Make your Concealer better and last longer

Hey guys,
I thought I should show you a make up trick that I use s lot. The concealer is one of the girls best friend because its help to hide the imperfections we have and smooth-en our face. If its either to hide the red spots we have on our face for a better looking completion or the evil zits of pimples we might have.
I personally use concealer underneath my eyes because they it tends to be dark and on some red spots and pimples that love to appear on my face.
You must know your face very well, so you know where needs covering or not.
However my trick is for creating a very good long lasting concealer from a very cheap product. I believe concealers are to used to not only give a good coverage but also bland with your skin color.

Rimmel hide the blemish concealer and an empty jarDSC00902


When I was a teen I used to use the Rimmel- Hide the blemish concealer. I didn’t really like it to be honest it didn’t cover anything and it made my skin feel dry. It comes in a small stick and it costs only 3 euros. With time I discovered what type of concealer I like the most and that I am able to create the same with the very cheap Rimmel concealer. The problem with most stick concealers is that they lose some of the moisture the product actually has due to fabrication of the stick.


As shown In the photos I grabbed the concealer and I places the stick content in a small container, which was used for another product and with a brush I mashed and mixed the concealer. It becomes a creamy and thick concealer and gives a better  coverage than in a stick (personally) while it also blends well with the face. Also as shown below in the second image in the concealer tube, there is also an amount of product left so make sure to take it out too, because if you don’t you would have lost 15% of the product going to waste.  I didn’t take it out yet because I don’t have enough space in the jar but will do take it out in the future. Nothing should go to waste 🙂


This picture shows the texture of the concealer by using a stick which is the first line and by making it creamy (the second line). Same concealer different mixture.

This picture shows the texture of the concealer by using a stick (which is the first line) and by using my method (the second line). Same concealer different mixture.

Try it at home and tell me if you seen any difference when you used to apply it with the stick or by using this method instead.
I also found that it lasts way longer than it used to in a stick.

If you try it out let me know what you think, keep posted for more,

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