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Before I start reviewing my next products, I want to say thank you for your support and for following my blog. It is really overwhelming to have about 44 followers in just there 2 months that I have started this blog. Thank you

So about a 2 month ago I went to the Lidl store and because I was still in between jobs I was financially a mess, so I bought these cheap skin care products. Lidl is basically a convenient store which you find in most European countries.

DSC00791My favorite are the moisturizing creams. The pink one is to protect your skin for 24hrs and the blue one is a simple daily moisturizer.  I honestly thought they would make my skin dry like most of the other cheap moisturizers you find, but they really didn’t. Both of them left my skin feeling silky and smooth throughout the day. So if you need a cream that keeps your face hydrated and moisturized, and you cannot afford and high brands, I would recommend it. They only cost about 3 euros each which is definitely worth the price and they both smell great. I also like a lot their sleek packaging.DSC00793


I also got an eye cream to moisturize and protect around the eyes. It is quite a good product very similar to the other moisturizers and costs around 1.50 euros if I remember well.


I also got a cheap nail remover that comes in a nice packaging. I love the pump of the packaging which makes it easier to apply. You just have to pump and it will give you a calculated amount of product.



Finally I got also a toner which you can see in the first photo. I honestly I am not a big fan without most toners have a lot of alcohol in them and I don’t think it is healthy for the skin to absorb a lot of alcohol.

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2 thoughts on “Lidl – skin care – Cien/Iseree

  1. HELP!!!! I am trying to locate some soap I bought in Germany years ago…Cien Creme Seifi…mit Pfirschduft…peach fragranced cream soap. It smells just like a jar of baby peaches used to. I love it and only have one unopened bottle left. I have been rationing the other for several years.

  2. Do you stock Face Peeling Gel. CIEN Beauty intensive but I require a stronger Peeling G
    el as I only have the Mild Gel and as I’m older I have deep wrinkles now. Thanks for any help given TH
    Is was bought at LIdl in BHam

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