I am Bff of the Week :D

Hello ladies,

So today I was browsing and reading posts from some of my lovely followers like I always do and found out, that I was awarded BFF of the Week . BFF of the Week was created by Vanessa Felix from “Your Best Face First” to engage the Beauty Blogger community here at WordPress, which is a great Idea. That is why I would like you to check her blog and post here.

I am very honored to have over 50 followers and I do my best to follow and read each blog because I know how nice it is to have constant support from others. I really love blogging because I get to talk about the things that I really love and share with you opinions and knowledge.

I am also open for any suggestions you might have on my blog and I will do my best to oblige. I really try my best to post everyday but it is not easy managing two blogs at the same time. (My other blog is 140daysofanewme – which is about my work in progress for a healthy me)

Thank you so much Vanessa and to all my Followers for liking and commenting on my blog. You really make my day 🙂