Pupa Milano – Glossy Lips LipGloss 402

Hey guys,

Last Month I was given two products from Pupa Milano, the gorgeous pastel nail polish with you can view my review here, and this glossy lips lip-gloss.


I have to admit that my glossy days are over (I am getting old :P), I don’t wear a lot of lip-glosses any more, but I do like to mix lip-glosses with other lipsticks. This name of this lip-gloss doesn’t lie, it is truly glossy and makes your lips pop and it even made my lips look bigger, which is  quite nice :).

The colour is bright and the texture is shiny and even though it says it’s not sticky, it is a little bit. However the stickiness it’s not annoying like some of the other lip-glosses I have tried, I find it to be quite moisturizing actually. My lips felt really hydrated and soft after removal and that is something which is rarely incorporated with a gloss.


What I seriously love is the applicator, it is very soft but also flexible very unlike the usual hard wands. The packaging is also quite nice with a transparent tube and elegant metallic details. The colour which is number 402 is this nice light pink/peach colour which can be used either for everyday on it own or if you want to dress it up with a lipstick on night out with the girls. Also it is quite long lasting I wore it for work last Saturday and it was still on me after 4hrs. Some of the product faded away after a few hours but overall it stayed put.

GlossyLips3 GlossyLips4

The price of this lip-gloss is of €11, which can be seen as a bit pricey for a lip-gloss but I think it’s actually worth the price, being that you have a lot of product  so it will last for a long time, and that is hydrates your lips at the same time. I do suggest they start naming their products rather them giving them just a number, it would make a lot more sense.

Check out some of the other colours they have available:


I hope you like this review, have you tried this lip glosses out?




SPA Sunday – Montagne Jeanesse face mask

When you spend a whole weak at week at home sick wearing PJ’s, with no make-up and you hair looking like a nest of the late Amy Whinehouse. It means one thing, you need to have a SPA DAY :). There is nothing better than to pamper yourself after you have been sick for a while.

Last Saturday I headed out to Holland & Barrett and bought some skin care products which I will review further on in my blog. I got a face mask called Blemish mud by Montagne Jeunesse for only 1.50 euros and you can use one packet twice. I spread the mud on my face and neck and left it for about 15-20 mins until it dried and then I washed it off. I was impressed how it made my skin feel so soft. My face felt like a baby’s bum.

DSC00664 DSC00666


How It looked when I applied it


How it looked when dried


When Dried

Montagne Jeunesse have a various range of skin masks, in various colors, smells and textures. I am very willing to try more of these masks as they are just awesome. It was totally what I needed. Then I basically did my nails with the OPI nail hardener, so they will finally grow strong and long.

In the evening I did a new make-up look which I will do step by step on the blog this week and  the headed out for a relaxing evening. There is really nothing better than some pampering after being sick, you feel alive again. 🙂

That is all for now ladies




My Brushes – Cleaning and care

Hello ladies,

So Today I though I share with you the brushes I own and how I take care of them. I got my first set of Make up brushes about 5 years . My family gave me an 18 pieces set for Christmas because they knew that I love applying make-up ,and they are a must have to every make-upaddict. I have been using them ever since and they are still as good as new. However I might purchase a larger set sometime soon, you can never have enough :P.


I also have a a small 4 brush set I got for free from the Brand Sonya, I use them mostly the blend in my eye-shadow. They have a nice texture and they are very soft. My Favorite brush is the Kabuki brush I got lately from e.l.f it applies very well and it is super soft.

When it comes to cleaning I divide them in 2: The powder and the liquid brushes. The powder brushes I lay them on  some tissue paper and spray them with the e.l.f brush cleaner.





The e.l.f daily brush cleaner, cleans the brushes well however once in a while I like to give them a deep cleaning and for that I wash them in water and Baby Johnson Shampoo. Which is what I do every week with the brushes I use for liquid make up like foundation or concealer. Then I roll them in more tissue until they fully try to keep their natural shape.DSC00615It is very important to take care of your brushes and wash them at least once a week or 2. I have to admit , I really didn’t take much care of my brushes until now but I always made sure they were clean before and after using them on any of my clients.

Well that is it for now. Keep posed for more and thank you for following