NYX- Za Za Zu Mascara

Hello guys,

Since NYX opened in Malta I have been loving all of the products I bought and given. As I am always on the look for a new mascara to fall in love with and when I saw this mascara with its huge wand, I knew I had to have it  however it failed to impress :(. I really don’t like giving bad reviews about products but unfortunately this has to be one of them. I am always 100% honest in my reviews and if I don’t like a product I wouldn’t want others to waste their money on products that aren’t so good.




  • The mascara comes in a  nice black sleek packaging
  • I love the brush, it’s big and thick and I imagine with a good formula it will give gorgeous lashes.
  • A good way I found to use this mascara is as a primer, you apply it first to give it that slight thickness than apply another good mascara for the final result.



  • The formula just does nothing for me, it doesn’t give any me any sort of volume and it definitely doesn’t lengthen my lashes.
  • I have applied it with two coats and it like I didn’t apply any mascara at all, it just made my lashes a bit darker.
  • I also hate the nylon fibers in this formula it seems to be flaking off and it gets stuck in my eye.


Will I ever buy this product? I am sorry but definitely not, it just didn’t do it for me.

Do I recommend this product? I don’t, but I do recommend you try some of their other mascaras from NYX because I’m sure they do a better job.






Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

Hey guys,

Today I will review the waterproof Wet n Wild creme eyeliner that I bought a few months ago. It was super hard to find this eyeliner, because they don’t sell wet n wild here in Malta and I wanted it so bad. Especially after reading a lot of good reviews about this product. Many of the reviews mentioned this eyeliner to be as good as the mac gel eyeliner, if not ever better. I never tried the MAC gel eyeliner but might purchase it someday. As I already mentioned this eyeliner was super hard to find but managed to find someone that sold it on eBay.

(Sorry most of the pictures aren’t my own as I forgot to take pictures before I used the product.)

I have to admit I had high expectations about this eyeliner from the reviews I read, so when I tested it after a while, I was a little bit disappointed. Mind you, it is a good eyeliner, very creamy and little goes a long way but I still found it to smudge a little bit. However that happens with most eyeliners so I cannot be too picky, but it also fades after some time especially if you have oily skin. But If you a primer it lasts a good 6-8 hours which is pretty good for such a cheap eyeliner.

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner 2 Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner Swatches, Photos & Review

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner 3 Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner Swatches, Photos & Review

The packaging is overall OK, not a fan about the plastic as I find that the plastic makes the product dry faster. It comes with a nice small brush which allows to make a perfectly winged eyes, but the product dries on it very quickly so I have to wash it daily!



Overall it is a good eyeliner so I can’t complain but not super impressed by it, and I think is better than the E.L.F eyeliner. So as you can see I have mixed ideas about this eyeliner, I don’t think it’s bad but neither too good. If it didn’t smudge I would definitely love it, because it does stay for a long time and the black is very dark, just how I like it. But I cannot complain too much, after all it is quite a cheap eyeliner, abroad you might find it for 4 to 5 euros, but It did cost me more to get it to Malta but it was still worth it.

That’s all from me guys, have you tried this eyeliner?




MUA Haul – Undress Your Skin Primer

Hey guys,

So I thought I should finally start reviewing the products I got from MUA Academy. This was the first time I ever bought anything from them and I am quite pleased overall with the products. Being that MUA academy and E.l.f have a very similar price range I was comparing the make up and the service with each other. I find that the shipping and delivery is not as professional as the E.L.F company. I ordered product from E.L.F a MUA on the same day but the Mua arrived about a week later than the Elf products. Also I wasn’t impressed how they packaged the products. The E.L.F have a nicer and safer packaging in a box with paper for protection and padding while the MUA were send into a thick paper bag. Some of the Mua Products were protected with cellophane which is good but most of the other products weren’t.

Well enough about the packaging let’s talk about the products. I bought the undress your skin range  for a very cheap price which include a primer, foundation, under-eye concealer and a highlighter. Being that the primer is what we usually apply first of all, will start by talking about the primer in this post.


The primer comes in a cute packaging with a nice white pump which it very easy to use an works well, unlike the e.l.f primer. Once you apply it on, you can feel the silicone texture which does wonders to the application of your foundation.  The feeling is very similar to the  mousse L’Oreal studio line primer. However the downfall is that it does nothing to make my makeup last longer.

DSC01172 DSC01170

So will I buy this primer again? Not sure, probably not because It didn’t make my make-up last longer but it does give a nice layer to protect the skin and make application easier. I hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for following




M.A.C Face and Body Foundation – Review

Hey guys,


So I thought I should review the Face and Body Foundation by MAC. I read a lot of good reviews about the foundation and I thought I would definitely like it so I bought the 120ml bottle which is quite bigger than normal foundations and chose C2 shade. When I tried it for the first time, I liked a lot the packaging because you can get out as much product as you want and there is no problem of any spillage happening.  The tube is plastic so it also makes it safer for you to travel with it as their wont be a problem of breakage.



Then I applied it to my face and realized that it really gives a really thin coverage which I wasn’t really satisfied with. I am not against a foundation that gives a thin coverage as long as it hides some the redness that I have on the face and some other small imperfections. But it didn’t. I did 2 layers on my face and there were still some redness that were covered well and still showing. At least the C2 shade matched perfectly my skin color  I am not saying it is a bad foundation but it definitely is not the best foundation I ever tried. This would be perfect for anyone that has a perfect skin and doesn’t need a lot of coverage but It isn’t definitely not for me. I love MAC overall but this is definitely not the formula for me, I personally prefer thicker formulas.


When it comes to pricing I thought that it is an expensive foundation for such a thin formula, but if you calculate the amount a normal foundation has which is usually a 30ml and the amount the mac comes in which is 50ml the least. You you have more quantity than any drug store foundation that costs usually costs about £16 for 30ml. The MAC of 50ml costs £20.50 and the 120ml is £26.50 which is pretty worth it.

I believe overall it is a good foundation but not for me unfortunately. I will however use it and mix it with some other favorite foundations I have.

That is all for now, Keep posted for more