Halloween- Ghost – Make-Up Look

Hello guys,

I am back :), finally after months being away from this blog, I have time again to start writing some posts for you :). Halloween is coming up, isn’t that exciting? 😀 I think its the best opportunity we get, to be creative with make-up and costumes. This year I should be a having a Halloween photo-shoot which I will post once published, for which I might be using this make-up look, not on myself but on other models. The look is basically a scary Ghost inspired from various movies, like the Ring, Mamma, the Grudge. It is a very easy look to do, all you need is a ton amount of patience and the right products.


Below you will find my instructions of how to create such a look:

1. The first thing you should do when creating this look is apply a primer. Chose an adequate for your skin type. If you have redness use a primer that will hide the redness so that it won’t show even after applying foundation.

2. Apply a very white foundation, it doesn’t need to be a very pale white, just choose a two shade lighter foundation. I’ve seen make-up artists over do it with the white foundation and instead of looking artistic it ends up showing that it’s just a pasty make-up.  You want to make it as real as possible, that it scares people out :D.

3. Then we can start on with the eyeshadow. For this look all you need are black and red colours (elf palette). I started off by using a black eyeshadow and marked the area around my eye, then followed with a black matte gel liner (WetnWild) and topped it all over the shadow. It’s hard to created a very dark black circle using just eyeshadow, which is why you need a gel liner to get it as dark as possible. In order for the look to be more “natural” i blended the black outwards. Further on I applied and blended the red eyeshadow with the black shadow under my eyes, and finally created some crack lines with a liquid liner.


4. Finally I applied some black shadow to highlight my cheek bones, on my inner lips and even around my nose.

5. I also suggest backcombing your hair to create a scary hairstyle and wear a black or white dress, and be ready to scare some people for Halloween :D.


I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did doing it, if you try this look make sure to tag me so that I can see it. Show some love by sharing this post with your family and friends

Happy Halloween Everyone




Cleopatra – Halloween Make-Up Look

Hello guys,

So I thought another look for you guys for this Halloween, this is way simpler than the previous one. This was created for those that aren’t used to experiment a lot with make-up, but still want to try something new for this Halloween. I chose to do the beautiful ancient ruler Cleopatra, and the look is inspired by the way she is portrayed in various movies. The most important aspect of this look is the eye-liner, if the eyeliner is done well your look is complete. I also used a wig because my bands have gotten longer, but if you have bangs, all you need is a few jewelry pieces on your head and you’ve transformed yourself into Cleopatra.




  • I started with the usual base primer and used a shimmery white eye-shadow with a yellow undertone under the brows.
  • Then I used a gold colour and applied it all over the lid even some on the crease, following with a blue eye-shadow on the outer lid and a little bit on the crease.
  • Finally I did a double eye-liner, which is an eye liner both at the top and under of the eyes, and some mascara to finalize the look.



  • Two faced primer
  • Make up store Michroshadow Satin
  • Elf 100 marble pelette
  • Barry M eyeliner
  • Collection Mascara


  • As for the cheeks I used the elf bronzer to contour and Marber peach colour on the cheeks


  • I kept is simple light and simple and used the Pupa glossy lips- lip gloss

c1 c2

 Well guys I hope you like this look, if you choose try this look tag me in your photo, I would love to see your version of this look :). If you want to show your support, feel free to like and share this post with your friends and family. I also love reading all your comments below, your support means a lot to me,