Rabbit Club Malta-Calender Photoshoot

Hello guys,

Last week I was begged to help as a Make-Up artists for the Rabbit Calendar photo-shoot. Of course I didn’t do any make-up on the Rabbits themselves ūüėõ but I did however do Make-Up on two beautiful women named Svetlana and Miriam. Being that today is mothers day I felt it appropriate to post the photos today being that they are¬†mother and daughter. I was very pleased to do their make-up not only because I love what I do but because they appreciated my work and gave me a lot of positive remarks.

I wish to wish all the Mothers out there a Happy Mothers day, may your daily sacrificed be appreciated and celeberated :D.

Now as for the photo-shoot, the Rabbit Club do an annual Calender shoot were they exhibit their beautiful rabbits which natural gorgeous models. I was asked by the Rabbit club committee to do a very natural make-up look, however being that it’s spring and almost summer I wanted to give that vibe by adding a bit of colour onto the lips. The final photos with the rabbits will be posted at the end of this year however in the meantime I have some beauty shots for the Make-Up I did.


Having beautiful facial feuturs and big eyes to work on I decided to make it a bit heavier than most common natural make-up because on camera it would barely show she has make-up on. I still used natural bronze colours on the eyes, using gold and brown shadows and a thin eyeliner. Then I applied a nice pink shade on the lips. This is not a natural look for an evening out but it is when it is for a photoshoot. I have tested make-up on camera and have learned a lot along the way.




Before I explain the look, Miriam is on her 50’s and she is simply stunning for her age. I truly wish I look as good as she does at her age. ¬†Make up on a more mature women should be as lighter as possible, using lighter foundation and lighter colours. When you apply heavy a darker shade of foundation or eye-shadows on a mature women, it might make her look older than she is, and we definitely don’t want that. I used similar colours as Svetlana but made sure to use less product. Finally being that Miriam has beautiful pouty lips I applied a nice light pink shade and Voilaa.



Products Used:

  • MAC Face Primer
  • Vichy Dermablend foundation 15 and 25
  • Urban Decay Eden Eyshadow primer
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette
  • Wjcon Duo Blush N Bronzer – Chicago Symphony
  • Make Up Revolution Eyeliner
  • Benefit Mascara
  • Wjcon lipstick Pure Colour 405
  • MAC Viva Glam by Nicky Minaj

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Lots of Love and Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers and those women which have been mothers to people in need, may you feel beautiful and loved on this day ūüôā




Wjcon – Baked Eyeshadow Melange 216

Hey guys,

I am constantly on the lookout for new original colored eye-shadows, and once I saw this gorgeous eye-shadow, I knew I had to have it. Today I am going to review that last product I got from Wjcon with is the Baked eyeshadow melange 216 which is in a black and gold colour.DSC01471

Wjcon’s product discription:

Baked Eye Shadow Melange is the Wjcon eyeshadow characterized by a concentration of illuminating pigments and multi-faceted pearls, which may be used wet or dry to adjust the intensity from transparent to intense. If used dry it is delicate and light. If used wet it is intense and pearly. The result is amazing: vibrant colours and spectacular effects for eyes that hypnotize.




These type of eye-shadows are amazing, very pigmented and apply on the skin beautifully. I have used this eye-shadow for a couple of make-up look and I truly love the double colour effect it has. There about 20 different colors of these type of eye-shadows and they only for 5.90 euros each.

These are some of the colours that are available from the range:

Have you tried any of these faboulus eye-shadow, would love to hear your comment about them.

Thank you for following, keep posted for more




Wjcon – Quick Eyeliner in Prune

Hey guys,

I have tried and tests most of the product that I got from Wjcon and it is time for me review them. I was given a purple eyeliner with a purple eye-shadow that I reviewed here.


The eyeliner comes in a nice coloured packaging, which depends on the colour you choose. It has a thin and flexible tip which outlines the eye in a clear and defined way with lightness and precision. I imagine they called it quick eyeliner because you just open it and apply it immediately without having to dip the brush in the eyeliner.


I have to admit I personally find these type of eyeliners irritating. I don’t like the way they apply and the eyeliner tends to be less pigmented. I have tried a similar eyeliner of other brands and they are practically the same.

The only pron’s I give this product is that it is really waterproof and it dries fast. When I¬†swatched¬†it on my hand it took me a while to remove it, so it must be a good with regards to being waterproof.


I know some people love these type of eyeliner, so if you do , this is a great product for you for I prefer either liquid eyeliners with a brush , gels or cream eyeliner. They tend to be more pigmented and last longer.

If you are interested It is also available in 6 colours: CARBON BLACK , TOFFEE , PRUNEprune, PEACOCK, TEAL

Forgot to mention that they retail for only 4.90 euros which¬†definitely¬†a cheap price for such an eyeliner. So if you are into these type of eyeliner I would¬†definitely¬†try them out, but if you are an old school like me you should try some of their other eyeliners which are actually good from what I read. They have quite a various range of eyeliners so check them out, if you have the time, at Naxxar Road B’kara.

Do you like these type of eyeliners or not?