Grammy Awards 2014 – The Good and the Ugly

Hello fashion and beauty lovers,

Being that my Golden globes fashion posts did a hit, I thought of talking about my favourite musical event, the Grammy’s. To be honest I was expecting more from the Grammys fashion wise, the Golden globes really left me speechless, there was so much to see, but the Grammys left me a bit disappointed.  I was expecting more, and some celebrities to stand out, anyway let’s start with the best dressed of the night.



Taylor Swift looks stunning in this silver metallic Gucci dress. It does fit her like a glove and it looked amazing on her.

Taylor Swift, Grammy Awards


To be honest I wasn’t really a fan of this dress but it kind of grew on me and she does look stunning. I simple love the white lace but not really a fan of the recent nude sheer trend however the cut looks divine on the bootiliscous diva.

'She's TINY!' Michael Costello, who designed the white lace dress Beyoncé wore to the Grammy awards on Sunday night, has revealed the singer is now a tiny size 2 (UK size 6)


Ciara looked gorgeous in this silver, metallic lace dress by Pucci. That is one way to wear a baby bump and still looking great.


This is definitely one of my favourites dresses of the night. Chrissy Tiegan looked exceptional in this Johanna Johnson metallic dress, however John Legend did look dapper in his Gucci suit.

Grammys 2014: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen walk the red carpet.


Ariana Grande looked really pretty in the floral Dolce and Gabbana dress, very suitable for a young girl her age. Still very elegant and pretty.


Amber rose in beautiful Naeem Khan gown looked perfect for a night at the Oscars. This beautiful gold and while dress truly gave justice to her curvaceous body.


Yay finally Paula Patton makes it in my best dressed list. This is definitely better than the disastrous Golden Globes dress. Many people didn’t like it but I felt it complemented her body and the print suits her really well. Well done.


Not a big fan of this dress but did green Lanvin metalic dress does look great on Rita Ora.


Let’s give it up to the Men of the night, Kevin Hart looked great in this lovely suit by Lanvin. I am simply in love with the blazer print.


Jay Z looked dapper in the elegant Tom Ford suit, this guys does look good in anything.



This Valentino Couture dress is beautiful and honestly someone that loves music would lvoe to wear it, but this is not a dress someone with a curvy body like Katy Perry should wear. I makes her look like she has wide hips and pretty short, which she is not.


I don’t like the dress, very simple, however the only reason why she didn’t make it to the worst dressed, is because it Lorde. Her music and style is weird, so of course so shall be her dress. If I made this dress into the worst, it would be like putting lady gaga in the worst dressed list all the time.


Kacey Musgraves  wear this nice Armani Prive dress which as I said is nice, however im not much of a big fan of the bottom of the dress. It does make her look a bit wide. 


The right person that should wear Alexander McQueen has to be Cyndi Louper. Not a big fan of the outfit but it truly matches her style in particular.



Now let’s get to the ugly, I have to start with this Blumarine dress by Sarah Bareilles. This dress isn’t really ugly but it definitely doesn’t go with her pale skin. Also it makes her look shape less.


This was such a dissapointment, I usually love what Pharrell wears but this adidas is definitely not Grammy material. I usually wear something like that without the hat, if I’m going for a walk.


When will I ever see Madonna wear an actual pretty dress rather than her looking like a man or a thug?. Madonna you are not a man, but if you want to be, just get some surgery done, I am sure that you can afford it. Or if you really want to wear a suit, wear a more feminine one.


Ms.Griffin, your dress is just as hilarious as you are. You are a really funny comedian but so is your dress unfortunately. To much print going on, reminds me of the hippy 80’s fashion.

That is all pheww, I had quite a lot to cover, but it is always fun writing about fashion. I want to conclude by saying I am not a fashion expert and this is just my personal opinion :).

Let me know your favourites, by commenting down below.