Make Up store – Blush – Glam Rose

Hello guys,

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Now let’s move on to another great product by this Swedish brand Make up store, which is this blusher called Glam Rose. I simply love it’s colour, it’s like a peach-pink colour with a tint or purple. It comes in the same packaging and size and most of their michroshadows, and retails for about €14.



  • It is very pigmented and smooth
  • The packaging is very sleek in black with a transparent M logo.
  • The staying power for this blusher in Summer is about for 5hrs, and it winter it can stay on even up-to 8 hours which is pretty good considering the humidity we have in Malta.
  • Easy to apply and blend and it can also be buildable
  • Their products last forever I’ve used mine  almost every day for 3 months now and it hardly has a dent in it. Great value
  • I believe this colour would look great on all skin tones.
  • They also have quite a range to choose from,  from bright reds, peachy, pale pink, shimmery pinks to dark burgundy. I think everyone will find a couple of personal favorites from their collection.

B1 B3


  • The only minor con I have about this product,  is actually the packaging of the blushers. I would prefer if it has a clear lid like some of their other products (the michroshadows for ex.) Being that I have a lot of products, I like to see the colour of the blusher, it would make my life so much easier.


Will I ever buy this product again? Definitely, If I will ever run out of this colour I will repurchase it again for sure, but I will probably add more to my collection and buy some of their other beautiful colours.

Do I recommend it? I recommend it to anyone, they are really great and worth every penny



Nars – Bronzing Powder Laguna

Hey guys,

Before I start reviewing this amazing product, kindly notice that I have made a few changes on this blog. Not only design wise but even an easier way for you to follow me either on wordpress or by email and even to access my Facebook page. I hope you like it and would appreciate any further comments.


Now back to my review, as you already know I won 2 products by Nars from the lovely blogger Flora, on her giveaway. I tried this bronzing powder and was simply impressed by how it applies and it’s silk-like pigmentation. It has a slightly yellow bronze undertone which looks devine. However the texture of this bronzer isn’t completely matte but it also doesn’t have shimmer or glitter. It has what I would call a natural finish and looks like skin when applied. I think some matte bronzers are overly matte and look more fake than anything. Laguna is perfect for most skin tones. I thing this will do for both Summer and fall, however if you get really darkly tanned in summer or have a deep skin tone, NARS has another bronzer called Casino which is also reviewed very well.

Nbronzer2 Nbronzer3

Laguna blends nicely, it goes on a little sheer but I don’t mind as it allows more control of how dramatic of a look you are going for. Did I mention how gorgeous their packaging is? It is so sleek and black with a big NARS written on it, but at the same time it has this soft texture which make it fit nicely in my hands. Due it’s texture it can get quite dirty easily but it can be easily removed with a wipe. The only cons about this product is that it is quite pricey for a single bronzing, I checked on the website and it costs about €36. However you are paying for what you get, the quality is impeccable and the casing is quite big so you get a good amount of product.

Nbronzer4 Nbronzer5

Well I hope you like my review, if you have any further questions about this product or if you tried this product and want to share your opinion, feel free  to share in the comment section below.




Won a Nars Giveaway :D

Hey guys,
So last Monday I was contacted by the lovely Laura from Flora and she told me that I won her giveaway. I was so happy first of all because I don’t have anything from NARS and they are one of the best Make-up brands out there and because I never won a single thing hehe. I was jumping with joy 😀

I received them later on this week and here is a sneak peak of the products. Btw do check Laura’s Blog Flora, I love her taste in make-up and reviews :).

Nars1 Nars2

I will post a review on these 2 products further on, so far I have swatcheD them and they are very pigmented but light at the same time, not chalky. I am very grateful of this giveaway which is why I cant wait to give back and host my own giveaway, however I would love to get 100 followers first. I already have some ideas of what to give, but would be open for suggestions from you guys.




E.L.F NEW Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Hello Guys,

So today is a lovely Sunny day and it is thankfully a feast here in Malta so I don’t have work.  I really wanted to do a make up look today but the photo’s didn’t come great so I will do a better one next time. In the meantime I thought I should review one of my recent buys that I got from e.l.f.

DSC00918 DSC00920

The contouring blush and bronzing power come in a nice sleek black packaging which I adore. The packaging make you think is a very expensive high quality product when in reality it is fairly cheap. When I ordered this compact I thought It would be smaller in size, but I was fairly impressed how big it actually is.  I have the Turks & Caicos palette and there is also the colour in St.Lucia and Antigua which are also pretty nice.

DSC00922 DSC00924

The blushes are super nice, very pigmented and blend well onto the face. I just love the natural glow they give and how it looks on my cheeks. Some even say that they are similar to the Nars blushers which have the best blushers in the market. I wouldn’t say they are exceptional but they are great value for money. They only costs £3.75 which is very cheap compared to a single Nars blusher which you would buy for over £25.



I do recommend this product to anyone especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Make-up. You get a good quality make up for such a cheap price. That is all for now guys




How to make your face look thinner

Hey guys,

I have been meaning to do this post for a while because some people do not know how to contour properly and the face looks either very pale or blend. The natural skin has different color shades that show the bone structure of the face. When we put foundation on, you kind of lose those natural shades and you have mostly a one tone colour. That is why contouring is important, so you can enhance your face bone structure. Your face will look  thinner and beautiful.


So here are some simple steps to help you out :

1. First you start with the nose. You need ,a 2 tone darker shade powder to use for your nose and place it on the sides of your nose as seen in the picture and then blend it out. I used a Rimmel blusher but if you want you can use a brown matte eye-shadow if you don’t have.


2. Then i used a dark bronzer to contour my cheeks. I used 2 bronzers from the e.l.f complete the look palette and with an angle brush, I applied it to my cheeks an then blended it out.


3. After doing cheeks, using the same angle brush applied the same bronzer around my head and underneath my jawline.


4. Finally I used a normal colour blusher and applied it to my cheeks and a bit around my face and blended out using a kabuki brush.


These are the simple steps you need to do, to make your face look flawless 🙂 I hope you liked this tutorial, keep posted for more 🙂