NYX Stay Matte but not Flat Powder Foundation

My intent to purchase this powder was based on the mixed reviews I have been reading about it, apart from the actual need of a powder myself. After using it for a couple of months I completely understand why some love it and some don’t. I have honestly loved this powder because it is perfect for my oily t-zone, it has a lovely finish and stays on for quite a while.


The reason behind the bad reviews is because people try to use it as a foundation, which I completely understand being that it’s said to be a powder foundation. This is not a foundation but just a setting powder, and you need to apply a foundation underneath or else it won’t stay on your face for a long time. I bought it in the natural colour, which matches my skin colour perfectly, especially in winter. I still use it in summer especially under my eye over my concealer.


I wish to excuse myself for not providing my own images for this product but being that I have used this powder a lot, it’s not in the best shape so here are some images taken from the net.

I am a huge fan of this powder, I carry it with me everywhere it’s probably the best powder the price it sells for which is similar to that of any drugstore brand. The texture is fine and silky, great for oily skin, but it you are super oily I would go for something different, because it has a medium coverage. However if you have a normal combination skin, this is perfect.
The packaging is lovely, durable, very sleek and MAC looking; the only think that is a bit annoying is the tiny little plastic tab that you have to use to get the sponge compartment. But other than it’s definitely a must have.

  • Sleek, durable packaging
  • Formula with medium coverage, fine and silky
  • Long lasting
  • Good Pricing


  • The lid for the sponge compartment to tiny to open


Will I ever buy this product again? I will for sure, being that it’s soon coming to an end (because I use it every day), I need a couple more of these.
Do I recommend it? Definitely, it’s a good quality product, and perfect for anyone with a combination skin.
Rating: 4/5
Would love to hear from your opinion, if you ever tried this product


Gluten Free Make-up

Hello guys,

This post is slightly different from anything iv’e ever done but I think it is very important for anyone to know, especially make-up artists and anyone that is gluten intolerant. Recently I talked to an old friend of mine from school, and as we talked about how things have been with us for the past 2 years, I found out that she is Gluten intolerant. There are plenty of people which are gluten intolerant, and it’s a pretty normal thing, however in order to live a healthy life they have to avoid any food which contains gluten, like bread, pasta and much more.

Being that this type of disease it revolved around the food it is eaten, little did I know that they also have to be careful what type of make-up to use. Some people report not getting 100% relief just by going gluten-free in their diet and it is possible to ingest gluten from some of the cosmetic products we uchcse. Luckily there are cosmetics companies who make quality gluten free cosmetics and are aware of the risks of gluten.

Check out some of the cosmetics which are suitable for everyone including gluten intolorent:


Ecco bella is an american make-up company that have a range of gluten-free makeup, skin care, hair care and fragrances. Apart from that they have a variety of vegan product and well as cruelty-free, non-comoedogenic and paraben-free products. These are available in Taiwan, Denmark and Canada, however they also do international shipping on their on website, so do check out.

2. Bare Minerals

I have heard of bare mineral about a year ago and I have always wanted to try them out. Knowing that their product are gluten-free gives me an extra reason to do so. However they have a disclaimer on their website stating that they cannot promise that each ingredient in their products was processed in a gluten-free environment. Unfortunately they do not ship to Malta on their own website , but there are available from the UK website Chemist Direct.

3 Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow is the first certified gluten-free makeup line by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. They have tons of gluten-free beauty products on their website however I am not sure if it is available for shipping in Malta but it definitely available in Canada, for more info check out their website here. Some of their known favorites include organic blush, lip gloss and mascara.

 4. Zuxu Luxe

Zuxu Luxe is another gluten-free makeup company that specialized in creating luxury cosmetics. It is said that the collection were inspired by the European spas tradition, all of products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, corn-free and their ingredients are all natural.  Also the packaging is eco friendly. All of the ingredients are natural, such as spring water, herbs and vitamins as well as rare and exotic essential oils with sophisticated, fresh colors designed for women in the know. Just like at the European spa, ZuZu Luxe will make your face look healthy and refreshed. They don’t have their own website but they are available trough various sites one of which is called The Nature of Beauty, check it out.

6. Joelle Cosmetics

Joelle Cosmetics, which is also known as My Mineral Glitters, are also celiac friendly and have the largest gluten-free makeup and skin care solutions store! I have browes their online store and they have tons of option and not only make-up, they even have skin care, hair care and even products for the baby.  Not sure if they do ship to Malta because their website is not so clear but you can try to contact them and hopefully they will. Check their website here.

7. Monave Mineral Make-up

Monave makes gluten-free, cruelty-free, 95% vegan and organic makeup that is made of only the highest quality mineral makeup. Choose from a variety of gluten-free lipsticks, concealers, eye shadows and skin care products. Monave prides themselves on creating superior cosmetics that suit women of all ages, complexions and lifestyles! You can find these available on their website, check it out here.

8.Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo is another British brand which offer a great range of high quality mineral make up that is also Gluten free.  They are also free from any parabens, synthetic perfumes or dyes and also BUAV approved. Whether your skin is dry, oily or anywhere in-between, Lily Lolo makeup will give you a light, flawless and seamless finish without clogging or irritating. The awesome things is that they are available in the Uk and Malta, from their own website  and even from CrueltyfreeMalta, check them out :D.

9.LCN Nail Polish

LCN has a wide range of nail polishes that are also gluten free, vegan, and free from the big 5 toxic chemicals which are found in most polishes. The are also pretty reasonable in pricing being that an 8ml bottle the costs about €4.15 at the Melita Skin and beauty Clinic in Malta. They have a good 4 to 5 days wear before it chips and they have new colours every season. They are available in various outlets including Steph Luarie Melita skin and beauty clinic more info here.

I hope this post was helpful to anyone that is gluten intolerant and even make-up artist which do encounter clients that are celiac. Would appreciate a thumbs up on this post and even on my facebook page 🙂




NARS – Blusher – Deep Throat

Hey guys,

I guess it’s time to review my second product I got from Nars. If you haven’t seen my other review for the Nars bronzing powder Laguna go here.


I have only tried these two products from NARS and yes I fell in love with them. NARS products are very expensive for me but they are completely worth the price, you are really buying a high quality product. Deep Throat is a beautiful middle tone between peach and pink, it has this slight shimmer which is like a more like a highlighter it gives this lovely natural glow to the cheeks. Being that at the moment I have this nice tan I have to apply a little more product so that the product is actually visible but I think in winter it would look amazing.


The beauty of it that it’s so natural and you can wear it for every occasion if it’s for daytime or night time. It also doesn’t conflict with any other makeup, or wardrobe, it is very not distracting. NARS also have a popular blusher called Orgasm, which is this quite similar but more on a pink tone than Deep throat and much more shimmery, because of the shimmer Deep throat is somewhat preferred more by customers.


The blush is very much buildable, but I don’t know if anyone darker than medium complexion would be able to enjoy this blush, because it is pretty sheer on the skin. I am quite light in general, so I actually prefer the sheerness because I don’t have to apply to carefully, or spend much time blending out the color. 

N2 N1

I am slowly falling in love with this brand, and am so happy that I had the opportunity to have these babies :). Well that is all for now guys, keep posted for more as one of my family members might actually be on this blog 😀




Nars – Bronzing Powder Laguna

Hey guys,

Before I start reviewing this amazing product, kindly notice that I have made a few changes on this blog. Not only design wise but even an easier way for you to follow me either on wordpress or by email and even to access my Facebook page. I hope you like it and would appreciate any further comments.


Now back to my review, as you already know I won 2 products by Nars from the lovely blogger Flora, on her giveaway. I tried this bronzing powder and was simply impressed by how it applies and it’s silk-like pigmentation. It has a slightly yellow bronze undertone which looks devine. However the texture of this bronzer isn’t completely matte but it also doesn’t have shimmer or glitter. It has what I would call a natural finish and looks like skin when applied. I think some matte bronzers are overly matte and look more fake than anything. Laguna is perfect for most skin tones. I thing this will do for both Summer and fall, however if you get really darkly tanned in summer or have a deep skin tone, NARS has another bronzer called Casino which is also reviewed very well.

Nbronzer2 Nbronzer3

Laguna blends nicely, it goes on a little sheer but I don’t mind as it allows more control of how dramatic of a look you are going for. Did I mention how gorgeous their packaging is? It is so sleek and black with a big NARS written on it, but at the same time it has this soft texture which make it fit nicely in my hands. Due it’s texture it can get quite dirty easily but it can be easily removed with a wipe. The only cons about this product is that it is quite pricey for a single bronzing, I checked on the website and it costs about €36. However you are paying for what you get, the quality is impeccable and the casing is quite big so you get a good amount of product.

Nbronzer4 Nbronzer5

Well I hope you like my review, if you have any further questions about this product or if you tried this product and want to share your opinion, feel free  to share in the comment section below.




Won a Nars Giveaway :D

Hey guys,
So last Monday I was contacted by the lovely Laura from Flora and she told me that I won her giveaway. I was so happy first of all because I don’t have anything from NARS and they are one of the best Make-up brands out there and because I never won a single thing hehe. I was jumping with joy 😀

I received them later on this week and here is a sneak peak of the products. Btw do check Laura’s Blog Flora, I love her taste in make-up and reviews :).

Nars1 Nars2

I will post a review on these 2 products further on, so far I have swatcheD them and they are very pigmented but light at the same time, not chalky. I am very grateful of this giveaway which is why I cant wait to give back and host my own giveaway, however I would love to get 100 followers first. I already have some ideas of what to give, but would be open for suggestions from you guys.




E.L.F HAUL – Make-up Tools

Hello make-up lovers,

As I have told you in my previous post, e.l.f had quite a nice offer of giving everything 50% off for St.David’s Day and I decided to buy some tools and brushes that I needed for quite a time.


Brushes and Mascara shield

  1. First is the angled foundation brush which is perfect to cover some angles of your nose and under your eyes. The brush is super soft and it blends the foundation well on to the skin.


2. Is the small precision brush which you can use to draw thin eyeshadow lines or even the eyeliner. The brush is also very soft and is perfect for liquid eyeshadows of eyeliners.

3. The angled eyeliner brush is my Favorite, it draws a nice thin line eyeliner line beautifully. This is the right brush to use when you want to draw a very thin line with a cream or gel eyeliner.


4. Lat but not least is the mascara shield which I really had to have. It happens to me a lot that I do the perfect eye-shadow and then ruin it with the mascara. This is just perfect I am proud of elf for coming with such a great idea. The shield is basically made from silicone and it stop you from having any fall-out. I find it a bit hard to use it on myself but it is definitely a must when you need to apply mascara on someone else.


I also bought some disposable lip gloss wands which I like to give to my clients with a lipstick sample to carry with them for the occasion. So they can do some further touch-ups later on. I even bought some powder applicators to also give out to clients. I once read that a participial make up artist, that she gave out powder applicators with some powder on them for the clients to have enough for touching up. I also got the eyebrow stencil to try them out but I honesty don’t really need them. I do find them a bit silly and I don’t like the plastic material because it sticks to my foundation and it gets dirty immediately.

DSC00848 That is all for now, keep posted for more. I will try to do a new make up look this weekend. Thank you all for following