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Hello dear readers,

I wish to excuse myself for my absence lately but my life has been very hectic, apart from my full time work, I have been very lucky in make-up jobs and currently rehearsing for another Voices concert. If you follow my Facebook page I have uploaded a bunch of photos of my recent work, I still have more to upload but in the meantime you can have a look of what I have been up-to so far.

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MUA Portfolio page

I also uploaded most of the looks on my MUA Portfolio page, in which there are mentioned some of the amazing photographers I have worked with. I whish to thank especially two different photographers Fritz Von Weisberg and Eva Ferrier, for giving me the opportunity to work with them. They are both have very different artistic styles, but both of them believed in my artistic talent, for which I will be always grateful for.

As time goes by, I do hope I get to chance to work with other various photographer and apart from that have different clients, that will enable me to create whatever they and I want.

Once I organize myself a bit better, I will post more reviews, make-up looks and fashion segments. If you wish for me to post anything in particular, do not hesitate, by commenting down below. I always love to read your comments and get to know you guys.




Make Up Store – Gloss Lips in Cleo

A while ago I visited the awesome Make Up Store at Tigne Point Sliema, and I was given this gorgeous lip gloss. I have to admit that I wasn’t wearing a lot of lip glosses lately but slowly after seeing my Idol Beyonce wear this bold glossy red lip-gloss in her latest music video Partition looking sexy than ever, I knew I had to give them another shot. Cleo is a beautiful red lip gloss, very pigmented and surprisingly opaque. It can be worn on it’s own or on a top of a lipstick looks exceptional.


It has quite a sticky texture, but after a while the stickiness reduces and it becomes a bit creamy. Apart from being glossy, it also has small shimmery particles in the colour itself, which make the lips look pouty and glossy. As to longevity, I do find it to be pretty average, I do need to apply the gloss after a few hours. But overall I do like it, and I am glad I have it in my collection :).



  • Beautiful Pimented opaque lip gloss
  • The packaging is pretty handy to apply and travel with
  • average longevity
  • reasonable pricing


  • Not a bit fan of stickiness of this lip gloss, because for some reason I always end up with hair stuck to my lips


Will I ever buy this product again? Probably, even if I am not much of a lip-gloss person, I truly like wearing this lipgloss and I love it soft feeling.

Do I recommend it? Definitely, it’s a good quality product. If you manage to get this well lucky you but it not do check out some of their other lip glosses as the quality and formula is pretty similar.


Would love to hear from you guys your opinion 🙂




Planter’s – Now in Malta – Young and Natural Aloe Vera Repairing Cream

Hello beauty readers,

Planter’s Cosmetica Naturale is now available in Malta. How great is that? If you don’t know about Planter’s you are about to be lectured. Planter’s is an Italian cosmetic company which works to create products that are eco-friendly, made only from natural ingredients, safe on skin and most importantly not tested on animals.


Most of their product is made from Aloe Vera and Sweet almond. I have been familiar with Aloe Vera  for quite a while and I am very impressed by its healing nutrients.  On the other hand, sweet almond is also known and used to smoothen and soften the skin. I was lucky enough my get my hands on the Aloe Vera Repairing Cream, thanks to the Planter’s cosmetics in Malta. The packaging is really cool; I simple love the graphic design on each tin, which varies in different patterns and colours.


Now as about the cream itself, it is instantly absorbed into the skin and little goes a long way. I have to confess something, I am really at taking care of my skin, I always forget to put lotions on, except for the weekend. However a great way for me to actually start using hand creams, was taking them at work with me. My hands and elbows for a fact are always very dry and flaky, and since I started applying this cream on me, it really worked wonders.  Apart from that my colleague recently had a sun burn and her face was very dry, she was asking if we had any lotion, and I saved the day with the Repairing cream.  She truly loved the lotion, it really helped her dry skin from one application, and it was smooth back again.  Apart from that the smell is very pleasant, it’s hard to recognize but it reminds me to that of a coconut.  It also can be used on all skin types including men and children.


These beauties contain 75ml of product and it costs €6.50 only, and if you want a larger size you can opt for the 150ml but it has regular tube packaging.


  • Beautiful packaging,
  • It truly repairs the skin from dry it makes it soft
  • Very good affordable price
  • Perfect for any season from winter cracks to summer burns


  • There are none, honestly and truly


Will I ever buy this product again? Probably, I have been relying a lot on this cream recently, so I will probably repurchase it.

Do I recommend it? For sure, this cream is a must have. I carry it around with me everywhere especially now in summer when my skin feels really dry, and it’s great as an after sun cream. I suggest you give their website a look by clicking here.  You can also check out their Local (Malta) facebook page by clicking here and you will find Planter’s at all leading pharmacies on the Maltese Islands and selected salons.


Have you tried any from the Planter’s skin care line ? if you have give me your opinion on the comment section

Thank you for stopping by




Pupa Milano – Navy Chic Spring Collection – Matic Sylo Eyeshadow in 002

Hello dear readers,

Not sure if you follow the amazing brand Pupa Milano, but as Spring came about, they launched their Spring Collection called Navy Chic. The collection includes beautiful bright and bold colours from eyeshadows lipstick and nail polishes. I simply cannot get over the yellow nail polish or that beautiful red lipstick from this collection.  Even-though spring is almost over I am sure this collection will look great for this Summer aswell. Unfortunately I might be a little bit late with this review, but I always love to test a product as much as I can before giving a final review, so please bare with me.

Pupa Milano in Malta gave me the Matic Sylo eyeshadow stick in Taupe which is a lovely colour to use a medium tone. This Matic Stylo is available in 4 different colours the oo1 Golden rose, 002 Taupe, 003 Wisteria, 004 Silver. The eye shadow is very creamy and is applied like a dream. It feels very wet and refreshing on the eyes, the feeling is very similar to that once you get out of the shower. The awesome thing about this shadow is it doesn’t smudge nor crease. What is pretty impressive about all of the Pupa products is how long they last and this is not an exception.





  • Functional Packaging, easy to apply
  • creamy and refreshing formula
  • Does not smudge or crease
  • Long lasting for up to 5hrs




  • I have really nothing bad to say about this product.


Will I ever buy this product again? Probably, I love the texture of these shadows and them being so long lasting 

Do I recommend it? For sure, I personally think this is a great addition to anyone’s  make-up bag


Have you bought any for these fabulous shadows from their spring collection?


Pupa Milano – Vamp! Wet and Dry Eyeshadow – 305

In the recent months I have been testing and simply loving all of the Pupa products. Now I am finally taking the time to give you a detailed review about their latest new eye-shadow beauties. Recently Pupa launched a series of 24 gorgeous shades of Vamp! Wet and dry eyeshadows, and I was lucky to get my hands on one of them. I chose this gorgeous navy blue, that has this pearl-like kind of metallic texture.


This eyeshadow can be used both wet and dry, however I have only used it when dry up till now.  I have used this particular colour in a recent make-up look called Winter blues, so do check it out. I am simply in love with this colour, the texture and pigmentation is simply impeccable. Many have asked me about this shadow whenever I wear it. It also has little fall out and it has such a lovely smooth and “creamy” texture, which is a pleasure to work with and blend.


I also can’t express how cute is their packaging, which is very sleek and neat just how I like it .It also has a nice small applicator which can be handy for some, even though I still prefer to use my own eye-shadow brushes. This beauty retails for €11.70 which is a good reasonable price, for it great quality and it also has a good amount of product that will take a while for it to end.



  • Beautiful packaging, sleek and neat
  • Great quality and pigmentation
  • Minor fall outs
  • lasts all day
  • Worth every penny



  • NONE- I actually have nothing negative to say about this product is simply delivers.

Will I ever buy this product again? Definitely, I would buy it in an instant if I ever run out, the pigmentation is simply divine.

Do I recommend it? Of course, I urge your to visit their local Pupa stand which are available in various Pharmacies, Perfumeries and Beauty Salons, they are totally worth it.


Have you tried these eye-shadows yet? let me know your opinion down below, and thank you for stopping by 🙂




Anatomicals -Help the paw- Vitamin Rich Hand Cream

Anatomicals have taken Malta by storm, and there are three simple reasons why this is happening. They have great quality products, which are cool and even cheap, what else could we want ? Today I will review their popular hand cream called Help the paw – Vitamin rich hand cream. I have been testing this product for a while now and it truly keeps my hands well hydrated and a tiny bit goes a long way.


It comes in a 100ml tube, with a hilarious tagline like all of their other products. If you think about it, it is actually so true, they do want me for my body :P. I can’t quite put my finger on the scent, I think is a bit lemon-ish, but it could be something else. The important thing is that it smells nice and the scent its not too strong. It contains vitamin E and sweet almond oil, which is there to nourish and soften the skin.  Some creams tent to be too runny or take a long time to dry, but “help the paw” is very light and it is absorbed very easily. I do suggest that you don’t apply a huge amount as it can have a quick moment of stickiness, but if  you rub it in a bit further it will go away.




  • Fast absorbing
  • non-greasy
  • smells lush
  • packaging is really funky
  • A little goes a long way
  • Very cheap, it retails for €5.50



  • None really

Will I ever buy this product again? Definately, it truly keeps my hands hydrated and smooth.

Do I recommend it? Definitely, it good, cheap and it helps my paws 😛


Have you ever tried any of Anatomical Products? let me know what you think in the comment below 🙂 would love you read your opinion




Benefit – They’re Real Mascara

Hello guys,

I am finally starting to review some of the products I got from London, which I have been testing for a while now. The first product I will review is the most raved about Mascara ever, which is the Benefit – They’re Real Macara. I was really excited to try this mascara because of great reviews I’ve read, but it turned out to be a bit of disappointment. Mind you it’s not a bad mascara, I seriously love how it separates my lashes, but I have no idea why there is such a hype about it. I do still have mixed feelings about this product, which you will notice from my pros and cons.



  • I love the packaging it reminds me of a 50’s style mascara, it comes in a black box with orange typography, while the actual mascara has a nice silver/grey squarish shape.
  • I love how it separates the lashes, the brush is the main reason for that because it’s like a hard comb to the lashes.
  • Makes lashes really long
  • Easy brush to use, even if the brush is a little bit weird
  • It’s jet black



  • Being that I have thick and heavy lashes it clumps them after to many layers.
  • It didn’t give me any volume
  • The brush is a bit to hard for my taste, the first time I applied the mascara I almost hurt my eyes, but once you get used to it, its OK.
  • If I don’t layer up, it doesn’t look like I have any mascara on
  • It is a bit expensive for such a mascara, i got it for about €24 which is about £19.


Will I ever buy this product again? Not sure to be honest, I like how it seperates my lashes but it doesn’t give me any volume. Mixed feelings :/

Do I recommend it? If you are looking for a mascara that separates your lashes and gives you length, I highly recommend it but if you are looking for volume then this is not your mascara.


Have you ever tried this Mascara?, would love your opinion. Keep posted for more guys 🙂





Golden Globes 2014 – Worst Dressed

Hey guys,

Today must be the only time I posted twice in a day, but I had to cover the Golden Globes  🙂 from the best to the worst dressed. Unfortanetly like every year there are those that try to be different in a good way but unfortunately end up looking very bad. Here is my list of worst dressed at the Awards.


Puala Patton , honey what were you thinking with this dress? If it wearent for this huge side ruffle, it wouldn’t have been so bad. It’s like the designer didn’t want to waste the extra fabric and added it to the dress.  Such a pity, she is such a beautiful actress.

Paula Patton


A award winning Actress shouldn’t be wearing such a cheap looking dress. It looks like a prom dress rather than something you would wear for the Golden Globes. The fabric looks a little bit cheap and the colors totally clash for me. I’m sorry Sandra Bullock but it’s just wrong.

Sandra Bullock


Julia Roberts wears this lovely Dolce and Gabbana  strapless dress then wears with this white hideous blouse underneath. It just doesn’t make any sense are you going to work as a waitress or to the Golden globes? Without the blouse she would have looked great such a pity.
Julia Roberts


Even-though Heidi Klum looks good in everything,I did expert more from a Super model, this marches gown doesn’t give her any justice. The white flowers on a black dress, simply doesn’t do it for me however if Heidi wore a more dainty jewelry and maybe put her hair up in a bun, she would have looked more elegant because it is definitely not an ugly dress.

Not quite right: Heidi Klum's black and white floral Marchesa gown exuded romance, but her black choker necklace and exaggerated cleavage took away from the dress's charm


Many love this dress/outfit but seriously what is there to like?. It like she wasn’t sure if to wear a dress or a suit, so she combined both. Hone decide what you want don’t go for both at the same time. The front is simply boring, the back is so and so but i’m sorry trousers are not for the Golden Globes. Next time decide what you want please, this is simply confusing.

Is it a dress? Emma Watson's open back Dior ensemble, which looked like a gown from the front but revealed black pants at the back, resembled a glorified hospital gownIs it a dress? Emma Watson's open back Dior ensemble, which looked like a gown from the front but revealed black pants at the back, resembled a glorified hospital gown


I seriously want to give Jennifer Lawrence some fashion tips, especially when it comes to gowns. Lawrence has this beautiful slim curvy body that would look gorgeous in some figure hugging dresses but she does it wrong all the time. The only time I saw her in a beautiful gown was at the Oscars. This Dior dress looks like a white blanket with black belts around the waist and hips, I might be rough but it’s the truth.  It’s such a pity to see her in there boring dresses, she needs a bit of help.

Awkward details: Jennifer Lawrence resembled Little Bo Peep in her poufy white Dior gownAwkward details: Jennifer Lawrence resembled Little Bo Peep in her poufy white Dior gown, which was cinched awkwardly at the waist and below the hips with stark black straps


Lena Dunham from Girls, wore this beautiful Zac Posen dress, mind you it is beautiful but not on her. Lesson number 1 if you are very pale, don’t wear a long yellow dress, seriously what where you thinking? Lesson number 2 this shape of dress is not good for you. Face it with her body this is not the style of dress to go for, it has be more flowing, or else you look like your wearing a size to small.

Not so mellow yellow: Lena Dunham's canary yellow Zac Posen strapless gown was not very flattering for her skin tone and clashed with her red lipstick


Zoe Saldana, where did you find this dress? if you bought this dress, they seriously robbed you, you should give it back. Saldana is such a beautiful woman and this dress doesn’t give her any justice. It’s like the designer has 3 dresses and stitched them into one dress. I will be blunt it is a really ugly dress, all those embellished flowers and see-through fabric at the end, it make me stomach turn.

Zoe Saldana


Kaley Cuoco what where you thinking honey? you are so beautiful and have a beautiful body why did you wear my grandma’s bedspread? Apart from that, the color of the dress is very similar to your skin. Never wear anything that is is very close to your skin, it doesn’t look good, either people will think your naked or just boring.

Kaley Cuoco

That is all when it comes to the Golden Globes, it was so much fun writing my opinion about these dresses. I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what you think 🙂




Golden Globes 2014 – Best Dressed

I am not a fashion expert but I do love fashion. When I was little I used to love watching the catwalks and design my own clothes on paper. So when such a fashionable yet important event like the Golden Globes occurs, I love to look at the beautiful detailed dresses designers make.


My number one favorite has to be Cate Blanchet in this beautiful black laced Armani gown. This gown look exceptionally beautiful on her porcelain skin, even the back is simply divine.  Cate Blanchet is a beautiful, elegant and talented woman and she showed it all in this beautiful dress.

Nights in black lace: Cate Blanchett sported a Valentino gown with plunging backless detailNights in black lace: Cate Blanchett sported a Valentino gown with plunging backless detail


My second favorite has to be Kate Backinsale in a Zuhair Murad dress.  The shape of the dress is simply gorgeous on her fabulous body, and the detail and design of this dress is to die for.

Pure sophistication: Kate Beckinsale showed off her slim frame in a Zuhair Murad fishtail gown and loose updoPure sophistication: Kate Beckinsale showed off her slim frame in a Zuhair Murad fishtail gown and loose updo


Sofia Vergara has to be my third choice for sure, she wore this beautiful black dress by Zac Posen and accesorised it with a chunky turquoise necklace. I love the shape of this dress, it hugs her curvaceous body pretty well, simply gorgeous.

Voluminous: Sofia Vergara sported a Zac Posen gown with very full skirt teamed with a chunky turquoise necklaceVoluminous: Sofia Vergara sported a Zac Posen gown with very full skirt teamed with a chunky turquoise necklace


Yes another black dress, does that say anything about me ? hehe. However you have to admit Emma Roberts look great in this dress. I love the beautiful neckline of the dress and it fits her to perfection.

Happy together: Emma Roberts and fiancée Evan Peters couldn't stop smiling as they walked the carpet togetherHappy together: Emma Roberts and fiancée Evan Peters couldn't stop smiling as they walked the carpet together


Lupita Nyong’o sported a sleeveless red Ralph Lauren gown, complete with cape detail. At first I didn’t know if I hated of loved this dress because of the cape, but I have to admit it looks exceptionally beautiful on her lovely chocolate skin.

Lady in red: Nominated Lupita Nyong'o sported a sleeveless red Ralph Lauren gown, complete with cape detailLady in red: Nominated Lupita Nyong'o sported a sleeveless red Ralph Lauren gown, complete with cape detail


I have to give it to Hellen Mirren, not only she looks ravishing in this embroidered Jenny Packham emerald gown. She looks stunning and amazing for her agem I’ll be more than happy to look like that at her at her age.

Green goddess: Helen Mirren looked stunning in her embroidered Jenny Packham emerald gownGreen goddess: Helen Mirren looked stunning in her embroidered emerald gown


Lily Rabe is a very talented actress in American Horror story but being that she isn’t an A list actress, there wasn’t a particular emphases on her dress but I simple love it and it deserves a good review.  She wore a beautiful brown dress with graphic black overlay and it look great with her blonde complexion.

Big black dresses: Jacqueline Bisset wore off-the-shoulder black and gold, while Monica Potter sported a gold top and black skirt, Allison Williams wore black and white  and Lily Rabe wore a brown dress with black overlay

Below are some more pretty dresses that I liked but didn’t impress me much.

A rainbow of dresses: Sandra Bullock Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams and Amber Heard were the leading brights on the red carpet at the Golden Globes Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday nightA rainbow of dresses: Taylor Swift, Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Amber Heard were the leading brights on the red carpet at the Golden Globes Awards at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday nightAll white on the night: Margot Robbie flashed the flesh in a plunging white gown split to the thigh with beaded detail on the waist and shoulderEmbellished frocks: Julianna Margulies wore a black gown with gold leaf design while Melissa McCarthySilver lining: Mila Kunis was the epitome of glamour in her sequinned Gucci gown with her brown locks pulled up into an updoHot metal: Naomi Watts sported a slinky Tom Ford champagne gown with a chunky gold neck detailClassy in crimson: Jessica Lange sported a draped velvet number while Julie Delpy looked resplendent in scarlet 680

These are my favorite dresses from the Golden Globes, what were your favorites? let me know by commenting own below 🙂

I will do another post about the worst dressed for the Golden Globes so keep posted




Winter Tag

Hello guys,

It’s the New Year and yes I have been tagged this Winter by the lovely Steph from Think Love Makeup blog.  She is a lovely British born Maltese blogger, that has an undeniably passion for Make-up, just like me :D.  I will start by saying that I am not a winter person, I simply hate winter and Love Summer. Yet as the positive person I am, I try to look at the good in everything, and there are some things that winter is great for, so keep on reading.

So let’s start with the questions:

1) Favourite Winter Nail Polish?

This is a bit tough cause I have quite a couple that I like to wear nowadays.  In winter I love wearing dark nail polishes, and I’ve been wearing this lovely dark blue polish by the Make up store called Anders and also red Nail polish by Maybelline.



2) Favourite Winter lip product?

I have been loving the Anatomicals Stop Cracking Lip balm, it’s perfect for this cold weather.


3) Most worn Winter clothing piece? 

It has to be my leather jackets, I wear it everyday for work. It keeps me warm and it’s looks pretty good. I have an undeniable love for leather jackets, they can be worn with anything.


4) Most worn Winter accessory? 

It has to be my scarves, being that I also love to sing, I need to take care of my voice and keep my necks covered when outside. So I make sure to always wear one even when I’m running.


5) Favourite winter scent/candle?

I have been loving Beyonce’s perfume Heat and even Pulse but I find it more summer, but I recently smelled My secret by Antonio Banderas and I have to say it smells devine. Funnily enough I have never really took any particular notice to a perfume, I usually get them as presents so never really bothered buying some for my own. However I don’t have a particular favorite candle.

6) Favourite Winter beverage?

It has to be tea, I simple love tea from normal to herbal tea’s, they keep me warm and taste great.  Then to unwind, some lovely white or rose wine, or even some Vodka coke on the weekend.

7) All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?

To be honest I don’t have one in particular, I love movies in general and watch them all the time but none of them I watch because of a particular season.

8) Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?

I will let out a secret, I am not much of a Christmas person, I simple hate Christmas songs, they are so boring and all sound the same. Being that I also work in a showroom, I have to listen to same songs for a whole month and believe me it’s not fun hehe. Not to sound like the Grinch, there are two songs I don’t mind listening  is Shake up Christmas by Train and Christmas Light by Coldplay.

9) Favourite Holiday food/treat?

It has to be my sister Lasagna, she does  the best lasagna ever.love  I had plenty of it during the holidays and it was so good, I really didn’t mind having it over and over again.

10) What is your favourite Christmas Decoration this year?

I really don’t like Christmas decoration, I find them to be quite tacky (ok now i really sound like the Grinch hehe). My sister usually does the decorations, she is more of a winter person than I am.  However I do like simple decorations that give a nice touch here and here, like gold and silver candles or flowers.

11) What’s at the top of your Christmas list?

Well now Christmas is over I don’t have anything, and even though I love to give presents, I didn’t have any presents to give to aparts from my parents. Being that I am have a huge family (4br+sisters and 7 niece and nephews) we stopped giving gifts to each other because it will be to pricey. Me and my friends were going to do a secret santa but we barely met before the holidays because of their studies that we didn’t manage that one either, so I guess we have to leave it for next year.

12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?

Well my plans were to spend some fun time with my friends and family, and I did. Everything went pretty well even if we had some few setback, but overall I had an awesome time.

I tag you guys feel free and reply to these questions on your blog.

this post,  I will start posting some interesting reviews this week and maybe some new tutorials. I would love your suggestions in how to improve my blog or if you want me to post about something in particular.

Lots of Love