Blue Moon – Make-up look

Hey guys,

I am always trying my best to come up with great make up look for you guys. If you want me to do a particular look and maybe give you step by step instructions to how you should do it, just comment down below :). I am always looking for something new to try, I love to challenge myself in make-up.


Blue moon is basically a blue based make-up look with a twist. I love mixing colours in order to create something out of the ordinary but that it still looks beautiful on the eyes. I have to admit it is getting harder to name my looks, but thanks to my awesome friends they help me come up with these creative names :).

A blue moon is usually used to describe a second full moon in a single solar calendar month, which happens every two to three years (seven times in the Metonic cycle of 19 years)


  1. I always start with a white of beige base colour but this time I used the e.l.f eye transformers the yellow tone colour.
  2. On the inner corner of my eye I applied a purple/blueish colour, before applying the mustard colour.
  3. Further on I blended the purple with a turquoise colour and then I used a dark brown colour on the crease with some navy blue.
  4. I also used a tint of black on the crease and of course the mustard yellow colour on the inner corner of the eyes.
  5. Finally I applied my favorite winged liner and some mascara. For the lips I used the Mua lip boom (very similar to viva glam nicky) and for the cheeks elf baked bronzer and mac sheertone blusher.

Blue3 Blue2

Well I hope you like this look guys, if you do I would appreciate a like or comment down below. Thank you for following and keep posted for more




Red Bliss – Make-up Look

Hey guys,
Yesterday I had a small party of my niece’s Holy Communion, and I wore a nice red lace top, that I bought a while ago. I thought of matching my make-up to what I wore with a twist. Usually when you use a red colour as an eye-shadow it can look very dark and Gothic, to give it a lighter tone I used a very light and vibrant green on the inner corner of my eyes.


List of products that I used:

  1. As a base colour I used the eye transformer palette by E.l.f which is the first shade of the palette that transforms into a whitish green.
  2. Then I applied the red in the middle of my lid blending it out into the crease using the Palette from E.l.f.
  3. For the crease I used a dark black also from E.l.f and blended it out with the red.
  4. Then I applied the light green/ lime colour on the inner crease and under my eye to give tone the whole look down. I applied it after the darker colours because when you are working with dark colours like red and black a light colour tends to fade away. So by applying it, as a last thing, it shows and lasts longer.
  5. Finally I applied a nice winged liner using the Golden Rose eyeliner and applied some Mascara using the L’oreal volume Mascara.
  6. As for the cheeks I used the E.l.f  baked brozer St.lucia, and M.a.c Breezy sheertone blusher.
  7. Last but not least for the lips I used the Catrice colour show lipgloss



That’s all for now guys, I hoped you enjoyed this make-up look.

Thank you for following and keep posted for more ūüôā




Easter Special- Make-up Look

Hey guys,

So¬†Easter¬†is basically at the door, and I thought I get into the festive mood and do a make-up look for you guys. As we all know red is for¬†Christmas¬†and Yellow is for Easter, so I tried to incorporate the colour with my¬†eye shadow. Pulling of a yellow eye-shadow can be tricky so that is why I wanted to show you how you can pull it off. ūüôā


Now here are the step by step instructions for this Easter special look:



1. Like usual I start with a primer/concealer and use a base colour. This time I used the eye transformer palette from e.l.f. It really helps to give a more vibrant look the eye-shadow.

2. I placed a vibrant yellow eyeshadow from the e.l.f 100 palette on all of my lid.

3. I mixed 2 shades of dark brown and placed it all over my crease.

4. Then I applied a thin line of black eye-shadow to give a more defining line between the yellow and the brown.

5 I applied a winged eyeliner using a black eyeliner by golden rose.

6 Finished the eye-shadow look with the Eva Garden Mascara.

For the cheeks I used an e.l.f St.Lucia bronzer to highlight my cheek bone and the Marbert Pink blusher on my cheek. Finally I used the Mac Viva Glam by Nicki Minaj lipstick for a nice overall spring look. This is a beautiful look you can wear for a night out, brunch or dinner. It is also perfect to wear in this lovely sunny weather we have in Malta. The yellow eyes and pink lips are the right mixture of colours for this spring and even in Summer.


I hope you like this look and if you do please share this blog with your friends. Keep posted for more