NYX Stay Matte but not Flat Powder Foundation

My intent to purchase this powder was based on the mixed reviews I have been reading about it, apart from the actual need of a powder myself. After using it for a couple of months I completely understand why some love it and some don’t. I have honestly loved this powder because it is perfect for my oily t-zone, it has a lovely finish and stays on for quite a while.


The reason behind the bad reviews is because people try to use it as a foundation, which I completely understand being that it’s said to be a powder foundation. This is not a foundation but just a setting powder, and you need to apply a foundation underneath or else it won’t stay on your face for a long time. I bought it in the natural colour, which matches my skin colour perfectly, especially in winter. I still use it in summer especially under my eye over my concealer.


I wish to excuse myself for not providing my own images for this product but being that I have used this powder a lot, it’s not in the best shape so here are some images taken from the net.

I am a huge fan of this powder, I carry it with me everywhere it’s probably the best powder the price it sells for which is similar to that of any drugstore brand. The texture is fine and silky, great for oily skin, but it you are super oily I would go for something different, because it has a medium coverage. However if you have a normal combination skin, this is perfect.
The packaging is lovely, durable, very sleek and MAC looking; the only think that is a bit annoying is the tiny little plastic tab that you have to use to get the sponge compartment. But other than it’s definitely a must have.

  • Sleek, durable packaging
  • Formula with medium coverage, fine and silky
  • Long lasting
  • Good Pricing


  • The lid for the sponge compartment to tiny to open


Will I ever buy this product again? I will for sure, being that it’s soon coming to an end (because I use it every day), I need a couple more of these.
Do I recommend it? Definitely, it’s a good quality product, and perfect for anyone with a combination skin.
Rating: 4/5
Would love to hear from your opinion, if you ever tried this product


Make Up Store – Microshadow in Matte White

Hey guys,

I wish you all a Happy Halloween, in Malta we don’t actually celebrate it like most foreign countries but it is slowly being part of our yearly calender too.  There are a few children which dress up and trick or treat and there are many adults which dress up go to Halloween parties  but that is pretty much it. I think it’s a fun tradition and we should incorporate it in our Mediterranean society. Today unfortunately I don’t have another Halloween look for you guys but I do have a great review for a pretty good product.


On my last visit to the Make-up store, I got quite a couple of products from there and the one I will review today is the Michroshadow in matte White. I already have another Michroshadow in a shimmery white colour, which I love and have been using for a lot of my make up looks. These shadows retail for about €13, which is quite pricey for a single eye-shadow but they are worth every penny.



  • Very pigmented, which you can view clearly as I swatched this shadow.
  • The packaging is very sleek, it comes with thick black plastic and a clear lid on top. I love how you can remove the lid in various ways, you can either remove it completely or pulling it upwards and it can be clipped on back easily.
  • It has a good longevity, it stay on the lids for a good amount of time, without a primer it will probably last up to 4hrs but with a good primer it will last up-to 8hrs.
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • It has a generous amount of product, I have been using the other microshadow for more than 9 months and I haven’t seen the end of it yet, and I use it a lot.



  •  To be honest I don’t have a particular con for this shadow, just that try to be careful not to break the plastic lid. I broke my other eye-shadow plastic lid and I cannot carry the shadow on it’s own unfortunately.
  • The price of this shadow can be seen as expensive for some but it is worth every penny as it will last you for a long time.


Will I ever buy this product again? Definitely, If I will ever run out of this colour I will repurchase for sure, and will  buy more in various colours.

Do I recommend it? I recommend it to anyone, they are really great and worth every penny





NYX – Matte Lipstick – Indie Flick

Hey guys,

Since NYX opened in Malta, I have been trying quite a couple of products from this brand and another product I’ve been loving is their Matte lipsticks. One of them in particular is this lovely coral lipstick called Indie Flick, my lipstick collection was craving for a nice orange-red colour. They are also  ridiculously affordable which If i’m not mistaken retail for only €9, and have a really lovely selection of shades to choose from.


It has a lovely texture and pigmentation, not too dry and not too creamy which is quite uncommon for a matte lipstick and it doesn’t dry out my lips either. This lipstick stays on for a long time and doesn’t smudge easily. Usually with matte lipsticks one must be careful and watch their lips throughout the day so they don’t over-dry, crease, feather, smudge, etc. But with this lipstick, I don’t quite find myself running into those problems.


My only complaint about the lipstick itself, is that after about seven or so hours it does tend to flake just a bit and dry out your lips if you don’t apply a balm at least a couple of times during wear. Then again, that could be expected with a lot of matte lipsticks. I would recommend moisturizing your lips prior to application, following up with a good lip liner, then finally applying the lipstick with a brush, about three to five coats, blotting in between save for the last coat. This has been my process for the longest time, and my lipstick stays like you wouldn’t believe.

The other thing that bothered me was the packaging. It looks good, but it can be twisted while closed, which could make the lipstick smear on the inside of the cap (basically what actually happened to me). But I guess you just have to be careful.

Will I ever buy this product again? I will definitely buy this lipstick again, and if not in the same colour in some other gorgeous colour from the matte range.

Do I recommend it? I do highly recommend it, just be careful not to twist it while closed, like I did. Go to the NYX store at Sliema right now 🙂





MAC Retro Matte – Ruby Woo Lipstick

Nothing can explain my love for this particular lipstick. No review can give justice to such a lipstick. Yes I am falling in love with a lipstick, I might sound crazy but you have to give it a shot to test how good it is.


Well I bought the Ruby woo because recently I have heard a lot about it, being that it is very similar to the Lipstick Rihanna launched with MAC, called Riri Woo. I couldn’t find a good price for Riri woo but I did find a good price for Ruby woo, so I got it. I tested it out about a month ago, as I went for some drinks with my girls. I drank, I eat, and I drank some more an this lipstick stayed put all night. I was so impressed, I never had a lipstick which I didn’t have to reapply in a few hours. It stayed put for over 5 hrs If I recall so that is definitely a 5 star when it comes to longevity. It also doesn’t stain the teeth as it happens with most red lipsticks, and I even noticed it doesn’t stain glasses, when I drink.


The colour is a gorgeous red matte lipstick, it doesn’t have an orange tint like most red lipsticks, it is just perfectly matte red. It reminds me of how it was back in the 50’s, I felt like I was channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe. 🙂 Of course the pigmentation is just divine but unfortunately it can be a little bit drying on the lips, so for winter you definitely need to wear a lip balm underneath.


Apart from the colour, I love M.A.C lipstick packaging, being in one of my favorite colour, Black. I also can’t get enough of the lovely smell all M.A.C lipsticks have. If you love red lipsticks, this is definitely a lipstick you have to have.

Well that all for now, I think I shared enough love for this lipstick :P. What do you think about this gorgeous lipstick ? Have you ever tried it?




Beauty and Fitness Malta- Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer Review

Hey guys,

As I have told you before I am a contributor or the new website called Beauty and Fitness Malta and they have posted one of my reviews for the Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer. 😀

You can check it out in the website below:

CatriceYou can also check out my page in the link below:


I am very happy to review for this website and will hopefully review more product further on 🙂 so keep posted





Fraulein 38 – 28 Neutral Nude Eye-shadow Palette

hey guys,

Sorry for being M.I.A lately but it’s been quite a week but I am back.Today I am going review the palette I got from Fraulein a while ago. Being that now it is the wedding season, I needed a distinctive palette with neutral colours. I believe that make-up for a bride should be be as natural as possible. You don’t want to look back at the wedding photos and ask yourself “what the hell were you thinking?”. What I mean by natural make-up is not going on your wedding make-up free (not that I am against it) but you don’t want to look pale for the cameras and the photos but instead you should use natural colours that enhance your beautiful features. I might actually do a bridal make-up look sometime soon :).


Now with regards to this gorgeous palette, it has 28 nude eye shadow palette, comes with an assortment of neutral tones in shimmer and matte effect. 28 colours includes 16 matte and 12 shimmer. Can be used as eye-shadow, bronzes, blush, eyeliners, and shimmer highlighters. The pigmentation of these eye-shadows vary, some are very good , some are okey the rest not so good, but overall I love this palette. I have created some lovely natural looks with this palette and it has some beautiful shades of colours. Sorry I didn’t swatch them all but being that they are plenty, so I swatched some of my favorite colours.

It comes in a lovely sleek black packaging and I love that is has no mirror and no applicator in it, because it makes it very light to carry around and I don’t need them anyway. This lovely palette retails for only 10.99 euros and the shipping is only 2 euros from their website. It is a great price for such a palette, I definitely recommend this product to any make-up geek like me 🙂



Have you ever tried any eye-shadows from Fraulein 38?




M.A.C Viva Glam by Nicki in Satin

Hey  lovely ladies,


So finally I will review my Favorite and last product that I recently bought from M.A.C. I have been asked by a lot of Maltese bloggers where you can find MAC products to buy online. Unfortunately there aren’t any sites that sell mac make up to Malta apart from ebay. I got these products thank to a lovely friend of mine that visited the Uk and was kind enough to get them for me. I am still in the search for some websites that would ship them to Malta but there aren’t any hopefully someday there will be.


The VIVA GLAM by Nicky is the first MAC lipstick I ever tried and I have to say I am very impressed with the pigmentation of the lipstick. It is a bright pink matte lipstick and stays on for a long time. I wore it last Sunday for a dinner out and it stayed on even after eat and drank. I have really nothing bad to say about this lipstick only that you have to be careful what to wear it with. It is a bright pink so it doesn’t go with everything but it is a fabulous color for the coming Spring and especially in Summer.  The packaging is also nice and looks very chic, with a pink interior and the signature of Nicki Minaj.
2 3What I also love about this Lipstick is that all the funds of the lipstick go for the Aid Fund Charity. It is always great to get pampered while giving back.

So that is all for now I hope you liked this review. You have my permission to go ahead and but this gorgeous lipstick. You won’t be disappointed 🙂