Urban Decay – Naked 3 – Eye-shadow palette


I am really excited to finally start reviewing this so well known palette by Urban Decay, which all make-up geeks and beauty gurus have and should have. I probably should warn you this will be a pretty long review, but it will definitely help you visualize and know more about the product, especially if you intent to purchase.  As I was cruising in London at the House of Fraser stores last year, I came by the Urban Decay section and of course I had to buy the Naked palette. At first I was unsure if to buy the original Naked or Naked 2 palette, being that the 3 wasn’t out yet. The colours of the Naked 2 palette really appealed to me more than the original Naked palette, even-though they are quite similar.


I have to admit that the Naked 2 is pretty much a phenomenal value, it consist of 12 eyeshadows, a lovely two sides brush and a small lip gloss. It is packaged in a bronzed metal tin that can be opened and closed very easily, which is a great way of protecting the shadows. I haven’t had any problem with the opening or ripping of the packaging and it does feel pretty secure. The brush is pretty nice to, the bristles are very soft and great for application. I do tend to forget that I have it, which reminds that I should probably place it next to my other brushes.

Now lets talk about the colours:


Foxy is like matte yellowed beige colour, it is on the sheer side and a bit powedery. This colour is barely visable in my forearm however it can work for highlighting the brow on light complexions.

Half baked is a beautiful coppery-golden brown shimmery colour, it has a good color payoff and a smooth texture.

Booty call is a white-beige shimmery colour, it has a good colour payoff and i love using it for the brows or as a base.

Chopper is a  shimmery coppery-orange colour. This shade has a pretty good colour payoff however the sparkle is prone to fall out.

Tease is a dirty mauve-brown colour with a matte finish. I really like the shade as I have nothing which looks anything like it, however the pay off is a little bit disappointing being that the texture is a bit dry and stiff. You really have to jab at it with the bristles of your brush to loosen enough product to apply it.

Snakebite is a a dark bronze with a dirty golden shimmer-sheer. I love using this color for contouring, as it isn’t too dark but neither light.  The texture is dense and buttery and an excellent color payoff.

Suspect is a champagne-bronze colour with a metallic sheen. It has a good colour payoff eventhough it felt a bit powdery.

Pistol is dark grey- brown colour with a shimmer sheer. The texture of the pistol is soft and smooth and it has a good payoff.

Verve is a pale silver grey colour with a pink tinge.

YDK is a warm , coppery medium brown with a frosted finish. I love its smooth texture and the pigmentation is pretty good.

Busted is a dark burgundy-tinted brown colour with golden undertones. The finish is very soft and frosted. The colour payoff is very good and the texture is very smooth though a little less dense.

Blackout is a really intense, matte deep dark black colour. The pigmentation is great and it goes on very black.

Naked lip-gloss is a sheer neutral brownish pink colour. The gloss is not that sticky and has a lovely mint scent



  • Great packaging, its sleep, sturdy and very secure
  • It is a really wonderful and well-rounded palette, with a good range of light to dark colour in a variet of finishes.
  • The majority of the shades are very pigmented, easy to apply, and blend.
  • The brush is very soft and lovely to work with
  • It is good value for money
  • Great for travelling


  • Some of the colours aren’t as pigmented as most of the other colours
  • It is a bit pricey for anyone that doesn’t have such a budge, however I do think it worth every penny. I do


 Will I ever buy this product again? Definitely, I find it very handy for natural make-up looks and for travelling.

Do I recommend it? For sure, the palette has some good range of colours and the pay off is impeccable. If however this palette is out of your budget I do suggest you try the MUA Undressed palette, the colours are very similar and it is way cheaper. I do however suggest you invest in this beauty, as it has defiantly a lot more product and better quality, than the Undress me palette.


let me know what you thing about the gorgeous palette, would love to read your opinion by commenting down below, thank you for stopping by 🙂




NYX – Trio Eyeshadow TS11-Orange/Copper/Peach


A few months back, I was given this NYX Trio Eyeshadow palette to try out. These are pretty inexpensive and the colour selections they have are amazing.  I have the palette in Orange/Copper and Orange/Peach, which are basically copper selection of colours. These colours are perfect to use for everyday make up or even as a mid tone colour to use with other colours. The eyeshadow are housed in a slim black plastic casing and looks very similar to high brands packaging. It has also a small mirror and applicator, the applicator sponge looks pretty well, I still however prefer to use brushes but it’s still great to have when travelling.


For the colours, most of the series runs from light (highlight), mid (crease), and dark (outer crease) however my palette seems to have oddly paired shades, because the darkest shade is a bit too light to apply on the crease.  The shadows are however very soft and powdery and have medium pigmentation, and looks better with a eyeshadow base underneath.


  • Lovely sleek packaging with mirror and applicator
  • Good applicator
  • Good pigmentation, it will last for a good 4 to 5 hours.
  • Soft and powdery
  • Easy to apply and blendable
  • Not to shimmery, you can easily wear it for everyday to work
  • Inexpensive, it only retail for …


  • This isn’t really a con but so you know, some trio are definitely better than other for colour payoff, so look up reviews or else check them out yourself at the NYX store at Sliema.


Will I ever buy this product again? It is a probability however being that I love eye-shadows, I would go for bigger palettes but for someone that is a less make up geek than me, these would be perfect.

Do I recommend it? I do recommend these palettes, they are good quolity and perfect for travelling and also inexpensive


Have you tried some of their trio eye-shadow palettes? let me know what you think




MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette – Light

Hello guys,

I am finally starting to review some the MAC products I got recently when I went to London.  I have bought so many products before going to London and even from London that it is taking me a while to review you them all, but I love it. Apart from trying these great products I love telling you what I think about each product, it so much fun for me :D.


I wanted to start reviewing the products as if you were to apply them, being that I already reviewed the primer by MAC which you can view here, I will start with the Pro conceal and Correct Palette. When I went to the MAC  section at Selfriedges there was a huge crowd of people trying out mac products so it was kind of hard for me to shop and look around but thankfully I was a little prepared as to what I wanted.  Being that I never tried any MAC concealers I didn’t know what to get, but as I saw this palette I knew I had to have it.



  • Let’s start with the packaging, I simple love their sleek black packaging I feels very sturdy I don’t think there will any be a reason for breakage.
  • The concealers themselves are pretty good, even-thought they do not impress me much, the palette is perfect to cover minor imperfections or lighten some of the dark circles under the eyes.
  • It is not cakey, it gives a medium coverage but it is quite buildable.
  • It’s also great because it offers warm and cool shades and you can use the pink corrector to fox the warm shades of your fades.



  • I wished they had a little more coverage like the MAC pro long wear concealer
  • This palette is quite pricey as most of the other MAC  products is costs £35, even though I do think it’s worth the money because you have a lot of shades in one palette, I could suggest you go for something else.


 Will I ever buy this product again? I am not sure to be honest because I am a little bit hard to please :D, but I do like this palette not sure if I would go for it again because I would love for it to give more of a coverage.

Do I recommend it? I do recommend this palette because it’s a good concealer palette overall and you won’t be disappointing for sure.






Urban Decay – Naked 3 Palette?

Hello guys,

Sorry for being M.I.A lately buy I had a really tough and busy week, so It was really hard to find time for blogging. Enough about my crazy and busy life, but have you you heard the big news in the Make-up industry?

If you haven’t I am more than happy to tell you myself,  well it seems like that Urban Decay will be launched their Naked 3 palette. It seems like Urban Decay felt they needed to make a new Naked update. I am super curious to see what are the colours this new palette will provide. I am already in love with my Naked 2 palette, so I don’t imagine this will be of a disappointment.

So guys make sure to keep on the lookout, I will definitely let you know when they officially launch this new palette.




Subtle Pink – Make-up Look

Hey guys,

So about 2 weeks ago, I went to the Isle of MTV and I wore this pink make-up look, which I grew fond of. I have to admit I am not a pinky person when it comes to eye-shadows but in Summer I do like to experiment with colors.  So get ready for some colorful make-up looks :).


For this look I used 2 main palettes, the e.l.f 100 shades palette and the Fraulein 38. This is the list of products and step by step instructions:


  1. First I applied a thin layer of concealer using the Make up store covering cover all concealer.
  2. Then I used a matte white colour from the Fraulein neutral palette and applied it under my brows and on the inner corner of my lid.
  3. On the middle of my lid I used a bronze colour and blended it with a light pink colour.
  4. For the crease I used a brown colour and applied a vibrant pink on the inner corner of my eyes.
  5. Finally I applied the maybelline gel liner and Loreal Mascara.
  6. As for the lips I used the MAC Viva glam by Nicky and for the cheeks the Marbert pink blusher and elf bronzer st.lucia.



This look is perfect for a casual night out or a bbq or even lunch date. I do hope you like this look, keep posted for more and thank you for following.

Let me know in the Comment section if you would you wear this look. 🙂




Easter Special- Make-up Look

Hey guys,

So Easter is basically at the door, and I thought I get into the festive mood and do a make-up look for you guys. As we all know red is for Christmas and Yellow is for Easter, so I tried to incorporate the colour with my eye shadow. Pulling of a yellow eye-shadow can be tricky so that is why I wanted to show you how you can pull it off. 🙂


Now here are the step by step instructions for this Easter special look:



1. Like usual I start with a primer/concealer and use a base colour. This time I used the eye transformer palette from e.l.f. It really helps to give a more vibrant look the eye-shadow.

2. I placed a vibrant yellow eyeshadow from the e.l.f 100 palette on all of my lid.

3. I mixed 2 shades of dark brown and placed it all over my crease.

4. Then I applied a thin line of black eye-shadow to give a more defining line between the yellow and the brown.

5 I applied a winged eyeliner using a black eyeliner by golden rose.

6 Finished the eye-shadow look with the Eva Garden Mascara.

For the cheeks I used an e.l.f St.Lucia bronzer to highlight my cheek bone and the Marbert Pink blusher on my cheek. Finally I used the Mac Viva Glam by Nicki Minaj lipstick for a nice overall spring look. This is a beautiful look you can wear for a night out, brunch or dinner. It is also perfect to wear in this lovely sunny weather we have in Malta. The yellow eyes and pink lips are the right mixture of colours for this spring and even in Summer.


I hope you like this look and if you do please share this blog with your friends. Keep posted for more