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One of my readers Farah, suggested I do the Perfect Palette Tag. I have seen this tag before but haven’t really given it much importance, but now I feel I should give it a shot. I do have plenty of palettes however being a make-up junkie nothing I have is enough :).  The tag basically consists of answering the following questions of what I think are my palettes are best for. So keep on reading.

1.Best Packaging

I love the NYX Box of eye-shadows palette, it has most of the colors you can think of in this small sized box. The box is quite sleek and very comfortable to carry around. (Will review this beauty soon, so keep posted 🙂 )

2.Best Color Payoff

I would say the Naked 2 palette, but I have to say the Fraulein 38 Naked palette is amazing for the price I bought it. The color payoff is great, the shadows are very pigment and easy t blend, I have created some great looks with this palette so it deserves some recognition.


3.Most Versatile

The most versatile has to be the E.l.f Marble 100 eyeshadow palette, it has all the colours you desire in one palette and it has a decent colour pay off. It is great to have, especially when your starting our in the make-up world.

4.Best for Traveling

It has to be the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, beeing that is has all of the nude colours your desire. All of which are packaged into this hard metal thin, that keeps all of the eyeshadows safe, which make it perfect


5.Biggest Regret

I don’t have a biggest regret to be honest, I love and cherish all of my palettes. However I am not to fond of my E.L.F complete the look palette. Having lipsticks in the same palette as you eye-shadows and blushers is not a good idea, because all the powder will get on the lipsticks and you end up wasting a bunch of decent lipstick colours. I do think they should thick of a better packaging solution however it is quite cheep so I shouldn’t really complain.

6.Best Color Names

It has to be the Naked 2 palette, because its the only palette I’ve got with cool names


7.Least Used

They have to be my E.L.F 100 palette. I do use them once in a while mostly when i’m getting ready for work. Yet recently I have to always keep going somewhere else after work, so I use something which has more of staying power.

8. Most Used

I have two palettes one of which is the MUA Undress me too palette which is almost finished (remind me to buy another one ) and the other one has to be the Naked 2 pallette. The MUA palette is basically a dupe for the Naked palette but way cheaper. Being that I wear make up for work, I prefer using natural colours then maybe change the blusher or lipstick here and there, so the MUA palette is great for everyday use however if I need something that stays longer and looks much better I used the Naked palette.

9.Most Loved

It has to be my Naked 2 palette, being that Urban Decay are not found in Malta, when I got this from London, I was the happiest girl in the whole wide world. Ok maybe I am exaggerating but I have heard to much about it, I had to have it and there is anything you wish to have in a palette.

10.Desert Island

This is a tough one, I love all of my palettes so much and it pretty much between the Naked palette and the NYX but being that I love colorful eye shadows I have to go with the NYX box of eye shadows palette. It has all I need in a palette from neutral to colorful shadows, so this is my desert island.


Well I hope you liked this post, I do hope to have much more palettes in the future, slowly slowly I will get there 🙂

If there are any blogger who wish to do this, feel free to do so, I would love to see your palettes



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