Indian Inspired – Make-up Look

Hey guys,

First of all I want to wish all the Maltese a happy feast while for the rest of the world I do hope you are enjoying your day to the full :). Recently I have been very influenced by the Indian culture. I am in love with the use of colours when it comes to fashion, make up and even religion. Colour plays an important aspect to their values and everyday life. Something I noticed is, that they go full out with make-up and colour on bridal make-up. In western societies we usually go for more natural colours.


It would be interesting, I really get to do make up in India, because I wouldn’t have any restraints. Both in Malta and other western countries I have had clients that are sometimes scared to apply different colours because they think it will look bad, but it doesn’t. It all comes to application and blending. However let’s get to my look, I have noticed the use of purple, blue, and yellow in Indian Make-up so I thought these should be my main colours.


For this look I used:

  1. The Two Faced, shadow insurance primer
  2. Make up store – white shimmer colour
  3. E.l.f palette for the yellow, blue, purple colour
  4. Maybellline lasting drama gel eyeliner
  5. L’Oreal extra volume colagen Mascara
  6. For the lips I used OMG  lipstick by MUA
  7. Cheek, elf baked bronzer, Mac sheerton blusher breezy

2 3Well guys I do hope you like this look. I do hope I made justice to the beautiful Indian make-up. If you like this look, I would appreciate a like or comment down below, thank you for following




My Doppelgangers

Did it ever happen to you that you look at someone and think;” God we look so much alike”.? Well recently it happened to me twice.  Apart from my crazy family 😛 I do believe there are some women that do look like me or the other way round.

Recently I have been watching the TV show called Revenge which I am hooked to,and found myself wondering if in the future I will look any similar to Victoria Grayson (one of the main characters played by Medaline Stowe which is a bit of a Bitch). I know I do not look like i am her twin sister but I do find some resemblance there. All need is smaller body and to age 20 years.:P


Do you think we look alike ?

My second Doppelganger is an Indian Actress Priety Zinta. I have to admit she is closest I have to a doppelganger. I got to know about her, from an old friend of mine which told me that I looked like her and I have to admit it we do look alike. 

Do you think I look alike these famous actors? 😛 It would be fun, if all of you did a post, of what you think could be your doppelganger. Can’t wait to see some of your posts and your celebrity look-alike, we should call it a Doppelganger Week :).