Do it yourself: Manicure

M1Hello guys,

Well today post is a little bit different than usual, however it still has a lot to do with beauty. Recently my nails are a bit of a mess, and I honestly feel ashamed to have them looking so bad. My nails have never been thick, mostly because of my years of nail biting. It’s been 2 years since I stopped biting them and they have improved a lot, yet unfortunately they are still very thin and break very easily. Before the manicure my nails where all in different lengths, and they didn’t look one bit pretty. So I decided to give myself a manicure, and show you how to do it yourself. It is very easy just follow my steps.


1 First step is to remove any bits of nail polish you might have left with a Nail polish remover. The one I used is from Kiko.

2 Second step is to dab your fingers into warm water for about 10 minutes. This will make your nails will be softer, which is ideal for when you need to file them.


3 Next step is to file your nails, make sure to file them in one direction. The was my biggest mistake when I was younger I used to file them in both directions, which is why my nails are a mess. Also try to give them the same length.

4 Use a cuticle oil and apply and massage it one each nail, so that the nails will absorb it well. I used the Mavala Cuticle oil, it is seriously one of the best. Also if you have a cuticle remover ( not sure what it is actually called), push the cuticle inwards. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one so I used my nails instead.


5 Step five I applied some hand lotion, and let the hand absorb it well. I have quite a selection of hand creme but I decided to use the Dr.Organic hand and nail cream, because it is very moisturizing and ideal for nails.

6 Before applying any sort of nail polish, I made sure to remove and moisturizer that there might have been on the nails. As it might not help with the application.

7 Apply any base coat or hardener depends on the state of your nails. Being that I need a nail hardener I applied the Sally Hanson Miracle nail thickener. Not sure if I like the hardener over my usual OPI Nail envy but I will give it a shot. If you don’t need a hardener just apply a base coat, then any coloured nail polish you wish and finally a top coat.  This will make your nail polish last longer.

Well that is all for today DIY manicure, I hope you enjoyed this post and you found it helpful. If you need any help feel free to ask. Try to find time for yourself and make sure you take care of yourselves.

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Nail Rescue

Hey guys,
So as some of you might already know I stopped doing gels and acrylics to my nails and right now they are a complete disaster. I spent a lot of money on nail products to really help my damaged nails but I felt they still resulted to nothing except some of the product. I have tired the Revlon nail rescue and even a Maybelline straightener but they haven’t done much of a difference. Some of my nails are still very thin and they break a lot. So I asked for some help from another beauty blogger Lorraine from Lola love sparkles, which is also a nail technician which you can follow here. She gave me some great tips which I am going to share with you and some products suggested by her that I bought.


As you can see from the picture above my nails were a complete mess, some where short some well long and some in between. So the first thing I did was to file them and then buff them with a buffer.



Then I applied my new OPI nail envy straightener than I bought from e-bay including the top coat which I will definitely use in the future. The instruction manual says to apply first 2 coats and then apply a coat each day for a week. Then you remove it and you do the same thing all over again. I am really hoping it will do miracles and if it does I will let you know.

DSC00385DSC00390 DSC00394

I also was instructed to move my cuticles backwards an use a cuticle oil which I have bought a whilte ago, the Mavala cuticle oil that I have reviewed before.


Finally many have suggested I take vitamin pills for the nails, so I went to the Holland and Barrett shop that is close by and bought these Perfectil pills. There is the normal pack and the dual pack that I bought, it should give extra protection to the skin.I had them for about a week and It may be doing a difference but I really can’t tell at the moment. Many have told me that they are great but I have not personal proof yet.


So this is my Nail Rescue at the moment, will let you know how my nails are doing after a while, and if there is any improvement. Thank you all for following, keep posted for more 🙂