NARS – Blusher – Deep Throat

Hey guys,

I guess it’s time to review my second product I got from Nars. If you haven’t seen my other review for the Nars bronzing powder Laguna go here.


I have only tried these two products from NARS and yes I fell in love with them. NARS products are very expensive for me but they are completely worth the price, you are really buying a high quality product. Deep Throat is a beautiful middle tone between peach and pink, it has this slight shimmer which is like a more like a highlighter it gives this lovely natural glow to the cheeks. Being that at the moment I have this nice tan I have to apply a little more product so that the product is actually visible but I think in winter it would look amazing.


The beauty of it that it’s so natural and you can wear it for every occasion if it’s for daytime or night time. It also doesn’t conflict with any other makeup, or wardrobe, it is very not distracting. NARS also have a popular blusher called Orgasm, which is this quite similar but more on a pink tone than Deep throat and much more shimmery, because of the shimmer Deep throat is somewhat preferred more by customers.


The blush is very much buildable, but I don’t know if anyone darker than medium complexion would be able to enjoy this blush, because it is pretty sheer on the skin. I am quite light in general, so I actually prefer the sheerness because I don’t have to apply to carefully, or spend much time blending out the color. 

N2 N1

I am slowly falling in love with this brand, and am so happy that I had the opportunity to have these babies :). Well that is all for now guys, keep posted for more as one of my family members might actually be on this blog 😀




Fraulein 38 – 28 Neutral Nude Eye-shadow Palette

hey guys,

Sorry for being M.I.A lately but it’s been quite a week but I am back.Today I am going review the palette I got from Fraulein a while ago. Being that now it is the wedding season, I needed a distinctive palette with neutral colours. I believe that make-up for a bride should be be as natural as possible. You don’t want to look back at the wedding photos and ask yourself “what the hell were you thinking?”. What I mean by natural make-up is not going on your wedding make-up free (not that I am against it) but you don’t want to look pale for the cameras and the photos but instead you should use natural colours that enhance your beautiful features. I might actually do a bridal make-up look sometime soon :).


Now with regards to this gorgeous palette, it has 28 nude eye shadow palette, comes with an assortment of neutral tones in shimmer and matte effect. 28 colours includes 16 matte and 12 shimmer. Can be used as eye-shadow, bronzes, blush, eyeliners, and shimmer highlighters. The pigmentation of these eye-shadows vary, some are very good , some are okey the rest not so good, but overall I love this palette. I have created some lovely natural looks with this palette and it has some beautiful shades of colours. Sorry I didn’t swatch them all but being that they are plenty, so I swatched some of my favorite colours.

It comes in a lovely sleek black packaging and I love that is has no mirror and no applicator in it, because it makes it very light to carry around and I don’t need them anyway. This lovely palette retails for only 10.99 euros and the shipping is only 2 euros from their website. It is a great price for such a palette, I definitely recommend this product to any make-up geek like me 🙂



Have you ever tried any eye-shadows from Fraulein 38?




MUA £1 Lipsticks – Review

Hey guys,

I hope you are all having a great week so far. Recently I was going trough my lipstick collection and realized that I haven’t reviewed and of the Make-up Academy Lipstick I bought last time. The thing that sold me immediately about these lipsticks is the price. I mean £1 for a lipstick is just ridiculous so of course I bought some from their range. I honestly didn’t expect for these lipsticks to be of good quality but to my surprise they actually are.


I am gonna be honest, not all of them were to my liking but I truly loved most of them. Some of the colours are really gorgeous and you are getting the quality similar to that of a drugstore brand.The consistency is pretty creamy and the finish is glossy. Some of the shades have got a rather chunky glitter in them, some of the shades are just pure pigment. I find that pigmentation varies from shade to shade, usually lighter shades are very sheer, but buildable and darker shades stain my lips in one sweep!

Shade12 Shade5 Shade3

The lasting power is not the greatest, but for the price, you just keep reapplying.They don’t fade in chunks or bits, they don’t dry my lips out too much, as you’d expect for a pound, and I actually find them rather moisturizing and that does not happen too often. I do recommend that you use lip balm or a lip salve after you a day of wearing these, as they sometimes tend to have a strange ‘post-wear’ effect on my lips, when the edges of my lips go a tad flakey, but as long as I slap on some effective lip balm, it’s all good. The scent of these lipsticks is like a strong vanilla, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it.

Overall, I have to say, I’m in love with these. I understand that for some of you they might be more or less drying, you might not be the biggest fan of the lasting power, but they are worth giving a shot, as you just might be as lucky as I am and get on with them like I do. I definitely recommend these lipsticks and might actually buy some more next time.

Have you ever tried these lipstick? What do you think?




Kate Winslet – Harper’s Bazaar – Inspired Look

Hey guys,

I wanted to do another look for you guys which is perfect for this spring. Something simple yet effective. I was looking trough some magazines and photoshoots and I fell in love with the simplicity of Kate Winslet photo-shoot. The make-up look is very easy to do, it’s all about the eyeliner basically. The photos are in black and white so it is difficult to really know what colors they really used on her but the shadows can give an idea.


I usually do step by step instructions but this look is so easy to do so I will mention what products I used.

  1.  Mac Prep and prime primer 
  2. Make up store -satin eye-shadow – white shimmer
  3. Elf palette light brown on the lid, and a darker brown on the crease
  4. WetnWild creme eyeliner
  5. E.lf party pink lipstick
  6. E.l.f contouring blushers
  7. Eva Garden mascara

That is all for now, I hope you liked this look, Keep posted for more and thank you for following 🙂



E.L.F HD Blush – Review

HD1 Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing? Sorry for not posting recently but I have been sick this weekend so I had no energy to post anything. I am back but still slowly getting better. So as most of you already know I recently bought some e.l.f products 50% off and I also bought 3 HD blush in different colors. I have heard a lot about these blushes so I wanted to see what the hype is all about myself. My first impression of the Hd blush is how small they are but apparently compared to the Make up forever they have more product. However my disappointment vanished once I tried them out.


The HD blush comes in a nice transparent tube and a nice black pump. The fist time I pumped a few product out I was impressed how pigmented they are. You really don’t need to use a lot of product with these, just a small drop for each cheek is more than enough. In fact be careful if you plan on pumping it out onto your hand before applying it. I did this the first time I used it and this blush would not come off my hand. It took hours and many hand washes to get it off.


Superstar on me

Superstar on me

This shade aren’t shimmery, but they aren’t completely matte either. It gives a nice glow. You can also use a lip brush and apply it as a lip color, which looks great. Also the best thing about these blushers is that they only cost £3.75.

That is all for now, Keep posted for more reviews and make-up looks 🙂




MAC Prep + Prime Skin – Review

Hey guys 🙂

So it is about time that I start Reviewing my lovely M.A.C products. Since the Primer is the first thing we apply in our make up routine and I thought I should start with the Prep + Prime skin base.  Like most other products I like to mention the Pro’s and cons of the product, this way it will help you decide if you  would every want to purchase it or not.



  1. I love the packaging, it is very sleek and I really like the pump. The packaging itself reflects the product by adding glitter to the usual black packaging because the liquid itself has a bit of glittery shine. 
  2. The primer itself is like a white moisturizer – in fact it reminds me of the base primer I have of Missha. It moisturizes the face which helps with the application of the foundation.
  3. I love how it also evens out the face color and gives me a radiant face.
  4. It really made my foundation stay intact for a whole day which is pretty impressive.



  1. You cannot wear it on its own because of the shimmer it has. 
  2. It is a bit expensive. I bought it for £19.50 which is about €22.50

Overall I think it is a good product and I would buy it again for the only reason that is made my foundation stay a lot longer than any other primer ever did. I have to say it really reminded me of the Missha base cream but the difference is that the Missha doesn’t hold the foundation for too long. I read a lot of reviews which had various opinions about the primer, some loved it and some hated it but I guess it depends on the skin type you have and what you expect from it.



I hope I didn’t leave anything out, and that I was of any help. This is my honest and personal opinion of the product. Keep posted for more 🙂