Maltese Bloggers Gathering

Hey guys,
Last Tuesday I got the opportunity to meet some friends and Local Bloggers here in Malta. e went for a nice dinner at the HardRock Cafe in Waterfront. Everyone looked exceptional lovely on that day, I on the other hand looked like I just been hit by a truck hehe because I went straight after a busy day of work. But it was nice meeting all of the fabulous beauty bloggers of Malta.

Thank you Marija Bebatista for the photos which you can follow her blog here.That is all for now. Keep posted for more



MAC Prep + Prime Skin – Review

Hey guys 🙂

So it is about time that I start Reviewing my lovely M.A.C products. Since the Primer is the first thing we apply in our make up routine and I thought I should start with the Prep + Prime skin base.  Like most other products I like to mention the Pro’s and cons of the product, this way it will help you decide if you  would every want to purchase it or not.



  1. I love the packaging, it is very sleek and I really like the pump. The packaging itself reflects the product by adding glitter to the usual black packaging because the liquid itself has a bit of glittery shine. 
  2. The primer itself is like a white moisturizer – in fact it reminds me of the base primer I have of Missha. It moisturizes the face which helps with the application of the foundation.
  3. I love how it also evens out the face color and gives me a radiant face.
  4. It really made my foundation stay intact for a whole day which is pretty impressive.



  1. You cannot wear it on its own because of the shimmer it has. 
  2. It is a bit expensive. I bought it for £19.50 which is about €22.50

Overall I think it is a good product and I would buy it again for the only reason that is made my foundation stay a lot longer than any other primer ever did. I have to say it really reminded me of the Missha base cream but the difference is that the Missha doesn’t hold the foundation for too long. I read a lot of reviews which had various opinions about the primer, some loved it and some hated it but I guess it depends on the skin type you have and what you expect from it.



I hope I didn’t leave anything out, and that I was of any help. This is my honest and personal opinion of the product. Keep posted for more 🙂