Maybelline Affinitone foundation Review

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So the second product I am going to review this week is the foundation by Maybelline called Affinitone. I got this at the perfumery in the shopping mall I went about 2 weeks ago I guess and I wanted to try the foundation by Maybelline. I was on a budget so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a foundation. They have become more expensive lately all of the drug store make up except rimmel or revlon which are still average.
This is not one of the latest foundations of Maybelline, but it is the cheapest. I bought it for 10 euros while the others are about 16euros. I wasn’t impressed by the latest foundations they have, especially the matte mouse, which felt so weird when I tried on the tester. I think Maybelinne are so focused on trying new application methods that they are forgetting the most important thing to have in a foundation, a good formula. Also the new foundation tubes with a pump are becoming very smaller they contain a fewer amount of liquid that it would probably last less than a month.


Now back to Affinitone what I like about it is its soft texture, it blends very well onto the skin and it gives a nice soft feeling to your face. It also hides well some blemishes and it gives a very natural look and doesn’t make your face feel cakey at all. It is very subtle so if you need a very good coverage, I wouldn’t probably suggest it. It is a foundation you would wear everyday for school or work not for an evening out.

The think that I didn’t like is the packaging because the liquid is quite runny and it tends to go out of the packaging. Also I didn’t like that after a few hours the foundation seems to go off. I would definitely prefer if it stayed for longer, especially if your wearing it for the long hours of work.

So those were my opinions of this Maybelline foundation, if you have any questions comment down below. Keep posted for more juicy posts.



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