MVintage- Jewellery Shop – Malta

Over the years my obsession with jewellery has increased, I believe they are such a beautiful way of accessorizing any outfit and giving a very stylish result. When it comes to fashion I am very classic but then I like to dress it up with some cool jewellery.

MVintage is a high street vintage inspired jewellery shop which recently celebrated its one year anniversary in Malta. I have been quite a fan of their jewellery since it opened; apart from my love for jewellery I simply love the vintage style which is classic and timeless. Apart from that the quality of these jewellery pieces is impeccable, and a lot of eye to the detail is given.
The prices are pretty reasonable especially for some of their elaborate necklaces. I have bought two necklaces and a pair of earring from this gorgeous brand and I am finally showing them to you.



The first necklace is a chunky chain necklace in gold and white, which is very much in vogue nowadays and can dress up every plain outfit. To match this necklace I bought a pair of gold chain earrings which I am simply in love with.

The second necklace is a simple silver long necklace with black printed beads. It is a beautiful and timeless necklace which looks good with every outfit.

If you want to purchase any of their beautiful jewellery, you can either go and their Website and it will be delivered to you at the comfort of your own home. If not you can visit their stylish designed “boxes” which hold their fabulous pieces, available at Tigne Point, Sliema, Baystreet, St. Julians and Paola.

Have you ever bought anything from MVintage? Would love to read your opinion down below :),

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MET GALA 2014- Worst dressed

Unfortunately with every good there is also the bad, and there has been some bad dressing going on at the MET Gala event. You lovely readers seem to love these segments, mostly¬†because of my sarcastic honesty. If you wish to see the best dressed kindly go on the following link ūüôā


So let’s give it up for the worst dressed of the night :

Kate Upton

Kate is a supermodel, known for her slim body but curvaceous chest that every woman would die for, like seriously die for. If I had her body I would wear a beautiful figure hugging dress that any designer could possibly design come up with, and not this gypsy looking dress. What made this dress even-more unflattering was the flowers on her head, like seriously? If I could redesign the dress I would make the sleeve into straps and instead of the corset have a nice black belt to show of the waist. Finally I would have removed those hideous flowers and left it simple with that nice up-style.

Strike a pose: Kate Upton's current UK Vogue cover is world's away from the less-than-desirable Dolce and Gabbana outfit she wore to the MET Ball on Monday night

Rita Ora

Well I am not much of a fan of her style in general, so to be honest I wasn’t expecting much from her. ¬†Basically the shoes and the dress don’t go together. This is not a Hercules or Xena TV episode, this is the MET GALA , so please dress appropriately Rita. The dress by Donna Karan would have¬†looked¬†nice if she wore some nice sandals or shoes, it would have balanced the outfit and the result would have looked pleasant. A last simple suggestion, if the colors match it, it doesn’t mean they can go together.

Ticking all the boxes: If Rita's beau Calvin Harris is pleased at her plunging neckline and daring skirt split, he's possibly the only fan

Katie Holmes

I think this Marchesa dress speaks for itself. What were you thinking Katie? Are you looking for the Beast ? cause you definately look like a bad version of ¬†Belle. ¬†For once, it¬†is definately a size to¬†big for¬†her which is why it looks like it’s falling off her small body. The style and cut of the dress is just wrong for Katie’s petite frame. Sorry Kate, you need to look at yourself twice in the mirror next time.

At least she ditched The Beast! Katie Holmes' attempt to be the Belle of the Met Gala, in Disney-style yellow Marchesa, falls flat

Kristen Dunst

Ok I am all for being a Star Wars fan but there is a limit to everything. Dunst wore this ugliest dress by Rodarte, for which I have no idea what she was trying to pull off to be utterly honest. It looks like a child’s project which entails having to design a dress that¬†revolves around stars and the universe. It looks¬†very cheap because of the variation of black fabrics and the fabrics themselves. Kirsten you should have done a better choice.

Out Of This World: Kirsten Dunst chose an odd event to promote the new Star Wars film at, as her Rodarte dress featured the Death Star from Return Of The Jedi

Shailene Woodley

Another Rodarte fail, were all the good designs taken ? or are these celebrities out of there mind? This dress looks cheap and what would have Pocahontas wore for her wedding day. ¬†The top part doesn’t really go with the bottom part and it’s simply hideous and does nothing for the beauty Shailene is. Pity

Lena Dunham

This dess by Giambattista Valli is simply beautiful, but not on Dunham. This Girl seriously has not idea what looks good on her body, I truly want to help this girl out, because she has no idea how to flatter her body.


No no no! Lena Dunham gets it oh so wrong in her Giambattista Valli strapless silk dress

Kristen Steward

I think her expression says it all, she is like saying “erm, they made me wear this dress, I didn’t want to be here in the first place, but yeah you know, i’m here”. ¬†The dress wouldn’t have been an utterly failure if she had a confident attitude and if the bottom sheer part was cut off and the skirt just a little bit longer.

Fashion fail! Kristen Stewart looked uncomfortable in this Chanel gown

Maggie Gyllenhaal

I don’t remember Valentino designing this ugly dress, but I guess they did. This is not the 80’s, so please let’s move forward, Thanks

What were they thinking? Both Maggie Gyllenhaal and Zoe Saldana's outfits fell flat as they did the walk of fashion shame at the Met Gala on Monday

Lilly Allen

Recently I am loving what she is wearing on the red carpet but this was definitely not one of them. This Chanel Couture dress does nothing to extenuate her body, it is simply boring. Such a pity being that Lily Allen is definitely not boring. Take me dress shopping next time Lilly, you will definitely look flawless with my help :D.

Keeping it quirky: Lily Allen went overboard with frills while Chloe Sevigny's pop of bright lime colour to her ensemble fell flat

Lupita Nyongo

I seriously love this woman and she has done great so far when it comes to fashion, but this was a disaster. It looks like a costume taken from the Great Gatsby and not in a good way. What were you thinking girl, next time don’t follow the theme and just wear ¬†a beautiful long dress.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

So that is all for the worst dressed, there were a couple of more ugly dresses at the MET Gala but I wouldn’t want to bore you, but¬†these were definitely the highlight of the night (in a bad way unfortunately).

I hope you liked this segments, let me know what you think




MET GALA 2014 – Best Dressed

I could not let such an important event pass by without stating my opinion. It is after all the most important Event in fashion history and this years theme Charles James: Beyond Fashion and there was a mention of “decorations”. Charles James was an amazing designer back in the day, he was one of the firsts to design hot couture garments which were very dramatic, feminine and yet classy. ¬†Let’s start with the best dressed of the night, ¬†they are in no particular order so go ahead and pick your favorite.


Beyonce wore this beautiful shimmery and sheer black gown by Givenchy. What makes this dress unique is the fabric, it is simply devine, I personally didn’t like the peplum but other than than it is simply fantastic.

Beyonce looks flawless in a gorgeous black beaded Givenchy gown

Kim Kardashian

Finally Kim got it right in this beautiful blue and black Lanvin dress. Last year it was a disaster with that floral hilarious gown, so this year she definitely made up for it.  It truly hugged her curves in the write places without looking slutty. So well done Kim.

What happened in that limo ride? Kim Kardashian switched out her shoes and belt as she lost the leather cuffs en route to the Met Gala

Blake Lively

This Gucci dress on Blake’s Lively immaculate body looked exceptional. She looked like a true Hollywood star, the dress hair and make up screamed Hollywood. The dress hugs her beautiful body in all the right places that makes me insanely jealous of her. ūüėõ

Striking: Blake Lively wore a champagne coloured sequined gown from Gucci


I don’t usually like what Rihanna wears but she definitely looked fabulous in this white Stella McCarthney dress. It highlights her caramel tones torso while still being elegant and chic.

Rihanna's sweeping statement gown featured a bold cut out which showed off her enviable stomach, but maintained an elegant overall look with long sleeves and an embellished high neck

Cara Delevigne

Cara is a young and vibrant model, so I wouldn’t have imagined anyone else to pull off this look. The outfit is also by Stella McCarthney and even though I wouldn’t have imagined it for the MET gala, with her body and well done¬†hair and some nice jewelry she truly pulled it off.

Cara shows off her tiny frame in a gorgeous outfit by British designer Stella McCartney

Giselle Bunchen

I am in love with lace, so of course this Balenciaga dress is definitely one of my favorites. I think black on a light complexion looks flawless and sexy, so thumps up Giselle.

 Amber Heard

This Giambattista Valli dess looked gorgous on Amber, I do think she looked a bit pale with this dress but I can’t deny that it fits her to perfection.

Amber Heard looked stunning in a Giambattista Valli dress with Fred Leighton jewellery on the arm of fiance  Johnny Depp who jazzed up his Ralph Lauren tux with a cane and golden pocket watch

There were many beautiful dress but these are the dresses that truly caught my attention. I will do another quick post of my least favorites and that shall be hilarious :P, so keep posted guys ūüôā

Would love your opinion of what is your favorite dress




Emerald Inceptions – Handmade Jewellery by Marcon

Things are certainly progressing both in fashion and in Jewelry design here in Malta. I am seeing a lot of entrepreneurial women out there that are starting to make a new of their own, one of them is Marcon Caruana. Me and Marcon have been knowing each other for a long time but little did I know she had such a talent for jewellery making.


I met this lovely lady last week, as she was exhibiting her work at the Gorygoth Malta shop. By spending a few hours with her, i could see how much passion she has for designing, and how much she loves doing it. They are a part of which is why she gives each item a story, that will someday be part of someone else.

I had to opportunity to ask her further about Emerald Inceptions, check them out:

1.How did Emerald Inceptions start?

Working on crafts has been my passion from when I was a tiny tot. I started with cards for different occasions, and even home accessories. My creativity comes from my parents. My mother was a seamstress, and my father was a carpenter.

Like most girls, I also like fashion, clothing, and shoes. Sometimes, because I did not find what I had in mind or wanted, I would look for¬†things that I have at home (a broken necklace or pieces of watches) and then create a necklace or bracelet from them.The initiative to start my small business started when my fianc√© and my family saw some of the things that I had done. So they encouraged me to try, and that’s what I did!

 2.What was the main reason you started designing jewellery?

 I have always had a passion for jewellery, especially earrings! My own collection of earrings from around the world is over 350 pairs, it was an obvious choice. Now I mainly focus on large statement couture necklaces.

3.Have you ever had any training to develop you skill?

If I see something I like, I need to understand how it’s done, first and foremost in my head, then once I understand the theory, I can work with tools and different materials, think outside the box and make what I see. I watch videos on the internet and have bought a lot of books that have helped me with what I do. What I know I learnt on my own, if there was a chance for me to take a course locally I would.

4.From where do you get your inspiration?

My main inspiration is derived from a beautiful time that has gone by – the Victoria Era. I mix the style of that age, with similar modern styles, namely Steampunk and Goth.I also get a lot of Inspiration from nature, especially the sea, classic literature, British Shabby Chic gusto and French Vintage glam.

5.Do you sketch your design before you start working on a piece or you are driven by the instant?

 Most of the time I see the design in my head, rather than sketch it, I grab as many wire or beads as I can and lay it out. This allows me to visualize it first.

6.What is your favorite piece of jewellery that you ever created?

Really depends on my mood. My favorite piece is called ‚ÄėCronos Concubinus‚Äô (yes most of my creations have names to explain the story). This two focal necklace, has the most antique clock part pieces I ever laid my hands on, plus a few more.

I created this haute couture necklace, using very rare trinkets, original antiques, such as the tip of a fountain pen from the 1900’s, two steam watch machines pre-WW1, brass and antiqued bronze charms. The chain work is all handmade, comprising of oval loops and the other strand is tiny propeller style links. The beads used for the center strand of the necklace are mostly light grey jade glass and the center bead is black diamond colour with AB colour Czech polished and multifaceted, super pretty when they catch the light.

The story behind it is that the God of Time (Cronos in Latin) had a lover (Concubinus in Latin) ‚Äď that is why two focal ‚Äď and the couple, even though two individuals, create a beautiful harmony together which is this couture one of a kind necklace.

7.It is common that most designers develop a certain bond with their designs; do you find it hard to sell a piece of jewellery that you have worked so hard on?

Yes!!! I cried and was shaking when I sold my previous favourite items. It is so emotional for me to find a buyer for my pieces, because we instantly connect. Knowing that there is another person out there that understands and loves your creation is a beautiful experience for which I am very thankful for and motivates me.

8.What is the future for Emerald Inceptions?

Keeping a constant progress to me is very important. Staying in touch with my current clients and understanding the potential for future ones takes time. I am now more determined to create more awareness about mixed media art jewellery and continue to spread the word about Steampunk locally.

However in the next few months a massive change will happen to EI which I cannot reveal for now ūüėČ But it will be amazing!

I can’t wait to hear the good news for Emerald Inceptions :). Btw watch this lovely braclet I got and some pictures of the display and work by Marcon:




Jewel Mania

Hey guys,

So about a month ago I was super sick and when I am sick and bored, the most common thing I end up doing, is shopping.  I thought my jewelry needed an update so i bought a couple of things on eBay for a super cheap price. Some arrived pretty quickly but some of them took a while to get to me but now as they are all in my hands, I thought I show you my purchase.

The first necklace I bought is this cute bronze owl with blue, white, pint and purple studs. I got this for only £1.


Next I got these long silver, gold and black simple necklaces that look great together. 


I also got this mid length silver necklace with cute silver leaves. I love wearing it on when my clothes look plan.  This necklace gives that extra touch.


Next is this cute black triangle necklace with gold pointed studs on it which unfortunately aren’t visible in this image.

DSC01045Finally I got this cute peacock necklace which I am really in love with. It is super cute and elegant.


As you probably noticed I love long necklaces, but mostly because they look the best on me being that I am ta. I do recommend for you to buy jewelry from ebay as they are gorgeous and very cheap.

That is all for now guys, thank you for following and keep posted for more ūüôā




I am Bff of the Week :D

Hello ladies,

So today I was browsing and reading posts from some of my lovely followers like I always do and found out, that I was awarded BFF of the Week . BFF of the Week was created by Vanessa Felix from “Your Best Face First” to engage the Beauty Blogger community here at WordPress, which is a great Idea. That is why I would like you to check her blog and post here.

I am very honored to have over 50 followers and I do my best to follow and read each blog because I know how nice it is to have constant support from others. I really love blogging because I get to talk about the things that I really love and share with you opinions and knowledge.

I am also open for any suggestions you might have on my blog and I will do my best to oblige. I really try my best to post everyday but it is not easy managing two blogs at the same time. (My other blog is 140daysofanewme Рwhich is about my work in progress for a healthy me)

Thank you so much Vanessa and to all my Followers for liking and commenting on my blog. You really make my day ūüôā




Happy Valentines Day

Hey guys :),
I want to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day. May you have a great one with those you love most if its your husband , bf ,family or friends.

I really wanted to do another make up look for Valentines Day but I had an extremely busy week and didn’t manage to do a thing. But I took some time to wish you all the best and to thank you for all your support.

Love you guys


Pressies – Make up heaven

hey guys,
I hope you had some fabulous Christmas holidays ūüôā I am sure were happy opening your pressies. I have been given the best presents ever, even thought I must say that every year. I am always very grateful for all of the presents I get no matter how big or small they might be they all mean a lot to me.

This year most the presents I got were from my bf and his family because my family is huge so it is impossible that we give each and everyone a Christmas gift but I was given some money as a gift from my parents.

I will start by showing you my first gift from my bf lovely parents. They got me these fabulous gold and black bracelet and black and silver watch from Promod. It seems they are very aware I love beautiful things :). Thank you again from my heart xx

Beautiful jewelry by Promod <3

Beautiful jewelry by Promod <3

Second gift was from his sweet sister and her husband and they gave me a voucher to spend at Inglot make up. They are definitely aware of my make up obsession. I am already planning what to buy when I will go next time :P. What would you buy from Inglot? I have a couple of things from Inglot a couple of eye-shadows which I love and recently a lipstick and primer. Will definitely go in the next couple of weeks :).

can't wait to spend it on more makeup

can’t wait to spend it on more makeup. (how cute is the card ay?)

Last but not least was my bf gift to me, which took me to a wonderful place called Make up heaven :D. He have a huge box full of make up products from e.l.f as you can see in the pictures below. I was very surprised that he spent a lot of money buying me all I ever wanted from the e.l.f products. Love you babe you definitely know me well ūüėõ He is also very sweet to have given me all of this make-up, even though I know he hates make-up in general. MWAAA.

Make up heaven from e.l.f

Make up heaven from e.l.f part 1

Make up heaven part 2 :)

Make up heaven part 2 ūüôā

So these are the pressies I got this year, aren’t I lucky ? ūüôā¬†I will make sure to¬†review all of the products I got when I have had to try each and everyone of them and give you my honest opinion.

Well thank you for reading and following this blog, keep posted for more,

lots of love




Make your Concealer better and last longer

Hey guys,
I thought I should show you a make up trick that I use s lot. The concealer is one of the girls best friend because its help to hide the imperfections we have and smooth-en our face. If its either to hide the red spots we have on our face for a better looking completion or the evil zits of pimples we might have.
I personally use concealer underneath my eyes because they it tends to be dark and on some red spots and pimples that love to appear on my face.
You must know your face very well, so you know where needs covering or not.
However my trick is for creating a very good long lasting concealer from a very cheap product. I believe concealers are to used to not only give a good coverage but also bland with your skin color.

Rimmel hide the blemish concealer and an empty jarDSC00902


When I was a teen I used to use the Rimmel- Hide the blemish concealer. I didn’t really like it to be honest it didn’t cover anything and it made my skin feel dry. It comes in a small stick and it costs only 3 euros. With time I discovered what type of concealer I like the most and that I am able to create the same with the very cheap Rimmel concealer. The problem with most stick concealers is that they lose some of the moisture the product actually has due to fabrication of the stick.


As shown In the photos I grabbed the concealer and I places the stick content in a small container, which was used for another product and with a brush I mashed and mixed the concealer. It becomes a creamy and thick concealer and gives a better ¬†coverage than in a stick (personally) while it also blends well with the face. Also as shown below in the second image in the concealer tube, there is also an¬†amount¬†of product left so make sure to take it out too, because if you don’t you would have lost 15% of the product going to waste. ¬†I didn’t take it out yet because I don’t have enough space in the jar but will do take it out in the future. Nothing should go to waste ūüôā


This picture shows the texture of the concealer by using a stick which is the first line and by making it creamy (the second line). Same concealer different mixture.

This picture shows the texture of the concealer by using a stick (which is the first line) and by using my method (the second line). Same concealer different mixture.

Try it at home and tell me if you seen any difference when you used to apply it with the stick or by using this method instead.
I also found that it lasts way longer than it used to in a stick.

If you try it out let me know what you think, keep posted for more,


Latest make up buys

Hey guys so last week I went shopping in some of the cheap stores in Malta and I got a couple of products.


I got 2 lovely big sponges which you can use for foundation or powder. I love using sponges and these are¬†very good and very soft. Bought for 1.50euros each. I also got a lovely pair of fake eyelashes for only 2euros and a very dark brown nail polish for the same price. The nail polish is quite good for it’s price they usually take longer to dry or crack easily but it didn’t take very long to dry and it didn’t crack at all so was worth the buy.

I also got a nice dark mixture of purple and red lipstick which I love. It is quite dark so you have to wear it with a certain type of make up, cannot be worn with anything. It is quite a well pigmented lipstick for the price the cheap price of¬†2 euros. Who said cheap doesn’t look good ?



this photo was taken with flash on so in reality it is much darker

I believe you can still have good products with cheap make-up, it all depends on how you apply them to your make up routine.

Keep posted for more,