Daniels Perfumery – Latest make-buys part 2

As you already know last week I checked out the new shopping mall in Malta called Daniels and I fell in love with the perfumery they had which has all the make up you can think of. Next time I promise to take some pictures.

My shopping bag

My shopping bag

So I bought a couple of things from there some of which I will review individually but I though I show you a picture of all the products.

All of the product I got

All of the product I got

I got a mixture of products from different brands and prices. I will start talking about the foundation brush and the sponges I got. The sponges are very worth it they only cost me 3.50 euros and you have a large amount of sponges in one packet. With most of the sponges I buy they tend to break after using them more than two times and they loose shape while these sponges are very soft they didn’t tear apart of loose any shape. I would definitely recommend them to any body that likes using sponges instead of brushes. If you are doing make up to one person you can use the brush but you cannot use that same brush on anyone else after because it needs to be cleaned. That is why when you have to do make up to more than a couple of people a sponge is definitely preferred.


I love sponges when I apply foundation because it gives a nice finish touch. I feel that a brush leaves its brush strokes on the face but I am trying to act like a pro and use a brush instead that is why I bought this new foundation brush. Even though I don’t think I made the best choice of brush. Don’t get my wrong it is a very good brush but I find it takes longer to apply the foundation than a sponge because I try not to leave brush strokes on my face and smooth-en my face. However I do not recommend  it for foundation I believe there are better shaped brushes for that.


Finally I thought I should review the new perfume by Boss named femme. I got two lovely free samples with my purchase and I got to smell this lovely perfume. I believe everyone likes different smells some might like spicy, some might like sweet, or flowery.  I think Femme is a blend of sweet and flowery with a pinch of spicy. I quite like it, I am very inclined to sweet smells so yeah I really like it might buy the real perfume.

thant’s all for now, keep posted for more, lot’s of love