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Hi Everyone and Welcome to my Blog

I am Sarah-Jane Vella a 3d and Interior Design graduate from Malta, with a passion for beauty, make-up and fashion. Having a background in design, I was able to enhance my Make-up artistry skills but also to understand further the cosmetic world. I have been in love with make-up since I was a teenager and thanks to this blog, I am taking it to a whole new other level.


On a more personal side, I have been brought up in a family full of women, which has definitely effected my upbringing to love make-up, fashion and everything girly. I always loved applying make-up both on myself and on friends and family, not only because I love making others feel pretty but also because I get to be creative through make-up. The human face is my blank canvas.

Over the years I have become very obsessed with beauty products and love to give my honest opinion to my readers. I believe it is a great way  for people to get to know what’s out there and what will work for them. Apart from cosmetics I have an undeniably love for fashion even though I love keep myself updated with the latest looks, I do my best to come up with something new myself. Other than that I also love Photography, Movies, Music, Singing and Travelling.

I will post about my inspirations, make up trends and styles, make up looks and buys, fashions trends and more.

I do hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment 🙂



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