E.L.F Makeup Artist Brush Belt Review

Hey guys,

So I will review the last product that I recently got from E.L.F which is the Makeup Artist Brush belt. I have some weddings coming up in which I will do their makeup so I thought this would come handy. 


It is black PVC, but doesn’t look or feel cheap or flimsy. The PVC material makes it super easy to keep clean. The belt strap is extremely generous and should fit just about any waist size. The belt folds over for easy storage, and even crammed full of brushes, it folds over easily. The belt is so easy to grab & go when you’re traveling or doing someone’s makeup.


Holds a ton of brushes, the only ones that wouldn’t fit are my kabukis because they’re too short & fat. I didn’t find the holes too deep at all, it fit all of my brushes perfectly. There are 2 larger undivided pockets on the front of the belt for other random stuff like pencils or mascara, if desired. This belt looks extremely professional and is a great way to store your brushes. It is very nice to be able to see all of your brushes laid out & organized. The Elf logo is not very large and is embossed into the material, so again, doesn’t look cheap or anything.You cannot beat this for $15 and I would most definitely repurchase I needed to.

That’s all for now guys, I will try to create a new make up look for you guys but I haven’t been liking what I did recently. I have become more of a perfectionist so I want to show you the best ūüôā




Carly Rae Jepsen – make up inspired look

Hey guys,
I hope you are all doing great and ready for another week of fabulousity  It is about time that I finally do a make up look and because lately I bought a couple of new pink lipstick shades that I absolutely adore and I thought I should put them to the test. I was watching tv last time and the song by Carly Rae Jepsen- this kiss came up and I liked the make up she wore in a scene were she these bright pink lips. It is a very girly and pretty look to wear for a night out or a date.

This is a very simple make up look to do and I will explain further with simple steps:


  1.  So the first thing I did was use a white base shimmery colour and applied it all over my lid and underneath my brow. The one I used is from the make up store Рsatin.
  2.  I then used a grayish brown color by e.l.f and applied it on the crease.
  3. Then I applied some black eye-shadow on my lid similar to applying an eyeliner.
  4. I also applied the eye liner using the e.l.f cream next to my upper and lower lashes.
  5.  Then I finished the eyes using the Eva garden mascara.
  6. Finally I applied a bright pink lipstick by NYX named spellbound and used a pink blusher by Marbert.
  1. DSC00286



1I hope you liked this post, keep posted for more






Missha Foundation

Hey guys, so I thought my next post should be about the foundation I find to be the best for me. I have tried many foundations and most of them keep me unimpressed. Overall I think I haven’t found a foundation which I really fell in love with that I could just say “this is the best foundation ever” Even though there are some good brands that I like and use a lot or maybe I haven’t tried them because we¬†don’t¬†have in Malta.

The only foundation which I like and use a lot is the Style Art designing 24hrs by Missha they are great and very cheap . I bought my last for 7euros each on sale and they are usually 9euros here in Malta. A bottle lasts for an average of 2-3 months if you wear it a lot like me. I keep buying them not because they are cheap but because they have a good quality foundation. It¬†comes in a white 30ml plastic bottle, with a pump to easily dispense the foundation. What I love about this foundation is that It glides on easily and the shade that I got matched my skin perfectly. It also doesn’t make my face look oily or shiny like some others do.

Unfortunately there are only 2 shades available and they were pretty light so those with tanned skin might have to miss out on this.I have both the shades of foundation to mix and match whenever I can. The foundation provides me cover and I thought this foundation is definitely great value for money, something I would continue using on a daily basis which is great for that everyday coverage.

There is also another cheaper foundation by Missha which I don’t think they sell anymore or they do in a different container. It is the …. I only bought it for about 5euros I think. It is a good foundation to use for everyday. Of course it doesn’t give a coverage as the art designing does but it does a good job for its cheap price.

Well these basically are the foundations I use a lot and I find them to be of great use to me.

What foundations do you find usefull? let me know ūüôā




Lana del Ray Inspired make up

Hey guys, I hope you had a fabulous weekend so far and I hope you enjoy the rest of it :). I had a nice weekend so far and I made new contact for this blog to move further and further up. So last Thursday here in Malta it was raining like crazy so I thought I should do a Lana del ray inspired make up.


It is very easy to do, she wears a lot of brown in her make up and at times she does very smoky eyes but her signature look is very 60’s style. It all about the eyeliner. Having a heavy eyeliner is the signature look of the 60’s. I took inspiration for her picture below. The make up is very simple, light colors like weight or beige on the inner eye lid and underneath the brows, then a mixture of light browns and dark on the outer crease. Then you finish up with a heavy black eyeliner and neutral colored lips.
For this look I used mainly e.l.f products for the eyes which includes the eye-shadow and the eyliner. The mascara I used The golden rose wonder lash which I will review in another post. For the cheeks I used a mixture of Marbert and elf blushers and the same goes to the lips. I also written paradise like her own permanent tattoo.

I hope you like the look ūüôā Of course I dont have the beautiful face structure as¬†Lana¬†del ray but hopefully you can see the make up resemblance. I do suggest false lashes with this look, she wears a lot of false lashes. Well that’s all for now, I will post some more later today so keep posted ūüôā xoxo



Maxfactor False Lash Effect 24hr – Review

Hey guys again. I would like to thank you all for following my blog. It is the best thing I have done lately hehe :). I got some awesome news today but I won’t reveal anything for now. I want it to be official first.
So yesterday I went to buy some make up for my ” in-law” and of course I ended up buying some make up for myself. I needed some mascara because the ones I am using are almost finished. I normal use the L’oreal double mascara which has a coat base and the mascara. I find it to be the best mascara ever. However the sales girl was trying to sell me the last mascara by Maxfactor. Honestly I am not a Maxfactor fan, I don’t like their make up especially their foundation but I am always happy to be proved wrong someday.

So I bought the latest Maxfactor mascara ¬†to try it out, called False Lash Effect it says it gives bold volume for up to 24 hours. The only truth about this mascara is that it really lasts up to 24hrs because it stayed put for a long time and when I tried to remove it with the usual cleanser it didn’t go completely off. I am still trying to find ways to actually remove it. It is not healthy to have mascara on for so long you need to clean your face at some point. Or else they should have created a remover to go with the product.

The mascara is still a¬†disappointment¬†like the rest of the makeup. I don’t want to be completely negative because it does give an average amount of volume but it¬†definitely¬†doesn’t give the false lash effect that Maxfactor is trying to portray. I do not¬†recommend¬†this Mascara to anyone, don’t buy it because it would be a waste of money. I guess I had to buy it to warn you guys hehe.

The only good thing about this product is the cool design and the brush it has. The brush is very good to separate your eyelashes but there are far more better mascaras that can give you the same result.

Well that is pretty much it, I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. I got a lot of things coming up this week and I will update you with everything. Keep posted lovelies xoxo ūüôā