M.A.C Face and Body Foundation – Review

Hey guys,


So I thought I should review the Face and Body Foundation by MAC. I read a lot of good reviews about the foundation and I thought I would definitely like it so I bought the 120ml bottle which is quite bigger than normal foundations and chose C2 shade. When I tried it for the first time, I liked a lot the packaging because you can get out as much product as you want and there is no problem of any spillage happening.  The tube is plastic so it also makes it safer for you to travel with it as their wont be a problem of breakage.



Then I applied it to my face and realized that it really gives a really thin coverage which I wasn’t really satisfied with. I am not against a foundation that gives a thin coverage as long as it hides some the redness that I have on the face and some other small imperfections. But it didn’t. I did 2 layers on my face and there were still some redness that were covered well and still showing. At least the C2 shade matched perfectly my skin color  I am not saying it is a bad foundation but it definitely is not the best foundation I ever tried. This would be perfect for anyone that has a perfect skin and doesn’t need a lot of coverage but It isn’t definitely not for me. I love MAC overall but this is definitely not the formula for me, I personally prefer thicker formulas.


When it comes to pricing I thought that it is an expensive foundation for such a thin formula, but if you calculate the amount a normal foundation has which is usually a 30ml and the amount the mac comes in which is 50ml the least. You you have more quantity than any drug store foundation that costs usually costs about £16 for 30ml. The MAC of 50ml costs £20.50 and the 120ml is £26.50 which is pretty worth it.

I believe overall it is a good foundation but not for me unfortunately. I will however use it and mix it with some other favorite foundations I have.

That is all for now, Keep posted for more




Welcome to your new Home M.A.C :)

Hello guys,

I am super duper excited to show you my new M.A.C products that I got yesterday. This is all thanks to a lovely friend of mine which went to the UK. I always wanted to have some MAC products and she got them for me. Unfortunately in Malta they don’t sell mac and no country ships them to Malta unless you find some buyer on eBay.

So after a  lot of research and reading a lot of reviews I listed my top 5 products that I needed to have which I got.DSC00636

  1. The face and body Foundation
  2. Prep + Prime skin base visage
  3. Pro Longwear Concealer
  4. Viva Glam by Nicki Minaj
  5. Sheertone shimmer blush

This week I will try them out and I will review each product. I really can’t wait to try them out  and start doing some nice looks with the products. 🙂 That is all for now, keep posted for more