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hey guys,
I hope you had some fabulous Christmas holidays 🙂 I am sure were happy opening your pressies. I have been given the best presents ever, even thought I must say that every year. I am always very grateful for all of the presents I get no matter how big or small they might be they all mean a lot to me.

This year most the presents I got were from my bf and his family because my family is huge so it is impossible that we give each and everyone a Christmas gift but I was given some money as a gift from my parents.

I will start by showing you my first gift from my bf lovely parents. They got me these fabulous gold and black bracelet and black and silver watch from Promod. It seems they are very aware I love beautiful things :). Thank you again from my heart xx

Beautiful jewelry by Promod <3

Beautiful jewelry by Promod <3

Second gift was from his sweet sister and her husband and they gave me a voucher to spend at Inglot make up. They are definitely aware of my make up obsession. I am already planning what to buy when I will go next time :P. What would you buy from Inglot? I have a couple of things from Inglot a couple of eye-shadows which I love and recently a lipstick and primer. Will definitely go in the next couple of weeks :).

can't wait to spend it on more makeup

can’t wait to spend it on more makeup. (how cute is the card ay?)

Last but not least was my bf gift to me, which took me to a wonderful place called Make up heaven :D. He have a huge box full of make up products from e.l.f as you can see in the pictures below. I was very surprised that he spent a lot of money buying me all I ever wanted from the e.l.f products. Love you babe you definitely know me well 😛 He is also very sweet to have given me all of this make-up, even though I know he hates make-up in general. MWAAA.

Make up heaven from e.l.f

Make up heaven from e.l.f part 1

Make up heaven part 2 :)

Make up heaven part 2 🙂

So these are the pressies I got this year, aren’t I lucky ? 🙂 I will make sure to review all of the products I got when I have had to try each and everyone of them and give you my honest opinion.

Well thank you for reading and following this blog, keep posted for more,

lots of love



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