Wjcon – Quick Eyeliner in Prune

Hey guys,

I have tried and tests most of the product that I got from Wjcon and it is time for me review them. I was given a purple eyeliner with a purple eye-shadow that I reviewed here.


The eyeliner comes in a nice coloured packaging, which depends on the colour you choose. It has a thin and flexible tip which outlines the eye in a clear and defined way with lightness and precision. I imagine they called it quick eyeliner because you just open it and apply it immediately without having to dip the brush in the eyeliner.


I have to admit I personally find these type of eyeliners irritating. I don’t like the way they apply and the eyeliner tends to be less pigmented. I have tried a similar eyeliner of other brands and they are practically the same.

The only pron’s I give this product is that it is really waterproof and it dries fast. When I swatched it on my hand it took me a while to remove it, so it must be a good with regards to being waterproof.


I know some people love these type of eyeliner, so if you do , this is a great product for you for I prefer either liquid eyeliners with a brush , gels or cream eyeliner. They tend to be more pigmented and last longer.

If you are interested It is also available in 6 colours: CARBON BLACK , TOFFEE , PRUNEprune, PEACOCK, TEAL

Forgot to mention that they retail for only 4.90 euros which definitely a cheap price for such an eyeliner. So if you are into these type of eyeliner I would definitely try them out, but if you are an old school like me you should try some of their other eyeliners which are actually good from what I read. They have quite a various range of eyeliners so check them out, if you have the time, at Naxxar Road B’kara.

Do you like these type of eyeliners or not?