Coccinelle Event Competition – Spring/Summer Collection2015

Since they opened their shop here in Malta two years ago, they have organized this fun event where their clientele get the chance to win 3 beautiful handbags from their Spring / Summer collection of 2015. Last year they made 3 boxes and if you had the lucky key you get to win a bag. This year they gave really cute metal details and whoever had the matching detail to the bag, get’s to win one of their gorgeous handbags.


It is really nice of them to create such an event each year and I am grateful for being invited once again. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky  and I didn’t win any of their bags, but it gave me an opportunity to drool at their lovely bags.  If you are not aware of this handbag brand, they are designed in Italy using the finest materials and real leather. Their bags are upscale even price wise, but if you feel like spending money on good quality bag Coccinelle is the choice for you.  I simply love the shape, style, colours and their attention to detail which is seen in all of their handbags.


Go ahead and have a look at their new Spring Summer collection, you will find the shop in Tower Road, Sliema.






hope you enjoyed this post, wish you all a Happy Sunday  and keep posted for more reviews, events and make-up looks






Coccinelle Malta Event

About two weeks ago I was invited to the Even Coccinelle hosted in their stylish store.  They came up with this great idea of giving 3 gorgeous hanbags from their new Spring Summer Collection to be won to their clients. What I simply loved was their originality of creating such an event, which was to give each guest a Key and if they were lucky it would open one of their 3 boxes that contained the handbags.


I was given a key but unfortunately, luck was not on my side but I still got to view their gorgeous new collection. I seriously wanted to take every bag from their store but being that I recently bought a car I am on a very tight budget. However I can’t wait to afford buying a gorgeous new handbag from their store.





The store was stylish as always, and they even made the guest feel like celebrities by caving a red carpet and some music on. The collection is simply beautiful, it has all you need from small purses to huge shopping bags in all the beautiful bright colours spring can offer.  They even gave us a the cutest and yummiest vanilla cookies with their logo on as a consolation price.


Well done to Coccinelle for this fun event, may there be more to come. If you are looking for some stylish and great quality italian leather handbags look nowhere else. You will find thier fabulous store at  11 Tower Road, Sliema.




Events- New Coccinelle store in Malta

Hello Guys,

Recently a lot of great events have been going on lately but unfortunately I had to miss them because it was raining like crazy in Malta. I get sick very easily with change of temperature so I didn’t want to risk getting sick because it was extremely windy too. The two events I ended up missing is of the new Italian High-end, handbag shop called Coccinelle at Tower Road Sliema, and the launch of the new Premium Nail bar at Tigne point. Even though I missed the launch I was able to visit the store on a better day and I have to say it’s beautiful, not just the elegantly designed store but also the luxurious handbags it holds.  Even though I missed the event, some other fellow bloggers have made it to the Coccinelle event, and I thought of sharing the posts with you guys, enjoy 🙂

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A new Handbag and Jewelry

Hey lovelies :),

As you know already last week I went to do some shopping at the streets of Hamrun. I rarely shop there as I there aren’t any clothing shops that I like but there are some nice perfumeries and accessories shops.



My first purchase was a new handbag. I have been working in a new job for the last 3 weeks and I am doing very well so I wanted a nice new handbag to give a new statement of my new self. Most of my handbags are either big shopping bags or small handbags and clutch bags for the evenings. When I was a student, I either went to school so i needed big bags or a nice small bag for when I headed out. However for work it a different story, all you need is a medium sized bag that hold the everyday necessities like your mobile, wallet and keys including some make up 😛 and maybe your lunch for your break.

My new bag

My new bag


The insides of the bad

The insides of the bad

So I went to Bagsworld and got this cute black handbag with medium sized straps. They have a nice range of affordable bags and they had way cuter bags than the one I bought but most of them had shorts straps. It not that I don’t like them with short straps but because I hold it on my wrist, I start feeling a lot of pain after a while. For an everyday bag, long straps are the way to go. One day would love to own a very expensive handbag but for now I am very happy with what I have got.

I also bought some jewelry from the Carnaby shop, they have some nice affordable jewelry which look a 100 bucks (like american’s say meaning they look very expensive :P). My favorite is this black, gold, silver, thread like necklace and bracelet. Definitely something I will wear in the Christmas holidays.
DSC00842I also got this cute own gold necklace which I love can be worn with anything, very cute.
 Well I hope you liked my post I got plenty more coming up 🙂 so keep posted. Feel free to comment down below on my purchase.