not done the right way.
  • I made sure that the inner corner of the eyes where a light colour, then mixed a couple of purple and violet shades together to create a nice mid tone colour. Finishing off with a deeper purple colour and black shadow and blend it all with a brown shadow in between the crease and the brow bone.
  • Of course a nicely done winged eyeliner, some mascara and fake lashes will complete the eyes.
  • For the lips I used a nude pink tone lip liner and lipstick and as for the cheeks a peachy toned blusher does wonders with a purple look.


  • Make up revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kiko Milano Colour Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101 Coral Burgandy
  • Kiko Milano Eyeliner
  • Essence I <3 Extreme Volume Mascara
  • Wjcon Lip Liner 03 Rosa Antico
  • Make Up Store Trip Lipstick
  • Make Up Revolution

Well hope you like this look, I will start posting some product reviews and more make up looks for you guys.

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Lots of Love




Ok guys the wait is over, I am officially back 🙂


(I thought I should post a picture of myself, in case you are wondering how I look like 😛 I am recently loving myself with shorter hair thought it has gotten longer again)

I think its about time that I start blogging one of my passions which is beauty and Make-up. Even-though I haven’t posted anything in here in a long time, I tried my best to keep you updated on Facebook.

Many exciting things happened recently, I changed Jobs, I had my Make-up on the Cover of Maltese Magazine called First and I finally got my dream desk and storage.

As you can expect when changing jobs it was really difficult, I was used to my previous job and was scared of change. But I knew I wouldn’t grow in that company and I was ready to take a new challenge.  Now I am very happy of the change and I am doing better than ever. Yet until I settled in, it was though and it took a toll on everything my life and even my blog.

Next was having my work on the Cover of First Magazine Malta. It was a pleasure working with such a talented artist Federico Peltretti, he truly has an eye for detail and it was great working with him. The model Romana Sramkova was simply amazing, she was giving great poses each time and as you can see from the photos she did an awesome job. The look was having smokey green eyes that gave the aquamarine feeling,  then at time she wore nude lips and at times she had pink lips depends on the outfit she was wearing. I will post all the Pictures on the Portfolio page



Then one last Exciting thing was buying my new Ikea desk with storage. I was planning on getting the desk for a long time, I simply needed the storage and had no space where to place my make up. I used to have a normal desk with 2 3 drawer pedestals to contain all my stuff, and believe me it wasn’t enough. Now I finally have my dream desk with a lot of drawers and space to contain all of my make up 🙂 If you want to see what’s in the drawers let me know so that I give you a small tour.


I still have more things to do but unfortunately they have to wait until January as I will be spending some money abroad 😀

That is all for now, I am hoping to start doing reviews again and let you know what has been going on in my beauty life