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Hello beautiful people,

So this morning I went to check out some of the stores being that the sale is on, and I went to one of my favorite stores which is Missha. They been having a discount on most of the make up products and I have been told by the lovely salesperson (which knows me well because I visit very often) that the Missha shop is closing for real :(. Missha used to have more than 4 shops all over Malta if I remember well but now it’ has bee down to 2 shops the one in Valletta embassy and the other one in Mosta. Now the one in Valletta is closing down but I am not sure if the one in Mosta is going to close too.


Such a pity 🙁 I really love Missha make up it is of great quality make up and it is quite cheap. They have one of the best foundation ever at a very cheap price. I guess Maltese aren’t aware of how good they are. So I went today and got a bunch of stuff from foundations to face creams, all at a very cheap price.
Also with every 20euros spent you get this cute Missha cushion and I got about 3 cushions so you do the math :P. In the photo you can see most of the products I bought which I will review further on but I thought of letting you know if you are a Missha love like me.


So head to the stores now and buy all that’s left before it closes down in another month or 2. Will definately miss Missha.

That’s all for now, keep posted for more



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    • so you must know how I feel right now. Their make up is great they really have like the best foundation and concealer that I ever had at such a low price. Such a pity that it isn’t doing so well. 🙁

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