London Cosmetics Haul

Hey guys,

Yes I am back ūüôā and I am so excited to show you all the gorgeous products I got from London. I shall admit I fell in love with the city, it is just beautiful and there is a lot to do and places to see. In the few days I’ve been there, I’ve seen some beautiful landscapes, tourist attractions and of course huge shopping places. What I bought mostly,were clothes, but I also go some shoes for the coming winter, and a couple of jewelry items. But of course I could not leave London without getting my hands on some make-up and skin care products.


To be honest I didn’t have a lot of time to shop but I did my best with the time I got. When it comes to cosmetics I bought make-up from 4 places in particular, Primark, Boots, House of Fraser and Selfridges. As for skin care, I only bought products from L’Occitane.


I will start with the cheapest which is Primark, I got these gorgeous 4 lipsticks for just a pound and a huge bronzer compact for about 1.50 pounds if I’m not mistaken. I will give you a review further on ūüôā


At boots I got products from various brands that we don’t find in Malta, like berryM, soap and glory, and even benefit. I really I can’t wait to try them and tell you about them on my posts.


When I went to House of Fraser, I was actually looking for some MAC products, but found out that only Selfridges sell MAC at oxford street. As I was heading out I saw an Urban decay display and I was immediately drawn to it and of course, I ended up buying the Naked 2 palette and primer. Can’t wait to review these products, check more product out on their website here.


From Selfridges, I bought a couple of Mac products some of which I own already and some other products which I cannot wait to try.


Last but not least, I bought a gel cleanser,moisturizer ¬†and hand cream from L’Occitane which I cannot wait to try out. I have heard a lot of good reviews about them and I finally has the opportunity to try these products out. I got these beauties on a discount, so do check them out if you are going to Oxford street in London.

I am very happy with my purchases, and can’t wait to review them for you guys :). I don’t think I will post some of the other things I bought like clothes and accessories but I might do some outfit posts in the future. However if you are interested do comment down below. Well, keep posted as some new exciting reviews and posts are coming up




Mini Accessories Haul

Hi guys,

So about a month or two ago, I really needed some retail therapy so I bought a couple of items from various websites online. I have been craving for a couple of handbags and I have been loving these designer smile bags. They can vary in pricing at it depends if they are real leather or not and even which colour you choose. I thought of treating myself for the real deal. I was initially going to it all in black but then the smile wouldn’t be visible, so I opted for the black and white one.


I am absolutely in love with this handbag, might buy another one in a different colour as it is super cute. It is quite a heavy bag and can by tiring if you wear it on your wrist for a long time. However comes with a nice long strap which can give you a different option of how to hold this handbag. I also love that is has these metal studs at the bottom of the bag which can keep it from getting dirty, if you leave it on the floor.

2 1


I also got this lovely summer handbag for a cheap price on e-bay, I use it currently for work because it quite spacious and very light to carry. It’s perfect for summer, as I like to carry light objects.

5 6

When it comes to jewelry, I have been seeing women wearing necklaces with their name tag which were very popular in the 90’s. The 90’s has definitely come back in 20th century. I managed to find the sterling silver necklace with my name on it and I bought it from ebay. I really like it, and many commented on how cute it looks.


Well that is all for now guys, keep posted as I have some interesting new make-up look coming up and more reviews for you guys, so keep posted :D.




Jewel Mania

Hey guys,

So about a month ago I was super sick and when I am sick and bored, the most common thing I end up doing, is shopping.  I thought my jewelry needed an update so i bought a couple of things on eBay for a super cheap price. Some arrived pretty quickly but some of them took a while to get to me but now as they are all in my hands, I thought I show you my purchase.

The first necklace I bought is this cute bronze owl with blue, white, pint and purple studs. I got this for only £1.


Next I got these long silver, gold and black simple necklaces that look great together. 


I also got this mid length silver necklace with cute silver leaves. I love wearing it on when my clothes look plan.  This necklace gives that extra touch.


Next is this cute black triangle necklace with gold pointed studs on it which unfortunately aren’t visible in this image.

DSC01045Finally I got this cute peacock necklace which I am really in love with. It is super cute and elegant.


As you probably noticed I love long necklaces, but mostly because they look the best on me being that I am ta. I do recommend for you to buy jewelry from ebay as they are gorgeous and very cheap.

That is all for now guys, thank you for following and keep posted for more ūüôā




E.L.F HAUL -Baked Bronzer

Hey guys,

Every month I look at my make up and see what I have missing that I really need. I¬†realized¬†that I didn’t have any bronzer¬†compacts¬†and the one I have are slowly coming to an end. I¬†usually¬†use the bronzers I have on my e.l.f complete the look palette which are quite good but unfortunately when you apply it once a lot of products comes off. ¬†So recently with the 50% offer I got these two Baked Bronzers in 2¬†colors.¬†I got St. Lucia and Los Cabos.


Los cabos and St Lucia


St.Lucia is a light bronzer color while the Los Cabos is a bit darker. I have to say I quite like these bronzers, they do not have any shimmer and give a nice bronze glow when applied. The pigmentation is OK but could be better because you need to apply it a couple of time to deliver the right pigmentation. These are perfect to either use them as a contouring blush for Winter or else as a nice bronzing color for Summer.




The packaging is also nice as it has a nice transparent lid and ¬†it only costs ¬£3.75 which is¬†incredibly¬†cheap. I do recommend it to anyone, as who¬†wouldn’t¬†want a cheap nice looking bronzer? ¬†ūüôā

That is all for now, keep posted for more reviews and make up looks




Valentines Day – Make-up and Outfit

Hey guys,

I hope you had a nice Valentines Day :), mine was pretty nice and I took the opportunity to really dress up and do my best to look fabulous.  Lately I have bought some clothes online; (which I will review later on, in my posts) and bought this gorgeous dress I wore yesterday.


Sorry for the blurry photo

My make up matched my dress and did a blue/turquoise middle tone color and black color on the crease.


My make up for the day


My make up

I got beautiful roses and the cutest me to you teddy from my Valentine ūüôā


Well that is all for now. I thought I should update you. I hope you had a great¬†Valentine’s¬† no matter with who you spend it with and no matter what you did, you still looked¬†fabulous¬†:P.




Confessions of a mild Shopaholic :P

So I want to do more of a personal post about my shopping behavior.
I honest never thought of me as a shopaholic but I have to admit that lately I have been splurging a lot on myself.

There are many reasons for why women love to shop, there are some:

  1. We love to doll up
  2. When we are feeling happy
  3. When we are feeling low
  4. It is our favorite pastime
  5. Better money management
  6. The weight loss tamasha
  7. Festivals, special occasion
  8. Sale and discounts offers
  9. Beat our competitors
  10. Being a woman

However my reason for shopping is to have the things I need and want. I have been brought up in a family of 5 children and my parents couldn’t afford to buy me things that I wanted. So I always had to work hard to buy the things I wanted. When I was still studying it was very tough for me because at times I couldn’t even afford to buy the stuff I needed for school, imagine how could I afford to buy things¬†for myself. I used to look like crap most of time at school because I couldn’t afford some decent clothing and I had to get by with what I had. That is why when I started working I¬†threw¬†most of my clothing in the bin because they were really outdated and I don’t need them anymore.

That is why at the moment I am shopping a lot and buying things for myself because I now I can. I am not rich or anything but at least now I can afford some of the things I want like decent clothing and lots of make up :P.

This is the reason for my mild shopaholic mode. I think everyone deserves to have the things they want in life, some are lucky to have them but some like me, have to work hard for them. However nothing is impossible ūüôā

Let us all do our best to feel and look fabulous for this new year.