Nike Plus Size Women’s Collection

Hello Dear Readers,

Since I usually write about Beauty most of the time, today I wan’t to talk about something different, which is Fashion. Nike did a bold move recently, and have finally launched a whole new clothing like for Plus-size women. My inner-self was singing “Halleluia” and thanking any spiritual being, for finally seeing this change.

“Athletes have a desire to get the best fit and function in their apparel. They also want to feel good. This is why Nike is delivering the most robust range of sizes for women in more colors and styles than ever before. From a 1X to 3X, Nike’s expanded Plus Size collection is crafted to ensure the perfect fit at every size.
Nike’s Plus Size Collection is available now on and in select retailers in North America and Western Europe.”

As some of you might know, I am a Plus Size and might still be till the day I die. But I am healthy and like to keep fit. I go to Zumba Classes every week, and do my best to eat healthy and have a few cheat days to keep myself sane. But I will not starve myself or go on crazy FAD diets to be the skinny person most people like me to be. Yet it is very hard to find workout clothes that fit me or many other women for that matter.

Nike has received a lot of praise buy also backlash from people, saying it is accepting obesity and that people should lose weight. So we encourage people to be healthy and workout but then we don’t offer workout clothes for them to wear. It’s like  gym instructors try to encourage people to workout but then they get ridiculed for doing so (fat person on a treadmill photos). THIS HAS TO STOP PEOPLE.

What you see on the outside doesn’t necessary reflect what’s on the inside. A person can be weighting more and be healthy and a skinny person can weight less but not be healthy at all. I know people which are supper skinny and have been eating junk all the time, and now have problems with cholesterol. Then I also know overweight women which eat the right food, and exercise and cannot lose weight or have extra fat which cannot be removed unless they go under the Knife.

Why being Skinny is accepted and seen as Normal, and being overweight is seen as such a bad thing? We need to
stop making assumptions and stop judging.

I am super Happy that Nike launched this line and I hope other Brands will follow. May we be lucky to have this collection in Malta soon, since I am sure many Women will buy them.

What are your opinions ?




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