Pupa Milano- Professionals B.B Cream + Primer from Combination to Oily Skin

Hello guys,

So Today I want to talk about BB Creams and also the new BB cream I have been testing out by Pupa Milano. As you might have read these creams have made their European debut in 2011, after a huge success in the Asian market.

The reason behind BB creamed is to offer mosturisation, SPF protection and sheer coverage by also having a soothing and healing properties. Apart from that BB creams are designed to go one step further, by having properties to even regenerate your skin. A fun fact is that these were originally created by dermatologists for patients who had gone through laser skin surgery. The idea is that they actually provide genuine benefits for the skin, as well as providing enough coverage to be used as either a foundation or a primer, depending upon your preference.


I am going to be very honest, I rarely use BB creams because I feel that they are used by people with really good skin and have a few areas to cover. Yet this product proved me wrong. I was lucky to get this Product thanks to Pupa Milano in Malta and since my skin is combination with an oily T zone, I chose to have the one for combination and oily skin in 001.


After trying a couple of BB Creams in my lifetime, I have to say that this is the best I have ever tried so far. Even-though it should have a light coverage, it did cover most of my redness and dark circles which is pretty impressive. It feels very light on my skin and it is absorbed easily. Another thing I noticed is that my forehead it gets less oily throughout the day, and it stay on perfectly. What amazed me, is since I tend to sneeze a lot,  most foundations tend to vanish and I always need to powder  it out, but with this cream it remained intact and I didn’t need to retouch it.


Overall I am really happy with this BB Cream, it moisturizes and protects my skin, it covers pretty well, it stays on for a good time, gives a nice healthy glow and it also has a soft perfume which I like a lot. Pupa never fails to impress me, they have a really high quality range and it only costs 15.95 euros, pretty decent right 😀

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Makeup Revolution- Liquid Eyeliners

Hello guys,

Finally I am have my blogging muse once again and I will start doing reviews of some of my favorite and even least favorite beauty products.

Today I want to talk about 2 of my favorite liquid eyeliner by Make-up revolution, the “Amazing Eyeliner in black” and waterproof and the “Awesome Eyliner felt and Kohl”.


I have to say that these are the best eyeliners that you shall find, at this ridiculous cheap price. There are definitely other good eyeliners in the market but I haven’t encountered good ones that are this cheap, cause for sure they all cost more than 6 euros minimum.  The “Amazing” liner costs 1.50 sterling (approx 2:50euros)while the “Awesome” liner is 3.50(approx 5 euros).


From their names you can realize that they were not kidding when they named these liners “Awesome” and “Amazing“, cause they are indeed. My favorite is the waterproof version of amazing cause it doesn’t smudge and it stays put a whole day. I also love the thin brush, as it give you the ability to draw at any thickness you need. But it is also slightly firm, especially for those that find it tough to apply eyeliner. Another good factor is that it will last you for a good 3 months, if you apply eyeliner often, it might even last you longer.


Then the Awesome liner is a perfect eyeliner for when you are on the go and you feel kinda lazy to be painting the Mona liza a winged liner.  It has 2 felt pens one is thin and the other is thicker for when you want to be a little bit more adventurous. The only downer is that it isn’t waterproof, so if by any chance you decide to touch it, it will transfer. But if it doesn’t rain and you are not watching the Notebook, you don’t have to worry about your eyeliner. It will remain intact.

Overall I am pretty pleased with these liners, I use them everyday for work. I love how easy I can create any shape and thicknesses with both liners, but my fav has to be the Amazing liner. Also that it is a very dark black colour, cause some liners to be a charcoal grey rather than an actual black. Of course you can find these beauties at their own website, and I suggest you to stock these as much as you can 😀


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Dot Collection – Miss Pupa Ultra Bright lipstick in 004

Hello guys,

As you must have seen in my Facebook page, Pupa Milano in Malta has given me some products to test out and one of the products was from their latest Sprint and Summer Collection called Dot shock. The collection is inspired from the 30’s polka dots, in which resembles summer back in the day. I remember seeing some Vintage 30’s dresses with red or blue with white polka dots. I always love me some polka dots 😀

Spring - Summer Collection 2016

The item I got is the gorgeous lipstick called Miss Pupa -Ultra bright lipstick in the shade 004. Like all their other products the packaging is simply superb, very sleep and stylish. It gives me the impression to be a very high end product. The 004 is the darkest shade of the bunch, a coral shade with a red tone, called Fancy Coral. It is smooth and creamy, and it looks like wearing a lip gloss but thankfully it is not sticky as they usually are. Which means your boyfriend wouldn’t be so bothered kissing you 😀 now that’s a plus.


After testing this beauty a few times, I say that it also make my lips look more pouty than most creamy lipsticks (Jolie, Watch out 😛 ). Apart form that, I can vouch that It made my lips softer. I do think it has a moisturizing effect on my lips, cause even when I removed it, it left my lips quite soft and it doesn’t crease.


The only downer is that if you eat or drink (like normal person would, not Kardashian style) it wont last long, however Pupa never mentions or advertised that it is long lasting. Other than that I really love this lipstick and its wet look, it reminds me that summer is near, and a bunch of bbq’s and days by the beach are on the way :D.


This beauty costs for 13.50 which is pretty decent for such a lipstick and you can find it available in most pharmacies and perfumeries. I do suggest you check their facebook page for more info.

P.S This lipstick is also dermatologist tested with an SPF15 and paraben free

I hope you all liked this review, and keep posted for more




Fun times at the Artisan Market


Hello Guys,

I do hope you had a fun weekend that made Monday less tough to wake-up to. Yesterday, after a lot of nagging from my boyfriend we went to the Artisan Market in Fort St.Elmo, and I enjoyed it. Not that I don’t usually like Markets, but most of time there are the same things I’ve already seen over and over again. However this time it was different as new entrepreneurs are coming with creative ideas.


The first set-up which struck me the most is the Undressed brand, which consists of artisan sugar scrubs using natural ingredients for hand and body. I really liked their initiative of having people try their products right there and then. Cause when you get to try a product, and you test it out, if it’s right, it will win you over.


Their products definitely won me over, especially their Oatmeal and Coconut Scrub which I shall review in another post. They have a variety of scrubs and all are used for different reasons. Some to treat certain issues and other to relax and stimulate your body. I do suggest that you visit and like their facebook and keep yourself updated with their products.


Another set-up which I particularly loved, was the Patches and Bonnets Vintage inspired Jewelry. The style of Jewelry is a mixture of Victorian with a touch of modern patterns and cartoon imagery. I really loved the cute little books, and floral patterns and all the other tins trinkets she manages to come up with. All of which is handmade using both new and recycled material. I also got myself a cute necklace and some funky earrings which are ideal for a casual night out.


You shall find more information on where to find these cute pieces of handmade jewelry on the her facebook page.

Show some love to Maltese talent and check them out. In the meantime here’s what this curvy blogger was wearing for a Saturday night out. 😀





Hope you enjoyed this post,  lots of love




MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick – Review

Hello there,

It is finally Spring 😀 My fave time of they year and what better way to start spring than to try out new lipstick shades. As you all know, I have quite the MAC lipstick crush, I just love every lipstick from MAC. It partly their fault for making fabulous lipstick colours, that have the best quality pigmentation. Till now I have about 20 lispticks but I am pretty sure the collection will grow.

To make it worse they have finally opened their stores in Malta AHHHHHHHH 😀 That was my inside voice screaming with happiness. I still haven’t visited their stored yet, deep down I really really want to but I have other priorities at this moment that need me to save up some money. So I will be a good girl, till the right time come 0:)

Candy Yum Yum3

One of the latest addition to the MAC family is the Candy Yum Yum bright Pink lipstick. This might be the brightest and most shocking pink lipstick I own, which might scare a couple of people from actually wearing it. But if you have seen my make-up looks you know I am not scared of being bold and edgy with my make-up. I have to admit this shade is not ideal for Fall or winter, but since spring is here let’s rock some bright shades.Candy Yum Yum1
The packaging is sleek and bullet shaped as all of their other lipsticks. As for the texture even if its matte, it is on the creamier side especially next to my ruby woo.  The lipstick stays on, like forever, and applies like a dream. For some this might be a bit pricey to afford, but it’s worth all the money, once you try them you will agree.

Candy Yum Yum2

• Beautiful sleek black packaging as all other MAC lipsticks
• Creamy texture
• Long lasting between 5-7 hours
• Worth every penny

• Nada , nothing

Will I ever buy this product again? I probably will, I think it’s nice to have it in my collection, so if I ever run out, will purchase again

Do I recommend it? Definitely, it’s of the highest quality lipstick and the colour is yummy as candy 😀

Rating: 5/5

Would love to hear from your opinion, if you ever tried this product


Sarah-Jane Vella


I <3 Make Up - You're Gorgeous Palette by Make up Revolution

Hi there,

A while ago I did a bit of a shopping spree on the Make Up Revolution Website, and at that time they has this offer that with every buy that was over a certain amount ( which I do not remember) they gave out this palette with 2 of the Wow lip-glosses.


Images from the Make up Revolution Website

I am so glad they gave me this palette as it truly is my go to palette for everyday and much more. I wish to apologize that I don’t have any original pictures as mine is not in it’s prime shape as I used this palette frequently/

In the upper section of the palette you will find a variety of  10 matte natural colours, which include cream, browns and black. I simply love the matte colours, they  apply nicely and are perfect for everyday make-up.  Then below there are about 22 smaller, various shimmery colours from light to dark. I have to admit I am not really a fan of the shimmery shades, I find them a bit flaky and shed more than the others. But overall they are still a nice addition to the palette.


  • Very nice black packaging
  •  The matte shadows are simply a must have
  •  It has all the colours you would need for everyday and even evening look
  • Ideal for travelling (I took this palette with me when I traveled to Italy and it was more than enough)
  • Very cheap and worth every penny

• Not a big fan of the shimmer shades

Will I ever buy this product again? I probably will, I love using it for eveyday.

Do I recommend it? Definitely, I think it’s a must have especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Rating: 4/5

Would love to hear from your opinion, if you ever tried this product

Lots of Love



Melita Beauty Night out – Event

On Woman’s day I had the privilege to be invited for a ladies night out at the Melita Health and Beauty Salon in St.Julians. It has been a while since I attended a beauty event but this sounded like a good excuse to be with my blogging ladies again.


This is the only not so crappy picture that I took

Melita have organised this event for us to mingle but also to check out all of the the products they offer which include a variety of Make- up, perfumes, Skin products and even Health products.

What I liked about Melita is that is that they stock anything you need when it comes to beauty. Including a variety Make up brands from the most known like Loreal, revlon, Make up studio, to even new brands like Sleek and Stefania D’Alessandro Make-up. I loved that they also had the real techniques brushes as I rarely see them in any Maltese store.

Overall it was a fun even and I wish to thank them for inviting and for the nice good bag we were given. If you are in the area, check their store out.

With Martina from All things Fabulous <3

With Martina from All things Fabulous <3


Beyonce – Hyms for the Weekend Make- Up look

Hello guyss,

I am so excited to do this Post, as most of you probably know, I am a HUGE Beyonce fan. When I saw this beautiful video of her with Coldplay, I was in love. I never thought that Chris Martin voice would match Beyonce’s  but it did, and it was a beautiful collaboration. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here.

The video was filmed in India and Beyonce looked every inch of an Indian Goddess. The Make-up is very Indian inspired but quite subtle with a Beyonce touch.


This is the look I simply love, they eye look is very simple bronze look which can be created easily with any natural coloured palettes especially the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. But what intrigued me the most is that beautiful purple/grey/brown toned lipstick. I haven’t seen a colour quite like it, and it looks really good on her.

Interesting Fact:

Something that is very interesting about Beyonce’s Make up artist Sir Jon, he barely uses any eyeliner on Beyonce herself. I also read that he is also very much against fake lashes, he finds them tacky and while they can be attractive to the eyes they can also be very distracting. I have to agree and you can see that this look you barely see any eyeliner nor even fake lashes. Instead he uses eyeshadow.



How to create this look:


Base: Being that Beyonce is Afro-american and she has a beautiful caramel skin, I used a darker shadow of foundation throughout but still used a lighter shade on my T zone (under my eyes, nose and mid forehead). Made sure to contour with a darker shade bronzer.

Eyes: The eyes are pretty simple, in which I used the Naked 2 palette. First I applied a primer and shaped my eyes which a light brown shadow. Her eyebrows are quite light, compared to my almost black eyebrows.  Then I applied the Suspect

colour almost all over my lid, leaving the inner corner. Then I applied the Half baked golden colour in the middle of the lid, this gives a bit of definition to the look. Finally,as you can see in the imaged, she doesn’t have any eyeliner but she does have a dark shade around the eye. So I used a dark brown pensil and applied it thinly on the lid and under the eyes. Some mascara and Voila your ready.b3

Lips and cheeks: What pisses me off is that I do not havethis shade of lipstick in my life, but not all is lost :). Instead I mixed a couple of lipstick shades together and magic happened. The lipstick has grey, purple and brown tones. Being that I don’t have any grey lipstick I used a black shade that I bought from Make up revolution Black heart and a brown lipliner I got from glossip and magic happened. Even though it’s not exact but it is very similar. As for the cheeks I used a light shade of pink to blend in with the bronzer and last but not least some highlighting on the nose, cheeks and forehead. 

I do hope you love this look as much as I do, it was a lot of fun doing it for you guys. Please do not forger to subsribe to my blog, like my Facebook page and show some love 😀






Beauty Brands to Look for when in Italy

Hello guys,

Sorry not posting at all last year, due to the changes in my life it was really hard to make time for blogging. I still have a passion for Make-up and beauty as you will see in my instagram and facebook posts but last year I was focused on my new job and my health. This year won’t be any different but when I have something interesting to post about I will make sure to keep you updated.

Recently I have been lucky to go on a Mini-holiday to Italy mainly to 2 beautiful cities – Bologna and Firenze. I simply loved walking around, gazing at their beautiful piazzas and visiting some of their massive churches and interesting museums. Nonetheless they are also great for shopping. The best place for shopping out of the 2 cities has to be Bologna, not that Firenze lacks any shops, but in bologna it was much to find shops as they were all close to each other. Our hotel was close to the train station and about 15 mins walk to the main Piazza Maggiore, and as you walk on by, you find all the shops next to each other. M.A.C was next to Kiko, then Wjcon was just in front of these 2 it was really heaven. I feel a bit bad for my boyfriend that had to come with me in all of these shops hehe.


So here is a list of beauty brands you should check out when in Italy that might not be available in every country:

Kiko Milano

I cannot recall the first time I heard about this Italian brand, not sure if it was an Italian client that wanted to use her Kiko Mascara instead of what I had. Or my ex colleague that had been buying their when we lived in Italy because they were very affordable and very good. What I can say is that after 2 years of trying our their products, the rumours are true, they are simply amazing. Not to forget how affordable they are compared to other make-up brands.

In Malta we  are not lucky enough to have their store yet, though after MAC opening it’s stores in Malta, I have a feeling that won’t be for too long. Yet you can still get your hands on them online should you wish, they do delivery to many countries but I am not sure if it is worldwide. However if you plan to visit Italy, check it out. You will find a store in every city in Italy and they have some pretty good discounts at the moment.


Is another popular brand in Italy and it is pretty similar to Kiko when it comes to quality, price and style. Being so similar I always tend to choose Kiko out of the two, but I do think that they have some good stuff. I’ve had some of their products, like their blusher and eye-shadow which are quite good and I still use them to this day. I am not to fond of their foundations but the compact ones are pretty decent. I haven’t had a good experience at their Malta store in Birkirkara so I wasn’t to excited to go to one in bologna, but I do think you should still visit their store and see what you like best.


This brand is totally new to me, but when I saw their lovely store in bologna I felt that I should check it out. The first thing that came to mind was “these products are so cheap”. I didn’t know what to buy, but then I thought to myself: What is my make-up collection lacking? and then it was pretty easy. So I bought a bunch of lip liners, their long lasting lip gloss and mascara. I have 2 lip liners that were about 1.50 each and the other approx 2.50,  and I also got the mascara discounted for 4.50. They all seem to be of a very good quality and worth every penny. This brand is only available in Italy and even online delivery is only restricted to the Italian regions. I feel bad I didn’t buy more products from there 🙁 … oh well

Douglas Perfumery

I have encountered this perfumery in Mestre last year, they have a variety of perfumes, Make-up and beauty products from the high luxury like Gucci, prada, shisheido and to italian and international drugstore brands like Loreal, Pupa Milano and even Deborah. They also have their own Douglas perfumes, skin care and even make-up. Their Make-up is looks nice and are very reasonably priced, similar to most drugstore cosmetics. I got their ‘Favorite’ eye shadow palette, which is very similar to the Naked palette and some hand creams and shower gels at very good prices. Recently due to the January Sale they have good offers with cute packaging, ideal to give as gifts or to pamper yourself. Definitely a store worth visiting and it is a chain found only in Italy.

Bottega Verde

Bottega Verde has been a quite a synonymous brand that I have heard of but never really had the time or oportunity to get to know why, until I visited their store recently. They have a variety of skin and body products from shower gels, lotions and even make-up. Yet what I loved the most is their liquid soaps. I seriously haven’t smelled anything like their products anywhere else, and I have heard great remarks from my sister, so of course I had to get my hands on them. In Malta this brand is available, there is a shop in Hamrun and some pharmacies in Valletta. But being that it might not be available in every country, you should pay a visit when you’re in Italy.

Other Non Italian Brands:

At the OVS clothes store in Bologna, they had a beauty section which included Wet N Whild, Ardell Lashes and even the Real techniques brushes. Being that these brands are not available in Malta, it was nice to get the chance to try and see their products in real life.

There is also M.A.C which needs no introduction is probably available around the world, but if you don’t have it in your country you will find a store in Italy for sure.

Sephora is also found easily like M.A.C, they have some of my favorite brands like Benefit, Urban Decay and much more. I was really tempted to buy the new Gwen Stefani palette but let’s say I didn’t have the budget to splurge that much.  Maybe another time 🙂

That concludes this post, I hope you enjoyed it and if you plan to visit Italy anytime soon make sure to visit these stores. All of which are good value for money and quite affordable. I do plan to do a post on all of the products I bought and give you my honest opinion as always.

Lots of love and a

Happy New Year





Sultry Purple – Make-Up Look

Hello Everyone,

A few months ago I posted this picture of myself on Instagram, this was me all dolled up before a wedding I attended with my boyfriend. I haven’t had many weddings this year, and it was a lovely opportunity to look and feel my best. The dress I wore was a simple but yet lovely purple dress, which got me inspired to do this look.  Everyone I know loved this look, and my new colleagues being  still unaware that I am an artist myself, thought I went to a professional make-up artist. I was however very flattered as it means I did a good job 🙂 2

  •  The eyes are the main focus of this look. I wanted to create a nice sultry smokey eyes, but still having a soft feel to it all.  Make up can entice you, but it can also put you off especially when it’s not done the right way.
  • I made sure that the inner corner of the eyes where a light colour, then mixed a couple of purple and violet shades together to create a nice mid tone colour. Finishing off with a deeper purple colour and black shadow and blend it all with a brown shadow in between the crease and the brow bone.
  • Of course a nicely done winged eyeliner, some mascara and fake lashes will complete the eyes.
  • For the lips I used a nude pink tone lip liner and lipstick and as for the cheeks a peachy toned blusher does wonders with a purple look.


  • Make up revolution Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kiko Milano Colour Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101 Coral Burgandy
  • Kiko Milano Eyeliner
  • Essence I <3 Extreme Volume Mascara
  • Wjcon Lip Liner 03 Rosa Antico
  • Make Up Store Trip Lipstick
  • Make Up Revolution

Well hope you like this look, I will start posting some product reviews and more make up looks for you guys.

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Lots of Love