Leichner camera clear tinted foundation Review

Hey guys,
About a month ago I bought these 2 foundations from Liechner from a website that were having discounts on most of their cosmetics. They were sold for only £3.50 and I read some good reviews about them from “Make up alley” and I said I should give them a try after all they are very cheap. I bought two different My skin is colours the porcelain which matched my skin colours perfectly and the beige, which is much darker than my skin color.


When I first put it on my face I realized that I didn’t need to use a lot of product because it really covers well. However I then realized that it made my face look very oily so I had to apply a lot of powder after using it. I also realized that this foundation is not good for me but it would be perfect for someone with a very dry skin.



blended in

In fact I gave it to my sister which has a dry skin and she loved the foundation a lot more than I did. So I might buy it again in the future if I have clients with very dry skin. Also another thing in favor of this foundation is the lovely smell it has, it like perfume for the face. In the end I do think it is a good foundation especially for anyone with dry skin and it is very cheap, so I recommend it for anyone with dry skin.

I hope you found this post helpful, if you are interested in buying them you can find them easily on ebay, amazon or chemistdirect. Keep posted for more.



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