Fitness & Beauty Launch

Hey guys :),

So last week I was invited to the launch of a brand new website called Fitness and Beauty. I truly wanted to go but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. The website consist of a number of useful tips about the beauty and fitness industry with a number of experts on board which are available to help users with their queries. I will be reviewing some product on this site and will definitely let you know once they are online.


You can visit their website, which is now online here:

and don’t forget to like their facebook page here:

You can also check out some of Malta’s beauty bloggers to check out the event:
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That is all for today 🙂 keep posted


My Doppelgangers

Did it ever happen to you that you look at someone and think;” God we look so much alike”.? Well recently it happened to me twice.  Apart from my crazy family 😛 I do believe there are some women that do look like me or the other way round.

Recently I have been watching the TV show called Revenge which I am hooked to,and found myself wondering if in the future I will look any similar to Victoria Grayson (one of the main characters played by Medaline Stowe which is a bit of a Bitch). I know I do not look like i am her twin sister but I do find some resemblance there. All need is smaller body and to age 20 years.:P


Do you think we look alike ?

My second Doppelganger is an Indian Actress Priety Zinta. I have to admit she is closest I have to a doppelganger. I got to know about her, from an old friend of mine which told me that I looked like her and I have to admit it we do look alike. 

Do you think I look alike these famous actors? 😛 It would be fun, if all of you did a post, of what you think could be your doppelganger. Can’t wait to see some of your posts and your celebrity look-alike, we should call it a Doppelganger Week :).




E.L.F HAUL -Baked Bronzer

Hey guys,

Every month I look at my make up and see what I have missing that I really need. I realized that I didn’t have any bronzer compacts and the one I have are slowly coming to an end. I usually use the bronzers I have on my e.l.f complete the look palette which are quite good but unfortunately when you apply it once a lot of products comes off.  So recently with the 50% offer I got these two Baked Bronzers in 2 colors. I got St. Lucia and Los Cabos.


Los cabos and St Lucia


St.Lucia is a light bronzer color while the Los Cabos is a bit darker. I have to say I quite like these bronzers, they do not have any shimmer and give a nice bronze glow when applied. The pigmentation is OK but could be better because you need to apply it a couple of time to deliver the right pigmentation. These are perfect to either use them as a contouring blush for Winter or else as a nice bronzing color for Summer.




The packaging is also nice as it has a nice transparent lid and  it only costs £3.75 which is incredibly cheap. I do recommend it to anyone, as who wouldn’t want a cheap nice looking bronzer?  🙂

That is all for now, keep posted for more reviews and make up looks