Golden Globes 2014 – Worst Dressed

Hey guys,

Today must be the only time I posted twice in a day, but I had to cover the Golden Globes ┬á­čÖé from the best to the worst dressed. Unfortanetly like every year there are those that try to be different in a good way but unfortunately end up looking very bad. Here is my list of worst dressed at the Awards.


Puala Patton , honey what were you thinking with this dress? If it wearent for this huge side ruffle, it wouldn’t have been so bad. It’s like the designer didn’t want to waste the extra fabric and added it to the dress. ┬áSuch a pity, she is such a beautiful actress.

Paula Patton


A award winning Actress shouldn’t be wearing such a cheap looking dress. It looks like a prom dress rather than something you would wear for the Golden Globes. The fabric looks a little bit cheap and the colors totally clash for me. I’m sorry Sandra Bullock but it’s just wrong.

Sandra Bullock


Julia Roberts wears this lovely Dolce and Gabbana ┬ástrapless dress then wears with this white hideous blouse underneath. It just doesn’t make any sense are you going to work as a waitress or to the Golden globes? Without the blouse she would have looked great such a pity.
Julia Roberts


Even-though Heidi Klum looks good in everything,I did expert more from a Super model, this marches gown doesn’t give her any justice. The white flowers on a black dress, simply doesn’t do it for me however if Heidi wore a more dainty jewelry and maybe put her hair up in a bun, she would have looked more elegant because it is definitely not an ugly dress.

Not quite right: Heidi Klum's black and white floral Marchesa gown exuded romance, but her black choker necklace and exaggerated cleavage took away from the dress's charm


Many love this dress/outfit but seriously what is there to like?. It like she wasn’t sure if to wear a dress or a suit, so she combined both. Hone decide what you want don’t go for both at the same time. The front is simply boring, the back is so and so but i’m sorry trousers are not for the Golden Globes. Next time decide what you want please, this is simply confusing.

Is it a dress? Emma Watson's open back Dior ensemble, which looked like a gown from the front but revealed black pants at the back, resembled a glorified hospital gownIs it a dress? Emma Watson's open back Dior ensemble, which looked like a gown from the front but revealed black pants at the back, resembled a glorified hospital gown


I seriously want to give Jennifer Lawrence some fashion tips, especially when it comes to gowns. Lawrence has this beautiful slim curvy body that would look gorgeous in some figure hugging dresses but she does it wrong all the time. The only time I saw her in a beautiful gown was at the Oscars. This Dior dress looks like a white blanket with black belts around the waist and hips, I might be rough but it’s the truth. ┬áIt’s such a pity to see her in there boring dresses, she needs a bit of help.

Awkward details: Jennifer Lawrence resembled Little Bo Peep in her poufy white Dior gownAwkward details: Jennifer Lawrence resembled Little Bo Peep in her poufy white Dior gown, which was cinched awkwardly at the waist and below the hips with stark black straps


Lena Dunham from Girls, wore this beautiful Zac Posen dress, mind you it is beautiful but not on her. Lesson number 1 if you are very pale, don’t wear a long yellow dress, seriously what where you thinking? Lesson number 2 this shape of dress is not good for you. Face it with her body this is not the style of dress to go for, it has be more flowing, or else you look like your wearing a size to small.

Not so mellow yellow: Lena Dunham's canary yellow Zac Posen strapless gown was not very flattering for her skin tone and clashed with her red lipstick


Zoe Saldana, where did you find this dress? if you bought this dress, they seriously robbed you, you should give it back. Saldana is such a beautiful woman and this dress doesn’t give her any justice. It’s like the designer has 3 dresses and stitched them into one dress. I will be blunt it is a really ugly dress, all those embellished flowers and see-through fabric at the end, it make me stomach turn.

Zoe Saldana


Kaley Cuoco what where you thinking honey? you are so beautiful and have a beautiful body why did you wear my grandma’s bedspread? Apart from that, the color of the dress is very similar to your skin. Never wear anything that is is very close to your skin, it doesn’t look good, either people will think your naked or just boring.

Kaley Cuoco

That is all when it comes to the Golden Globes, it was so much fun writing my opinion about these dresses. I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what you think ­čÖé




My Doppelgangers

Did it ever happen to you that you look at someone and think;” God we look so much alike”.? Well recently it happened to me twice. ┬áApart from my crazy family ­čśŤ I do believe there are some women that do look like me or the other way round.

Recently I have been watching the TV show called Revenge which I am hooked to,and found myself wondering if in the future I will look any similar to Victoria Grayson (one of the main characters played by Medaline Stowe which is a bit of a Bitch). I know I do not look like i am her twin sister but I do find some resemblance there. All need is smaller body and to age 20 years.:P


Do you think we look alike ?

My second Doppelganger is an Indian Actress Priety Zinta. I have to admit she is closest I have to a doppelganger. I got to know about her, from an old friend of mine which told me that I looked like her and I have to admit it we do look alike. 

Do you think I look alike these famous actors? ­čśŤ It would be fun, if all of you did a post, of what you think could be your doppelganger. Can’t wait to see some of your posts and your celebrity look-alike, we should call it a Doppelganger Week :).