Anatomicals – Exclusive Pre-Launch in Malta

Listen up men and women, Anatomicals are available in Malta :).If you aren’t familiar with this brand, you are about to be. I honestly wasn’t familiar with them until last month but since I saw these products, I couldn’t wait to try them out. Anatomicals consist of a range of skin care products from soaps to facial creams for men and women. What struck me the most is their colorful packaging, and wicked sense of humor. Each product has a funny name and a tag-line which will definitely put a smile on your face.


You can’t help but notice, that these products sell for a very cheap price. I haven’t seen any skin care products this cheap anywhere.They currently sell at Asos, Tesco and various drugstores in the UK and are also massive hit in Germany. But the best thing is, that now they are available to everyone in Malta and even internationally thanks to a new website called Anatomicals which you can check out here. This website is run by a friend of mine which also has another successful website with products for Men, called Men in Malta. So do check them out.


I always make sure to research about every products brands, and from what I read people love these products because they are good and inexpensive. The words “Cheap” and “Good”, ring happy bells to us beauty addicts. The awesome thing is I get to try these products first hand :), and once I have truly tested them out, I will give you a more detailed review. All I can say for now is they smell very nice, and I can’t wait to pamper myself with these products. I think they are also a great Idea to give as a birthday present, or maybe stock up for Christmas gifts.


I had a chat with the founder of Anatomicals website in Malta and got to know more about this cool brand. Check them out:

How where you introduced to the brand?

Well it was by chance really I came across their products while I was doing some research online for my other store Men in Malta. Their style of branding caught my eye immediately.  And I could not resist, the sometimes ‘rude’ wording on the backside of the product. I first bought some of their products as testers and I was impressed even more when they arrived. You might as well say it was love at first sight. Despite the fact that they were inexpensive they still delivered to my standards. From there onwards I decided to share these great products with all the cool people in Malta.

What drove you, to start selling them in Malta?

Apart from what I mentioned before, the main reason was that there are so many boring and unappealing products out there, that these are a breath of fresh Air in such a saturated market.  What makes these products unique from the other products in the market is that they are targeted to those that have a cool and wild attitude. So be part of our WILD team one and join our facebook page 🙂


What product do you use a lot?

As a good honorable man that I am, I generally keep a very moderate grooming lifestyle. This consists of a face wash routine, a good scrubbing every 3-4 days and some very basic use of oil control moisturizer. Since these last 9 months I can say that i have constantly been using the memorable daily face wash which is a unisex kind. I made vast use of the man range funnily named manatomicals. In fact I have become quite addicted to their body wash products for men. So good and manly. Another main product was the headache balm which is surely my best friend on bad days. It reduces my ‘throbbing headaches’ to bits which is also great also for hangovers. I am also addicted to the peachy shampoo and most of the hand washes available.

What is the product that you would suggest women to buy?

Well limiting this to one is impossible.. as yet I have not received a negative remark from any woman as they represent a perfect price vs more than average quality for such product. I could easily recommend all the great lip balms and the hottle tottie range.

What is the product you would suggest men to buy?

If you’re a guy like me than I would highly recommend all of the manatomicals range.

So what are you waiting for, go and check these product out on www.anatomicals.com.mt. If you are spending over €20 you get free delivery in Malta and Gozo, so what are you waiting for? 😛

Have you tried any of their products yet ? If so would love to read your comments down below 🙂




Wjcon -Bloggers Event

Hey guys,

So last Friday I was invited at the new Make up shop called Wjcon for a bloggers night. It was such a fun event and I was honored to be part of it.  As I walked right in I was immediately welcomed by Angelo an Italian Make-up artist and all of the people that made Wjcon happen.

Angelo and Marisa

The lovely Marisa introduced us to this Italian brand and explained that Wjcon stands for We are an Icon. Also explained that the products are cheap not because their quality is cheaper but because they wanted to make it,very affordable for everyday woman to still look great and like an Icon.


13 4

The shop has 2 levels, the ground level is filled with gorgeous make up and the first floor (which they call funky bars) is like a small beauty salon where you can get you eyebrows fixed and your nails done.

Nail bar

Nail bar

Nail bar

Nail bar

Brow Bar

Brow Bar

They also offered to get my make up done, and because I wanted to fully absorb the Wjcon experience, I went for it. One of their lovely make up artist did my full make up and explained what products she used on me. I loved the final look but being that I had smokey eyes, I would have toned it down on the lips, but a very well done.

Getting my Make up done


Wjcon make up artist and me


The eyeshadows used on me

The person that made Wjcon Happen

Last but not least we were given a small goodie bag with some of their products and I also ended up buying 2 products that really caught my eye. I will review these products further on, once I have fully tested them out.


It was a great even, I enjoyed every minute of it and the make up is just fabulous, and they have anything you could ever imagine to pamper yourself, including skin care and tools. If you are looking for good quality make up and cheap price go to Naxxar Road, Birkirkra, Malta and get some Wjon products.




Lidl – skin care – Cien/Iseree

Before I start reviewing my next products, I want to say thank you for your support and for following my blog. It is really overwhelming to have about 44 followers in just there 2 months that I have started this blog. Thank you

So about a 2 month ago I went to the Lidl store and because I was still in between jobs I was financially a mess, so I bought these cheap skin care products. Lidl is basically a convenient store which you find in most European countries.

DSC00791My favorite are the moisturizing creams. The pink one is to protect your skin for 24hrs and the blue one is a simple daily moisturizer.  I honestly thought they would make my skin dry like most of the other cheap moisturizers you find, but they really didn’t. Both of them left my skin feeling silky and smooth throughout the day. So if you need a cream that keeps your face hydrated and moisturized, and you cannot afford and high brands, I would recommend it. They only cost about 3 euros each which is definitely worth the price and they both smell great. I also like a lot their sleek packaging.DSC00793


I also got an eye cream to moisturize and protect around the eyes. It is quite a good product very similar to the other moisturizers and costs around 1.50 euros if I remember well.


I also got a cheap nail remover that comes in a nice packaging. I love the pump of the packaging which makes it easier to apply. You just have to pump and it will give you a calculated amount of product.



Finally I got also a toner which you can see in the first photo. I honestly I am not a big fan without most toners have a lot of alcohol in them and I don’t think it is healthy for the skin to absorb a lot of alcohol.

That’s all for now, keep posted for more and thanks for following