Make Up Store – Microshadow in Matte White

Hey guys,

I wish you all a Happy Halloween, in Malta we don’t actually celebrate it like most foreign countries but it is slowly being part of our yearly calender too.  There are a few children which dress up and trick or treat and there are many adults which dress up go to Halloween parties  but that is pretty much it. I think it’s a fun tradition and we should incorporate it in our Mediterranean society. Today unfortunately I don’t have another Halloween look for you guys but I do have a great review for a pretty good product.


On my last visit to the Make-up store, I got quite a couple of products from there and the one I will review today is the Michroshadow in matte White. I already have another Michroshadow in a shimmery white colour, which I love and have been using for a lot of my make up looks. These shadows retail for about €13, which is quite pricey for a single eye-shadow but they are worth every penny.



  • Very pigmented, which you can view clearly as I swatched this shadow.
  • The packaging is very sleek, it comes with thick black plastic and a clear lid on top. I love how you can remove the lid in various ways, you can either remove it completely or pulling it upwards and it can be clipped on back easily.
  • It has a good longevity, it stay on the lids for a good amount of time, without a primer it will probably last up to 4hrs but with a good primer it will last up-to 8hrs.
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • It has a generous amount of product, I have been using the other microshadow for more than 9 months and I haven’t seen the end of it yet, and I use it a lot.



  •  To be honest I don’t have a particular con for this shadow, just that try to be careful not to break the plastic lid. I broke my other eye-shadow plastic lid and I cannot carry the shadow on it’s own unfortunately.
  • The price of this shadow can be seen as expensive for some but it is worth every penny as it will last you for a long time.


Will I ever buy this product again? Definitely, If I will ever run out of this colour I will repurchase for sure, and will  buy more in various colours.

Do I recommend it? I recommend it to anyone, they are really great and worth every penny