Arrow – Felicity Smoak – Inspired Make-up look

Hello guys :),

If you know me by now, you would know I am quite a tv-show obsessed person. I love watching TV-shows and I have been loving this new show called Arrow. The make-up look I am inspired from is that of Felicity Smoak which is the pretty computer geek that helps the vigilante to protect the city. She is a mixture of beauty and intelligence and I love her simple yet striking make-up looks she has on the show. The eyes have a very natural eye make-up and some vibrant, red, pink or orange lipstick.


This make-up look is very easy to do, so I will explain quickly how to do it and then I will list down the products used.




The eyes I kept them very natural, all I used was a nice matte white shadow for under the brows and the inner corner of the lid. A soft pink colour on the middle of the lid and blended it to out to the crease with a warm brown colour. I finished the eye look with a winged eyeliner and some mascara. (If you want something simpler on the eyes, just apply a thinner eyeliner)


Urban Decay Eden primer | Make-up store – matte white michroshadow | Fraulein 38 – nude palette | NYX Curve eyeliner | Benefit- the’re real Mascara



Sunkissed Primark Bronzer | MAC Dollymix


MAC Candy yum yum


I hope you like this look as much as I did, I wore this for drinks out with friends and I find it to be very wearable for any occasion. This look is all about the lips, as the lips are the main focus of this look. So find that lipstick you’ve been meaning to try on for a while and try this look šŸ™‚

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My Doppelgangers

Did it ever happen to you that you look at someone and think;” God we look so much alike”.? Well recently it happened to me twice. Ā Apart from my crazy family šŸ˜› I do believe there are some women that do look like me or the other way round.

Recently I have been watching the TV show called Revenge which I am hooked to,and found myself wondering if in the future I will look any similar to Victoria Grayson (one of the main characters played by Medaline Stowe which is a bit of a Bitch). I know I do not look like i am her twin sister but I do find someĀ resemblanceĀ there. All need is smaller body and to age 20 years.:P


Do you think we look alike ?

My second Doppelganger is an Indian Actress Priety Zinta. I have to admit she is closest I have to a doppelganger. I got to know about her, from an old friend of mine which told me that I looked like her and I have to admit it we do look alike.Ā 

Do you think I look alike these famous actors? šŸ˜› It would be fun, if all of you did a post, of what you think could be your doppelganger. Can’t wait to see some of your posts and your celebrity look-alike, we should call it a Doppelganger Week :).