Pupa Milano Diva’s lashes

Hello guys,
So today I am going to review the latest mascara by Pupa Milano. I was introduced to this mascara thanks to a friend of mine that sells Pupa make-up. When she showed me this gorgeous mascara with this thick brush I knew It would be my next buy.

Pupa mascara

Pupa  Diva’s mascara

I really like the Diva’s lashes mascara for many reasons.The first thing I like about this mascara is it’s tick wand because I know that with such a wand, it will give a lot of volume and length to my lashes.


Diva’s mascara Wand -Don’t pay attention to the colour because the photo was taken with the flash on

Not only it gives the right volume and length but I also love how it separates the lashes rather than have them clamped together. I also like the cute red packaging and it’s reasonable pricing of 12.14 euros.

natural lashes

natural lashes

First and second coating

First and second coating

DSC09950The only thing I dislike about this mascara, is that I have to do a couple of coats to have the desired effect. Also I saw the commercial for this mascara and it had women with (too good to be true) big and bold lashes which you can only get with fake eyelashes. They just have realize at some point that people are not going to believe everything they see on the screen.


I give this Mascara 4/5 rating. I don’t give it more because there is always space for improvement :).

I hope you liked this review, keep posted for more



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